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  • Studying for level 1 of the JLPT starts tomorrow. I have my textbooks ready and today during our lesson, my teacher and I worked out HW loads and decided on weekly quizzes. Should be good. The biggest challenge will probably be less the material itself and more taking the time to study properly. It's not that I am lacking the free time (LORD KNOWS I HAVE TONS OF IT), it's just been years since the last time I set out to study Japanese this hard and need to re-discipline myself. Hopefully I can manage.

  • Found this band/song last weekend and I am pretty hooked. This morning I did a rough translation of the lyrics as a quick exercise and reminder of translation's challenges. Interest in translation is one of the reasons I'm taking the JLPT, and studying the topic is one of my goals for 2016. I've already looked into it a bit and already know the books I want to read and want to start ASAP, but I think I should wait until I get settled into test studying before I take the plunge. Don't want to take on too much too quickly and burn out.

  • One thing I've been doing more of in January that I want to keep rolling with the rest of the year is reading. Bring on the books! Part of January's reading was the kickoff of my Harry Potter reread. Did The Sorcerer(/Philosopher)'s Stone last week, and I'm waist deep in Chamber of Secrets right now. It was never my favorite, but I am enjoying it much more this time. I think part of it is because as a tween, I found Gilderoy Lockhart unbearable, but now I just see him as the comic relief he was always supposed to be.

  • I am still going through Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel), and currently looking at the calendar vs how much of the game I have left trying to see if I can finish it before Feb 18th, when Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is released. Hopefully I can pull it off, cuz Setsuna is looking super good and I want to be there (WITH BELLS ON!) on release day, ready to play.

  • Oh, and one more thing: LOOK AT THESE CUTIES. :3
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Ho ho ho. So that cold hit me like a sack of bricks the day after my last entry. Basically spent my entire weekend in bed. From the time I got home from work Saturday evening to the time I left for work on Tuesday morning I did not step out of the house once. NOT EVEN ONCE. I can't remember the last time that happened. My mind was too fuzzy for a lot of things, so I spent most the weekend getting lost in games on my 3DS. Feel kinda crappy for staying in and playing games all weekend, but there wasn't really any way around it? My body needed the rest and there was nothing else to do.

Because of all the 3DS time, I was able to finish up Xenoblade 3D, and I am happy to say my feelings for it haven't really changed at all since I first played it on the Wii a few years back. Still one of my favorite games ever, and if anything I love it more deeply now than before.

Some short thoughts )

Not really much else to report at the moment. Back at work, and just starting to really feel human again. Actually, I saw a little post on tumblr that brought back some fun memories I want to talk about, but it needs it's own entry. Expect that in the near future, maybe?
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Hahaaaa, so there was a major delay on the subway yesterday. My 25 minute commute became an hour, and I ended up late to my first day back. Rough start, but once I got back into things I actually felt quite happy. I guess my vacation was a little TOO slow paced and eventless. Going into vacation, I thought taking it ultra easy would help to refresh myself, so I didn't put any effort into Japanese studies and didn't do anything related to programming. Obviously, that was a big mistake. My brain ended up fuzzier than ever, and only now is starting to feel like it might be clearing again.

That said, my last few days of vacation, I didn't do much. I was sick of going out just to look at shops, so I stayed home, read, played Kirby, had some beer, and got, like, overly emotional listening to music. We went to a kushikatsu place on Sunday for dinner, but other than that and the grocery store, I don't think I went anywhere. Until Monday, you know, when my poor computer stopped working.

Starting a new book for my Japanese homework this week. It's an N1 level grammar book. I have no intention of taking that level of the JLPT as things stand, but it will still be interesting to look at. My next programming class starts at the beginning of September, meaning I probably have to get on a solution for my computer woes post haste. I don't mind borrowing Katsushi's computer for basic functions once every day or two, but I don't feel right about using it intensively.
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I really like going to my Japanese lessons. Rambling about Japanese and patting my own back... )

In related(?) news, I've been thinking about Tsumabuki Satoshi lately. He was kind of a tomato soup (read: comfort) in my early to mid twenties, a period roughly between the last year or so of college and the first year or so of living in Japan. Kind of craving something he's in. Maybe I'll rewatch Josee and the Fish or 69 or something. That is primo-Tsumabuki Satoshi goodness for me.

