Mar. 16th, 2015

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Another weekend is here and over half over. Not a whole lot to say yet again. Yesterday I walked to the big liquor shop that is cheap and carries a lot of import stuff. Got my favorite beer there (and enjoyed one while playing games yesterday afternoon. Heaven!) and a bottle of California wine. Yay booze!

So, I never really mentioned it around here, because, I dunno, it was too upsetting I guess, but around the end of January, one of the cats back at my parents place got out. It wasn't one of the 4 that are actually ours, but the 5th cat, which my parents are taking care of for my dad's coworker while they are away. We were all super worried about her, because she is timid and nervous and WORSE: her owners had her declawed, so doesn't have a good way to hunt, defend herself, climb, and all that good stuff that, you know, helps cats survive. Add this to coyotes being spotted in the area in recent years and we were feeling pretty miserable about her prospects.

I'd basically given up hope, but before bed on Saturday night, my mom sent me a message that they had found her! Almost six weeks later! Apparently my dad had a sighting of what he thought was her running under the fence into the neighbor's yard on early last week, and so he got one of those live cage trap things and viola! A few days later, they had her! She's lost a ton of weight and has a knick in one of her ears, but she is alive, seemingly healthy, and happy to be back and extra vocal and demanding of my parents' love. I have no idea how she managed to survive out there for so long, but who cares? She's ALIVE!

In less exciting news, new 3DS dilemma/not dilemma )


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