Jan. 28th, 2015

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Didn't update this thing for a week! Yikes! I probably have more to talk about, but first: GAMES!

Finished Persona Q! Loved the map drawing and the battle system and the fan service, but it was a huge ass game that was sometimes a bit overwhelming. Didn't really touch it over the holidays, and when I got back to Japan had trouble picking it up again. Eventually I was able to do it by turning the difficulty down to the lowest setting, putting the battle speed on high, and skipping the remaining quests. YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO.

On that note, I ended up getting Legend of Legacy, a new 3DS RPG released last week. It was created by ex-SquareEnix people who wanted to make something classic that recaptured the magic of RPGs of the 90s. Aesthetically it is perfect. It's a beautiful game, with a nice, fairy tale world, nice character designs, and beautiful, atmospheric and often relaxing music. The story is simple (EXPLORE THE ISLAND!), which in a game where the emphasis is exploring the world yourself, is fine, but it's hard to enjoy the exploration because the difficulty quickly goes through the roof.

The enemies are super strong and they are everywhere. You are constantly being chased around the screen by your enemies (it's not wise to face every enemy that comes after you. If you die, it's game over, and if you run from battle, you have to start ALL THE WAY back to the entrance of whatever area you are in). All you can really do is grind. And grind and grind and grind. It's a lovingly made RPG (really, it is, and you CAN feel that) that fascinated me for my first handful of hours, but it quickly got frustrating, and I find it harder and harder to get myself to go back to it after every time. It's a game I want to love more, and I think it is a game that will be loved when in the right hands (many Japanese impressions are saying it's a game that "chooses it's player," rather than the other way around). I'm not ready to 100% give up yet, but I feel like I will not make it to the end. It's just not for me, I guess.

I got a free mini-soundtrack with the game and despite not being sure about the game, I know I am happy with the CD, cuz the music is amazing. JUST LISTEN TO THIS:


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