くるり - ハイウェイ 投稿者 mokomoyo

He's so young in this video. :3 He and other young actors and actresses I liked back in those days are in their 30s now...time flies, doesn't it? The bad part about me falling increasingly back into things like games these past two years or so is I've totally lost track of the kind of stuff (ie. film, lit and alternative/indie music) that introduced me a different side of this country than the (nerdy) side I had known before and really made me want to try living here. Sometimes I'm not sure I am okay with this.
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I translated something for the first time this week! Yay! Because I am predictable, it was an article about Hyadain. Not ready to post it yet, as I still want to make some tweaks, but yay finally getting off my ass and translating something! It was kind of tough (making things sound natural in English is harder than I realized!), but also kind of exhilarating, and to be honest I've been feeding off the high it's been providing me all week. SO STOKED AND READY TO TAKE ON ALL THE CHALLENGES.

more on this translation stuff )

Over the weekend I downloaded a site blocker and entered all the distracting places I could think of, and I will keep them blocked until December. Basically this means no tumblr or game blogs for a month. Pretty neat stuff. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but the "Let's translate junk!" goal gave me a nice excuse to take the plunge.

Spent another night listening to music on youtube, just with no booze to accompany me this time (gotta keep myself in check!). I really need to get my hands on some of Kurumatani Koji's stuff. WHY DIDN'T I REMEMBER TO CHECK WHEN I WAS AT THE SECOND HAND SHOPS LAST WEEKEND T_T

I mean, really.
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I kind of forgot to do a second entry last week! Or, really, I didn't forget, I was just too distracted trying not to emotionally melt due to a week of awkward weather and work. And also because I was playing a bunch of Ni no Kuni.

On that note, I finished Ni no Kuni last night! cut for a short discussion )

Had kind of a slow paced weekend. Katsushi and I had dinner at our favorite Okinawan place on Saturday, but Sunday Katsushi had another social engagement and a typhoon was blowing through, so I just stayed at home. The typhoon lasted through this morning, but it's actually kind of sunny here right now! And humid. T_T

Finished my chores and Japanese homework already (did I tell you I got my Japanese teacher to assign me homework from grammar brush up textbooks? It's pretty helpful!), so now I have the rest of the day. What do I do? Watch some DVDs? Play some Ni No Kuni post game content? Start a new game? I'm leaning towards the first and third options.

Anyway, I thought I had more to discuss, but I don't know. I guess they were either silly, trivial fanny things like omg Seungri being a good sport and dancing with a fanboy that showed up at one of those fan signings or that the Tokyo Game Show is this week. Or, you know, whining about work or weather. Some of that we'll tough on next time (TGS! TGS!), others not. Ta ta for now!
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Feeling kind of peaceful this week. I think that's a good sign, however temporary it is. This is the calm before the ~vacation preparation storm~. The general packing is easy and other than a wedding gift, I'm taking it easy on gift buying since I was just home 6 months ago, but I have a pile of unavoidable Japan-life things I also have to take care of. So, next week will be stressful with chores and errands to be run every day, but I've made a to-do list and tentatively planned it all out, so if I follow my schedule (or ideally, keep a bit ahead of schedule) I should be fine.

So, the peace. In my free time this week I have been doing two things. The first, I've finally picked up ダブルハッピネス (Double Happiness) again, the Japanese autobiography of Sugiyama Fumino, a really awesome guy who also happens to be trans. It has been an enlightening, fascinating, and inspirational read so far. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the book before my trip.

 photo 02b_zps70e89b26.jpg

Another part of this peace, is, well, it's finally that time of year again. The time of year I indulge in a rewatch of one of my favorite shows of all time (for sure, my favorite Japanese one), Suika.

