Jun. 23rd, 2015

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I was super exhausted after work on Saturday. Don't think it was an exceptionally tough week, more a result of not so great sleep thanks to a mix of humidity and E3 excitement (on that note I am SO GLAD it is over).

Sunday we had ramen for lunch. After that Katsushi went back to his mom's house for a bit and I stayed at home and rested a bit and played some Splatoon. Trying not to play the game TOO often so that I can enjoy it for a long time. Biggest achievement of the day was getting myself to a high enough level so that I could buy my avatar glasses like in my icon. YESSS.

Sunday I did some errands in the morning, heading to Esaka so I could drop in at Uniqlo so I could get some shorts and cross something off my summer to do list. When I got back we ordered take out pizza for lunch! Saw a really tasty looking summer Dominos special on a TV show last week and had to try it: a cajun chicken and tom yam kung half and half! (link to my twitter, sorry. Too lazy to upload elsewhere right now) It was SUPER GOOD.

After that I went out for a bit again. No point this time, just wanted to get in more steps. Ever since I updated my phone I've been checking the pedometer on the health app and feeling like I should walk more. Most days I average at 4,500ish, but yesterday I was like NO, YOU WILL DO 10,000! And I did (11,500 actually). Best part was that I totally ran into Melissa on her way home from grocery shopping! We chatted for a bit and then she took me to the place she and her husband just moved into. It's so nice! Really made me want a bigger place. I also saw she had a bunch of Terry Pratchett books so was like "Oh, are you a fan of his? I've never read any of his books" and she just looked at her collection, grabbed one, and was like "HERE. READ IT." So now I have a book to read!

Back to work this morning. Here's to hoping it's a decent week. Work aside, I have expectations for the rest. This week two games I've had preordered for months are getting released, and I've got some fun stuff planned for the weekend. Yay!


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