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So, cold recovery isn't going quite as quickly as I planned. I have had a pretty cush week at work, so I thought that would help me regain my energy, but I'm still finding myself pretty tired at the end of the day. Not exhausted, but definitely tired. I'm kind of regretting floor tickets for Sakanaction now (cuz oh yeah THAT IS TOMORROW). Having an actual seat to park myself would probably be best, but it's too late now so I'm just gonna have to stand the whole time and hope it goes well.

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On a final note, some fannish ramblings:

1) There are a lot of Nintendo-related articles and rumors circulating recently. I hope Nintendo comes out and addresses fans soon. People are saying a Direct is inevitable in the next few days because I guess there is some MAJOR maintenance happening on ALL online shops in a few days that implies, perhaps, the new account service they promised us this fall? And then there are the game rumors and such. We'll see. I'll be keeping a close eye on twitter this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. I understand continuing Directs will be difficult without Iwata. He had an irreplaceable presence that cannot and should not be imitated. But a pre-holiday season Direct is overdue, so Nintendo needs to get over it and just give us one. They might stumble through the first batch trying to reimagine and perfect their approach, but that is okay.

2) Got through episode 10 of Haikyuu!! this morning. This show, I swear. It can be SO MELODRAMATIC sometimes, and I find myself giggling at some of the drama and dialogue, but at the same time getting kind of emotional in spite of myself? There have already been a handful of times I've found myself tearing up. I am a cheesy and sentimental guy, but I blame the music too. The music they play during the wondrous/emotional/inspirational bits is SO GOOD and it totally manipulates me into feeling whatever they want me to feel.
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Perfect storm of events recently. I guess. The past week has been terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Had an unexpected medical thing come up all of a sudden last week and I was on medication and in relative discomfort, and stress from that incited heat rash or something similar (in Japanese it is called 汗網. Katsushi pegged it and the doctor at the clinic confirmed) ALL OVER my legs and lowerback and/or stomach and/or waist and since Sunday have been feeling like I may or may not be catching a cold. So you could say that physically I have been fucking out of it. Sorry for that f-bomb, but it's been an f-bomb sort of week.

I was pretty miserable at work last week, but my main medical thing seems about done and I'm finally out of meds, so even though I have the threat of a cold I am feeling pretty good and am celebrating with a beer, cuz I REALLY wanted a drink over the weekend but couldn't. Katsushi is conveniently having dinner with his family tonight, so along with the beer I am blasting Perfume and will probably do similar with old KPOP because I am a gay boy with needs.

Oh, but the perfect storm. The perfect storm! Despite the constant physical discomfort, life has been pretty good otherwise. Katsushi and I, along with my friend Donna, managed to get to the Yoshitaka Amano exhibition on it's last day at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe. The exhibition was amazing. AMAZING. Naturally there was a whole room dedicated to his Final Fantasy art. Got to see the original painting of the iconic cover to Final Fantasy VI, which was almost overwhelming. But his other work was so impressive. I never realized how detailed and layered his paintings are. I bought a book with every piece (plus extras!) from the exhibition that I will treasure forever. Only the final room was okay to photograph, and I posted the main piece of art displayed there (that was the central piece for the branding of the exhibition), on my twitter for those interested. The museum was surprisingly awesome, too, and in a few weeks they are opening an exhibition on manga, anime and video games, and yeah NO WAY I AM MISSING THAT.

After the museum we went out for lunch and had some delicious Japanese food and then tea and cake at a Fujiya (cake shop/restaraunt owned by the people who make Milky candy!) and talked a lot. And as a result of all our chatting Katsushi, Donna and I (and anyone else we can find) are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland early next year! YESSSSSSS! With this, my America trip under my belt, and my tentative Okinawa trip coming this fall, seems like my 30th celebrations will be lasting at least half a year. BUT WHO CARES. YOU ONLY TURN 30 ONCE AND I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Monday was a down day, cuz DAMN THAT PRE-COLD LETHARGY. But I got to relax at home and play video games and such so all is good. SPEAKING OF GAMES, Dragon Quest VIII arrived Saturday and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Not graphically up there with the PS2 version from what I've seen, but I never played it so I don't really care. It's fun, and it's been a great companion (along with FEif, which I will probably continue to plod through in the background over the next couple of months) during my rest/brain dead time.

Anyway, here we are. It's Tuesday, and I am sitting by myself sipping beer and listening to old Big Bang (THE KPOP IS HERE) and getting excited. After work I stopped in at Umeda and picked up an English language book ALL about traveling through Okinawa (NEVER THOUGHT SUCH A BOOK WOULD EXIST, BUT IT DOES!) and a Japanese book of tips to survive the Tokyo Disneyland experience. There are 66 tips, which is kinda funny, but hey, it's not a taboo number here so whatevs.