Me talking about my love of this drama. Also it's impending novelization )
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  • I finished 二人で生きる技術 (The Art of Living Together) last weekend. Finally. Took me almost a month! But let's not lie, it's because I started losing interest half way through. There's some interesting stuff mixed in the book and some practical advice, but the book was mostly the authors relationship history, which I grew tired of after a while. I couldn't help but notice the constant theme of dating younger men (he got older, but his companions never did. His current partner is something like 22 years younger than him). Love knows no age etc etc, but when one is as consistent in choosing partners much younger than oneself as this guy, you have to wonder. Still, it wasn't a bad book and the author is a pretty stand up guy. It provided a point or two to ponder on, but overall I wouldn't read it again nor use it as a handbook for my own relationship.

    Probably the most important thing gained in all this is the confidence that I read a full length book in Japanese! GO ME!

  • In manga land, I am slowly plucking my way through Please Save My Earth. It's a story better when not rushed, probably, but I'm also taking my time because if I am not giving it my 100% attention I know I will miss something. I also started reading a bit of the post-apocalyptic survival shojo manga 7Seeds that [personal profile] torachan recommended to me. There's lots of action and intrigue and ~mystery~ and it's quite gripping! It's definitely a page turner and pretty easy to read in Japanese (at least compared to PSME, I think). I'm two volumes in and I think I might be hooked!

  • In Anime land, I finished Slayers NEXT last week. I LOVED IT. The last stretch of episodes were really exciting and the finale felt very satisfying. I would definitely watch it again! I started Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood after and that is what is stealing most of my fannish attention, I think. I had a hard time getting into it in the beginning because of feelings I have for the first series, but once the manga/Brotherhood storyline and the first anime series storyline diverged, I fell into a pit of FMA feels that I have little hope of escaping. It's just SO GOOD. T_T

  • Speaking of anime, you guys, I know I still have some series to get through from those damn Cyber Monday deals, but I've been having some pretty consistent Gundam Wing feels over the past month or two and I finally cracked. As such I am now the proud owner of some French GW DVD sets. You can get them pretty cheap off Amazon japan (1 / 2) right now, and along with the obvious French, they come with the English dub track and English subs for the Japanese language track. Pretty legit! Welcome to the reason that having a region free dvd player is 1) the best! 2) a fannish pandora's box that will ultimately leave me penniless and miserable. Still, very excited to watch this series again!
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Time moves quickly, doesn't it? I was talking to my mom on skype yesterday about the Central Coast and my life during college and I realized how distant it seems now. Granted, I graduated and moved out of San Luis Obispo some four and a half years ago, so a significant amount of time has passed. But of course, the way we as people change over the course of time is what is making me feel the most disconnected and far from that life. It's an amazing thing, isn't it? That we as people can change. I don't relate with the person I was in college as much as I used to and I think that's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I don't mean to go to deeply into that topic as it would mostly be repetetive etc etc, so...other stuff!:

  • My parents sent me a package of Easter sweets! Cadbury cream eggs, a big bag of Cadbury mini eggs (one of my favorite candies EVER. EVVVVVVER!), and some Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. I love easter candy! I should really ration it all out, but I can guarantee you it will all be gone by Friday.

  • Weekend fooding! Saturday night Katsushi and I went to a veggie-ful restaurant and had some delicious dishes, including brown rice risotto, grilled cheese topped tomatoes, spinach and potato gratin, and an all you can eat salad bar. Sunday we went to Kua'Aina, an amazing Hawaiin Burger place, for lunch. I love their avocado cheese burgers with a flaming passion.

  • Volume 12 of Yotsubato! was released on Saturday and I most assuredly bought it. Taking my time and savoring it though. Only one chapter a night!

