Jul. 1st, 2015

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  • SOCIAL/FOOD/WEEKEND STUFF SUMMED UP SUPER QUICKLY: Saturday went out straight after work and ate Thai food with Melissa and our new friend Preeti. We went to a little Thai/Malaysian place Preeti and her husband go to all the time and the food was fantastic. FANTASTIC! The next day I went with a mutual friend to see my friend Akiyo and her husband. We went to their house and had Oden and chatted and drank wine for hours. It was so nice. SO NICE. Monday Katsushi and I walked to Esaka and had Korean food for the first time in AGES. Had avocado and cheese bibimbap that was AMAZING.

  • Been thinking a lot about life. Reminding myself of the perhaps cliche but true saying that people are a sum of their experiences. Using my approaching 30th as an excuse to reprioritize, I want to work on this more. I am a homebody and naturally introverted and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I feel like I need to work on balance.

  • Also been thinking more about my future as far as work goes. I thought about this too much last summer, to the point of depression. But last time I was focused too much on the traditional meaning of success ($$$) and what other people would think of me (status?), but this time I want to avoid that at all costs. I guess that is tough, but I dunno. Somewhere in the past 3 months I actually have seen the seeds of interest in something just kind of come out of nowhere, completely from within myself. Maybe it was always there, I just never gave it the attention for it to flourish? All I know is that it is completely mine and uninfluenced by anyone (this part is extremely important for me). I haven't talked about it to anyone yet (not even Katsushi), but it might be a topic to breach when I am home over the summer holidays. It would involve more schooling, for sure.

  • Put my name in for the pre-order raffle to this 30th Super Mario Brother's Anniversary Concert. Send me your good vibes, everyone! I'd love to go, but have no idea how popular this is going to be and therefore don't know my chances of landing a ticket. Thought it might be nice to celebrate my 30th with Mario, and they are hinting at a guest appearance by Mr. Miyamoto, which would be AWESOME.

  • GAMES GAMES GAMES: I got my preorders of Fire Emblem If and P4: Dancing All Night In. I've played them a bit, but not enough to make solid impressions. FE seems good and if nothing else the music in P4 is phenomenal, but I don't know much about the games yet. First I need to focus on finishing Trails in the Sky SC. I'm in the final dungeon and need to finish that first! Not in too much of a rush, because I am pretty sure these two new games will keep me busy for a good long while anyway. Who cares if I have to wait another week or so?

  • Slowly warming up to the new Big Bang stuff. Let's blame my emotional state this weekend after the gay marriage thing. Because that makes sense. Somehow. But really it does. I was recently thinking about my general lack of gay role models throughout my life, and how in my early to mid twenties these boys somehow became a kind of replacement for that. Weird, but it happened.

  • I've been looking at houses back home since my mom sent me that link. Depressing torture, perhaps, but I can dream, right? I'd love to have a home (or something that really feels like it?) of my own someday. Just don't know where it would be or what shape it would take.
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