Sep. 15th, 2015

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So about two weeks ago I was talking to a college student and we found we were music buddies cuz we both love Base Ball Bear. I had to admit to him that I've been a terrible fan and am totally behind, but that inspired me to check their youtube account and turns out they are in the middle of a set of successive singles, to be followed by a new album in November. THEY ARE GREAT. Here's my fav or the two so far:

GOD YES. Took a few listens but now I am hooked.

In relation to Base Ball Bear, as well as that Perfume album and desire to slightly catch up with Rin Toshite Shigure I went to Tower yesterday then realized I actually no longer had the ability to read/rip/play CDs (2015, WHAT ARE YOU) so I left unable to buy anything. I researched portable USB CD/DVD drives and checked out an electronics store on the way home and was able to get one on the cheap. Yaaaaaay.

Got home from work today post-pre-Tokyo Game Show Playstation Conference and caught up with the news over beer and holy yes. Cool stuff announced and/or dated AND PS4 is getting a price drop in Japan next month? Heck YES! I was mentally/monetarily preparing for a PS4 by year's end assuming Persona 5 is still coming by the end of the year, but this makes it a bit easier. Also with other awesome stuff being dated for late 2015/early 2016 (Gravity Rush remaster, Star Ocean 5, that project Setsuna thing!). NEAT.


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