  • Coming along with 二人で生きる技術. Probably about 90 pages in. I'm taking my time on this both for enjoyment and so that I don't burn out, as reading in Japanese takes longer and tires me out much quicker than reading in English. Learning some stuff about gay culture during the Showa Era as well as a bit about relationships. Neat!

  • My motivation for studying/reading/doing stuff in Japanese is sky high right now. やる気まんまん! This is the most motivated I've felt in ages and it feels really awesome, but I fear for my ability to continue coursera classes.

  • Speaking of which, coursera! I can't believe I haven't mentioned my experiences there yet! It's been going well so far. I'm in my 7th week of Energy 101, then History of the Web started last week, and this week starts Introduction to Sustainability. I know I don't have time for them all if I am to keep up my Japanese as well as stay sane (too much studying makes me a very unhappy boy!). I'm in Energy 101 for the long haul by now (only three weeks left!), but I may have to drop one or both of the others. I'm very interested in the topics, but there's only so much I can do. Introduction to Sustainabilty particularly requires a work load significantly higher than the others that I know I can't commit to right now. :/

There's more I could talk about, but to keep this entry from getting TOO incredibly long I think I will end things here. I hope everyone is doing well!
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I'm in a really good mood this week. Feeling all perky and motivated. Not 100% sure why, but who cares? I'm not going to question it! Hooray for being happy!

In my searching for nonfiction this week, I ended up putting the word ゲイ (gay) into the search bar of Amazon Japan and I found some interesting books that peaked my interest...and I ended up ordering them. @_@ It would have been smarter to check them out at a bookstore as I could preview them and use the book credit my teacher gave me, but oh well!

Cut for picture, short descriptions )

Other than that, Japan is really warming up this week! It's 19C right now (about 66F) in Osaka, which is crazy! The weather in March is always up and down, so I know not to get my hopes up quite yet, but it feels like winter is starting to break!

In other happy news, Tokyo Disneyland had it's first same sex marriage ceremony! D'awwww! Those women are beautiful and I wish them nothing but the best!

It's almost the weekend! Yay! Have a good one, you all!
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  • Good food this weekend! On Saturday night Katsushi and I went to the italian place with the cool pizza oven that we love, Sunday we had Mister Donuts (IT HAD BEEN TOO LONG I LOVE MISTER DONUTS SO MUCH) and later Okinawan food, then Sunday he dropped in after work and we went to the garlic ramen place nearby that we love (tried their spicy red miso ramen for the first time...delish!)

  • Went to the bookstore on Sunday with Katsushi, spent a good hour or two browsing everything and bought nothing. I'm seriously looking for something to attempt to read in Japanese, but given my recent preference for nonfiction, picking out an appropriate book that I stand a chance of reading is hard. I told my teacher about this today and, bless her heart, she's going to do a little research and see if the can't find anything that interests me. Yaaaay!

  • Speaking of books, I finally finished that Nintendo book I was reading, and now I'm on to a book about typography, Just My Type. It's fun and lightheartedly written, and is bringing back memories of the Typography class from my college days, as well as the professor herself, who was simultaneously one of the most popular and infamous in our major. True, she drove me crazy at times, but she was also awesome and her classes were some of the most memorable of my college career.

  • talk of limiting hobbies? I dunno. )
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Another weekend over. Vietnamese food, Berserk, laziness, Go On, etc )

On a closing note, this morning I had my first Japanese lesson since my results for the N2 came in. It was a great lesson as normal, and my teacher also gave me a celebratory gift! 3000 yen worth of toshocards (basically a gift card for buying books you can use at most major chains)! I totally wasn't expecting a gift, least of all such an expensive one. Considering the gifter, I feel like it would be a waste to buy English books or (less so) manga, so I'm going to try to find a Japanese book or two to read and/or a study aid to use the credit on. Yay!


Feb. 8th, 2013 10:08 pm
Results came in the mail today and YAY. YAY. YAY. YAAAAAY! I passed! I passed! I PASSED THE N2 LEVEL OF THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST!


