Mar. 11th, 2015

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The rest of my weekend was reeeeeeeally lazy, but kind of gloriously so. Even when I don't really want to do anything I still try to get out for a bit on Sunday or Monday, but not this weekend! I didn't leave the house at ALL on Sunday and Monday I just went to the grocery store and I'm not feeling that guilty about it. Every once in a while this kind of stuff is okay, right?

Not really much else to say about this weekend. I just kinda farted around, and perhaps started feeling a bit sentimental about the work year coming to an end and knowing I have to say goodbye to a school I liked and all my favorite people there. I'm gonna miss my Saturday shift the most, and because of a public holiday falling on Saturday next week, there are only two weeks left. D:

I've been really wanting to listen to Japanese 80s music in recent weeks. Kinda lost on where to start as I really don't know much about artists from that period, but I ran into Carlos Toshiki/Omega Tribe two or so weeks ago via this song and now I really I want to give his/their stuff a listen:

I've been listening to various songs via youtube and what not, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find albums anywhere, whether it be second hand stores or Japanese music blogs focused on older stuff. Perhaps I'll have to turn to Amazon if other options don't present themselves.

Anyone know much about Japanese 80s music? I'm definitely open to any suggestions for artists, songs and/or a good 80s hits compilation.


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