Jul. 18th, 2015 08:37 am
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Couldn't really enjoy my sick day like I was hoping, because honestly I felt worse than I thought and experienced another bout of fever. Sick days aren't really supposed to be fun anyway, just my past handful of them were related to me losing my voice during a cold, making it impossible to teach but feeling fine otherwise. Got used to that sick day = I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT sort of mentality, but that all goes away when you have a 100 fever and can't sweat. But whatever, I am actually okay now. Back at work and feeling normal.

My recovery was sped up a bit, perhaps, by a typhoon blowing through and cooling things down a bit. There was lots of wind on Thursday and a downpour on Friday. Felt like a nice break from the heat.

I ended up backing Shenmue III on Kickstarter yesterday, finally. Knew I would do it. Haven't actually finished the first OR second one, but oh well. Maybe I'll get back to them (from the kickstarter looks like I have about 2.5 years to do so?), but if I don't the game is supposed to come with "cinema shorts" summarizing the first two, so we are probably all good. The Kickstarter is into its final two hours, so I've got the countdown twitch stream running in the background hoping they will do something interesting (NO LUCK SO FAR THOUGH).

Just one more shift at work until the weekend! Can't wait! Unlike the past few weeks I don't really have any social plans, but I'm looking forward to it. Just want to rest up. Inside Out came out today in Japan and I want to try and see that, but otherwise I just want to lay low and relax. Oh, and I should probably get on my trip preparations because OH YEAH I LEAVE FOR THE STATES IN LIKE 10 DAYS. Still haven't been able to fully process that yet.
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Monday after I updated, Katsushi and I went to the movies to see Bakemono no Ko (Official English title: The Boy and the Beast), Hosoda Mamoru's new film. Katsushi and I both weren't sure we would like it from the trailer, but Hosoda is a solid director that we both enjoy and we should have just had faith, because it was a pretty decent movie. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Doesn't hit hard emotionally like Wolf Children does, but still a fun, summer-y kind of movie.

After work on Tuesday I started to feel really bad. At first I thought it was food poisoning or something, but turns out it was (mild?) heat stroke. This is the first time it's ever happened to me and man, I need to make sure it doesn't happen again because I felt pretty damn miserable.

I am feeling better than yesterday, though. My body is back to correctly regulating it's body temperature, but I slept terribly and my body is still mildly achey, so I canceled my Japanese lesson for this morning and called out sick at work (as soon as the words "heat stroke" crossed my lips the people in personnel were like "STAY HOME STAY HOME"). Just gonna stay inside my air conditioned apartment all day long and rest up, because today is supposed to be another scorcher.

This is my first sick day in a good, long while. It's terrible but I'm also kind of looking forward to it. Time flows differently on sick days, don't you think? Have no idea what I'm going to do with myself.
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Ho ho ho. So that cold hit me like a sack of bricks the day after my last entry. Basically spent my entire weekend in bed. From the time I got home from work Saturday evening to the time I left for work on Tuesday morning I did not step out of the house once. NOT EVEN ONCE. I can't remember the last time that happened. My mind was too fuzzy for a lot of things, so I spent most the weekend getting lost in games on my 3DS. Feel kinda crappy for staying in and playing games all weekend, but there wasn't really any way around it? My body needed the rest and there was nothing else to do.

Because of all the 3DS time, I was able to finish up Xenoblade 3D, and I am happy to say my feelings for it haven't really changed at all since I first played it on the Wii a few years back. Still one of my favorite games ever, and if anything I love it more deeply now than before.

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Not really much else to report at the moment. Back at work, and just starting to really feel human again. Actually, I saw a little post on tumblr that brought back some fun memories I want to talk about, but it needs it's own entry. Expect that in the near future, maybe?


Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:26 am
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So, a weekend of rolling around in much sickness was had. As I mentioned before, I caught Katsushi's cold the end of last week, and it's got me down a bit. I'm still in better shape than him, though how much of it is just my TOUGH IT OUT attitude to sickness as opposed to Katsushi's REVERT TO BABY STATUS handling of discomfort is uncertain. I've been the one picking up the slack around home as a result, and it's been causing me frustration at times. Because I want to rest, too. Especially now that I'm back at work. :/

I'm really latching on to the Disneyland part of my upcoming trip home. It is DISNEYLAND MANIA(!) in my brain at the moment. Funny how I am so nonchalant about the company as a whole, but the moment you mention the theme parks I lose my shit. But then again I don't think it would be a stretch to say the better part of the Californian population has been to Disneyland multiple times and has a lot of feelings about it. It kind of comes with the territory? We grew up with the place.

I can feel the adult way I handle hobbies/excitement coming out, because with all the furor going on in my brain I have started reading a book on the history of the park. So, you know, I can DEEPEN MY ENJOYMENT THIS SUMMER. I love learning about the history behind my loves these days. Deepening understanding is fun and educational, and gives me a better appreciation for things as they were and how they developed.

I've been listening to the new Perfume single a lot since the weekend. This is probably my favorite single of theirs since Spending all my Time. So catchy! Also finding it vaguely inspiring or something. I don't really know. I'm largely indifferent to Nakata Yasutaka and his productions these days, but he still can really nail it with these girls.