It feels so nice to have finally gone and done this. Taking on and taking DOWN the N2 has been a language related dream of mine since I first arrived in Japan (and probably would have been barely capable of the N5). Yay! I'd say "NEXT: WE TAKE ON N1!" But let's be real, N1 is a drag and it is said native Japanese would struggle with it, so I doubt I'll be trying unless it becomes necessary for a job or like 10 years pass and I'm still in Japan and feeling all fluent.

Anyway, I think this merits some celebration this weekend. Hurrah!
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Well, a very interesting weekend was had. Sunday evening I went with Katsushi to a party his friend was having in celebration of the opening of her own shop, which sells interior goods and various fancy edibles (chocolates, organic foods, high quality olive oil, etc), a good amount of which is imported from Europe. Katsushi created the shop's website for her and helped paint the interior of the shop. A really interesting group of people gathered for the party, mostly small business owners from the neighborhood that operate patisseries, coffee shops, pottery shops, natural cafes and the like. Aka, a bunch of kind of hip(/おしゃれな) people doing what they love.

One of the patisseries was owned by a Japanese woman and her French husband. I talked to the French guy quite a bit, both in French and in Japanese. Very interesting to hear his story.Apparently they also have a shop in the mountains in France and go back and forth between the two countries constantly (two or three months in Japan followed by a month or two in France). Don't know how they do it financially, and even moreso how they do it with a teenage daughter who needs to go to school.

It was a very unique experience for me, as I'm not surrounded by those kind of people often. A bit inspiring, too. It's nice to see people doing what they want to do.

This morning I also had my first Japanese lesson in a month, and man did it feel nice to get back into studying. My trip home completely sapped my motivation to study, but now I feel it starting to come back. Oh Japanese, how badly I want to get more proficient at using you.
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THE JLPT IS DONE. THANK GOODNESS. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I woke up the morning after the test feeling happier, more refreshed and carefree than I have in a while. I knew test anxiety was having an effect on me, but I didn't realize how much. It's nice to not have the test lingering over me anymore.

As for how I feel I did...who knows? I don't feel particularly confident on the whole, but that doesn't mean I failed. The test is meant to be on the brutal side, and as such only a 50% is needed to pass. That said, it's hard to guess if I passed or failed based on gut feeling alone. All I can do is wait for the results.

Not much to say about test day other than the proctors seemed more hardcore than I remember. Like, making us put our hands under our desks while they passed out the test booklets and telling us NOT TO MOVE THEM UNTIL SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED. That definitely did not happen last time....

After the test I met up with Katsushi and we had dinner at an izakaya near my apartment that is quickly becoming my izakaya of choice (just a Watami, but I dunno I LOVE IT) to celebrate. Yay drinks and food! Monday I just had a lie in. I did laundry and went to the grocery store, but other than that I just lied around the house. Cracked a bottle of red wine and played some Bravely Default. I hadn't been afforded a lazy day like that since my parents came to Japan, so it felt extra special and indulgent.

This morning I met with my teacher and we had our first Non-JLPT prep lesson and it was really, really great. I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy studying from now on. Feels great to say that, because I haven't felt that way for a long while. Even before the 10 month break I had before finding my current teacher, the last couple teachers I had at my old language school were not exactly to my liking. My current teacher, Kuri Sensei, is the best Japanese teacher I have studied under. She's just great. Given the seriousness of JLPT prep centered study, it took a while for us to warm up to each other, but now we enjoy a nice student-teacher relationship. I really think she will be able to help push my Japanese to the next level and I'm excited to continue studying with her.
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Feeling a bit guilty about that splurge yesterday. @_@ So much. Been spending too much lately. Though a lot of costs were unavoidable (moving expenses etc), I know I've also just been letting myself be careless after I found out the thing I saved so hard for the first half of the year (going to part time next year and studying at a language school) wouldn't be able to become a reality. Hopefully I can get back on track in the new year....

