Jun. 2nd, 2015

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Jun. 2nd, 2015 08:23 am
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A weekend was...had? Nothing too awesome to report, but it was a fairly nice weekend nonetheless. The previous weekend was pretty exciting, so I'm not going to let myself feel bad about relaxing this time.

Sunday I got out and walked around the neighborhood. The main goal was to pick up some beer from the big liquor shop with all the import stuff, and while I was out I checked out a couple of the game shops to confirm to myself that yes, Splatoon appears to be sold out everywhere. Glad it's a hit, but man, I'm kind of kicking myself for canceling my preorder now.

Beer in hand, I headed home. Relaxed a bit, cleaned a bit, then poured myself a beer and settled in for the Sunday Nintendo Direct. It probably would have been more awesome if I was a Monster Hunter fan (they announced two new games?), but it was still pretty great.some quick thoughts )

Monday was super lazy. At first I thought I'd try to get out after Skyping with my parents, but 1) I slept horribly Sunday night and 2) the afternoon was pretty hot, so couldn't find the energy or motivation to do anything. So instead I just stayed in. The plan was to get in a nice nap in the afternoon, but I just ended up playing games in bed instead. Whoops.

Back to work now! And life. I've got a bit of a mental to do list for myself that has been slowly forming these past few weeks that I finally need to start tackling. First step is a haircut, so I booked myself an appointment for this Thursday! Next will be filing my taxes with the US government (I get a 2 month extension as an expat, hence why I still haven't done it). The list goes on, but these two things first!


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