Anyway, I was very surprised when I got home from work last night and found out there was an Earthbound/Mother 2 concert on Livestream hosted by the series' creator's website/company/thing. Continued for talk of the concert and Hyadain )

In other news the JLPT is in like five days and that is SCARY, but the upside is that my JLPT prep lessons officially ended as of today! My teacher and I spend the last 10 or so minutes of the lesson talking about what to do next and I'm really excited, because we are going to study from a book of articles and Japanese short stories and it will be the best. I've been wanting to take this route for a while.

It feels so nice to be able to move on to something different. Even if I fail the JPLT and have to take it again, I will not be taking more concentrated JLPT prep lessons unless I lose my mind(aka decide to take the N1 sometime in the future). I need to move on to a form of study I can enjoy and sustain motivation with.
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I've been back from Tokyo a few days now. Tokyo was nice. Wandered around a lot and ate like a KING. So much delicious western-y foods and good coffee and gourmet sweets (LINDT CAFE UNNNNG) to be found. Haha, I think my only Japanese-y meal the whole time was the bento I ate on the Shinkansen ride home.

Did some sightseeing as well. Asakusa, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Tower (didn't go up though), Contemporary Museum of Art, Sky Tree (HAHA NO WAY I WENT UP. TOO MANY PEOPLE), all the major neighborhoods etc. But Tokyo is mainly a good place to shop and eat so that's what happened.

Oh and Comiket. We only ended up going to day one (Friday). It wasn't as crowded/crazy as I thought and thank GOODNESS we were experiencing a cool front at the same time so it wasn't super hot. I found some non-pornorgraphic(/romantic at all) Xenoblade doujinshi by this woman, operating under the circle name +Alpha. I bought two of her books and I am in ~love~. Vaguely considering emailing her to gush. Ferreals.

So yeah, good times, but I was glad to come home. 8 days was nice in one way but felt long in another. Spent TOO MUCH MONEY and as such I think September will require a spending-related diet. Also, too much English. Given the insane amount of tourists I understand the need for shopkeepers and waiters to know a certain amount of store-related English, but I had a lot of English forced on me that I did not ask for. It was often just assumed I wouldn't understand their Japanese and some wouldn't even try to speak it to me at first (others, even hearing me trying to communicate with them in Japanese would still use English back at me. ANNOYING). Not like people in Kansai don't sometimes think the same thing about me when they first see me (I CAN SEE IT IN THEIR EYES), but they just continue on with the Japanese anyway. When I don't understand something, they try to explain it in Japanese AGAIN. I very rarely have store employees trying to use English with me, minus a Japanese-English word here and there.

I should do a nice little vaycay post with a few pictures and what not. I really should. I have a terrible track record with such things, though. I can rarely muster the energy to do something proper afterwards. Still pretty sure I owe pics from last summer's Cali trip and the the 2010~2011 Taiwan trip as well. Har har.

Anyway, since getting home I've been taking it pretty easy. Thursday I stayed at home and did absolutely nothing and it felt wonderful. Friday had a long overdue lunch with Melissa, Saturday I met with the boy and today we are meeting again. At home I've just been dicking around. Reading a bit, internet-ing, and video gaming (started Xenoblade in English!).

Vacation is almost over and that makes me sad. I start work again on Tuesday. T_T


Jun. 19th, 2012 12:04 pm
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Well, I suppose I'm officially with teacher now. Model lesson was okay. We just went over some problems from a sample JLPT level 2 test and talked a little about needs. The teacher I met with, Kuri sensei, seemed a bit surprised when I said I'd take her lessons from now on so quickly, and even more surprised when I told her I hadn't taken any other teachers' model lessons.

But really, my requirements were simple, especially after a long absence from real studying. I basically just wanted someone competent and pleasant (or at very least not annoying) to help push me forward and expect me to study/review/do homework and the like. She'll be more than sufficient for that. And she's timely, which is a nice bonus. She was the first person to respond to my application on the teacher-student matching site last week, and she arrived at the cafe today before me.

So my first real lesson will be a week from now. Yay? Looks like we're going to study from JLPT level 2 text prep books, which will be fine for the time being. After I take (and ideally pass) the level 2, I'd like to move away from that approach, though. Test prep books, while useful, are pretty dry.

Anyway, it's nice to have that all settled. Hooray learning! In other news, a Typhoon is supposed to blow through the area today. Work has just issued an official comment along the lines of "GO TO WORK OKAY" so hopefully it won't be a big deal. In these parts, that's usually the case. Shikoku usually takes the grunt of the storms for us, haha.
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Well, I've been silent for the past few days. Not like me not updating for 4 or so days is all that uncommon, but I usually update a lot during the work week as I don't have many people to talk to. Stayed silent because I was feeling a bit and didn't want to rant about it meanwhile doing nothing to actually solve the problem as I usually do.

Been feeling pretty uninspired lately and coming to terms with the fact I'm just a bit bored. What have I been doing to remedy it? Well, step 1 is finally finding myself a new Japanese teacher!

I love being lazy, but I really do miss studying Japanese. It made me feel more connected to the country and my experiences here, as well as gave me the sense that I was actually gaining some kind of skill I could come out of this whole Japan experience with (because we all know being a conversational English teacher doesn't give you much in the way of real teaching skills, haha...)

So, I found someone and I have a model lesson scheduled for next Tuesday! Exciting! Just a cafe teacher/tutor rather than a school, but that's all I want for the time being (though I do dream of joining a language school again in the future). If it doesn't work out with her, I will meet with one of the other teachers who have sent me an offer. I've been using a student-teacher matching service, Labochi, so all I had to do was fill out a little application and the teachers found ME. Great for lazy people like me who hate being the one to take initiative. I never intended my little break from studying to last 10 months (GOD SERIOUSLY WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME), so I hope the lesson goes well.

Anyway, that's all that's up with me. The rest of this week has been a mix of work, video games, 30 Rock, and quiet thoughts/staring out the window. Hope you are all well!
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Yesterday ended up being plagued by little things out to get me ala getting caught in the rain without an umbrella, dropping a table on my big toe at work, the vending machine eating my money and the like. Balls.

This morning I was reminded, though, that my favorite Japanese swedophile Kaji Hideki has a new album out today! Still the cutest middle aged man ever. Turns out he'll be doing a concert on a Sunday in Osaka this July and I think I want to go! I still need to correct the travesty of two years ago where I bought tickets to see him, booked a day off work, then ended up getting sick and missing the show.

Feeling like I'm overloading on escapist stuff once more and am sighing and making grabby hands at the idea of an intellectual/productive/creative interest. When I was actively studying Japanese I championed continuing to educate myself post-university and said things like "I want to keep learning until I die!" But in the 10 months since I quit my language school, other than a few short-lived bursts of motivation, I've pretty much just been playing video games and having my brain fried by the evils of places like tumblr. I should really get back into my Japanese studies, but it's hard to find the motivation when I'm as comfortable as I am with the way things are. Despite being far from satisfied with my ability and lacking all sorts of confidence, I can converse with the boy enough, poke my way through comics and games, have a favorite TV program or two, generally know what I'm getting into at a restaurant/the super market. All that. That's good enough, right? ...right?

My life isn't without it's positive projects, though, and I have been doing some small things in an attempt to improve myself over the past few weeks. Mainly tackling: 1) REGULAR FLOSSING 2) QUITTING NAIL BITING (again! I did this pre Japan, but stress settling into the country/job led me to relapse) 3) IMPROVING MY POSTURE. 1 and 2 are going pretty well but 3 is the worst. It's much easier to keep up in public, but keeping it up at home is really challenging. I mean, no one's watching!


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