Just need to make it through one more week and the Golden Week holidays are here. With my recent decision to go to the States, I think I'll be laying pretty low. I've got a party to go to one day, but other than that there's nothing on the schedule except Xenoblade X. Feeling like I should do something productive, though. Maybe I should take the opportunity to do a crash-course brush up thing on web design? And/or practice some writing. Because I don't think I've mentioned this, but I am also (slowly) reading a book on writing and taking some notes.

In reality I'll probably do little of either and nerd out on Xenoblade, Disneyland and some other things (Steven Universe? Star Wars?), but let's pretend otherwise, yeah?
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Nearing the end of a three day weekend, which is sad. Saturday was the Vernal Equinox, which is always a public holiday here for whatever reason, so I got to take the day off work and extend my weekend. It's been a good weekend for me personally, with just the right balance of getting out, productivity, and rest.

Saturday Katsushi and I went to Osaka Castle Park and wandered around, then went out for Nepalese curry and nan. Additionally I got to stop in at Kinokuniya, which is having their annual foreign books bargain sale. Yay reading material!

The only downside of Saturday was a mixture of not having slept well Friday night, feeling dehydrated, and ALLERGIES. It wiped me out, but gave me tons of motivation on Sunday to run all my sheets and blankets through the wash and then give them a solid once over with the lint roller. We did a bunch of other cleaning yesterday, and the apartment is feeling much more livable. Oh, allergies. I hate you, but at least you are making me more thorough about household chores.

But anyway, back to Sunday. Also got out of the house in the morning to buy some new headphones, as my previous pair bit the dust last week. I've always been the sort to go for the cheapy ones, but this time I let myself spend a little more (not a crazy amount more, mind you, just an extra 20 or 30 bucks than I usually let myself spend) and the difference is HUGE. The sound is so much fuller and balanced and it's so much more satisfying to listen to music now. UNF.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably not much more than a bit of reading, red wine-ing, and perhaps finishing up Sora no Kiseki FC (I'm on the final dungeon!). No biggie though because that sounds fantastic.
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I feel like I've kind of been half assing on posting since getting back from the States. Just kinda dropping in and dumping thoughts/feels (often in a rush, which def effects its readability), and not talking a lot about everything else.

As such, here is a big list of talking points:
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Feelings of having a cold continue. I really...don't want to do anything. I fantasize canceling everything and staying home under a blanket, but honestly I don't feel bad enough to justify that. And with my trip back to the US looming, don't want to take an unpaid sick day if I can avoid it.

Anyone else hear that, The Anime Web Turnpike, is officially gone now? That was kind of a nostalgic punch in the feels and another one of those SO MUCH TIME HAS PASSED, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, YOU ARE GETTING OLDER moments I seem to be getting from everything these days. Granted the site has been shit for years, but I did enjoy browsing the classic mirror from time time, even though 95% of the links are broken now. There is no need for such a site anymore, and there hasn't been since fanpages started dying, but it was such a vital part of anime fandom back in the mid-late 90s and early 2000s. I don't think there's a single anime fan from that period that wouldn't recognize their mascot Trixie (and have their favorite costumed/alternate version?). I couldn't count the hours I spent there searching for information, media, slash fanfiction (during my sexually confused days, haha), and the like. Good times, they were.

Luckily, you can still view the classic site via the Way Back Machine, and in a way it's made the experience easier. Before, when waxing nostalgic, I'd have to copy-paste URLS into the Way Back Machine or edit the url for the geocities backup sites to check an old site, but using the archived site it will automatically try to find an archived version of the site first. Takes out that annoying middle step, so hell yeah to that I guess.

Anyway, RIP Anipike. RIP, Trixie. You will be lovingly remembered.

ETA: Just found this essay, Maudlin, where an author talks about her own trip looking through the old anipike and the feelings it gave her while she was stuck sick at home. It's a great read, and her conclusions about how we feel about our old haunts and them dying are on point.
I've been feeling socially exhausted lately. I don't think I've been overly busy or anything, I dunno. Just feel like I CAN'T. Or something. Maybe it's for the best, though, because as of yesterday afternoon I started to feel like I'm coming down with a cold. The feeling is continuing today, so ugh there. Today is my easy day at work though, so hopefully I can rest my body a bit.

Not much was accomplished this weekend. Katsushi and I did get out a bit on Sunday to get some house-y stuff, but that was it. Spent the rest of the weekend in and eating curry (no, but really, we had curry Sat and Sunday night, then a bit of leftovers with dinner Monday. CURRY ALL THE TIME).

I watched a fair amount of Ranma this weekend and loved it. When I first started watching the second set of blu rays a few weeks ago I wasn't really feeling it. I dunno if the episodes got better (I did notice character designs and animation quality finally stabilize for sure, but I dunno about the writing) or I'm just more in the mood, but this weekend I was just like "MOOOOORE!"

I'm reaaaaally close to finishing Persona 3 Portable. I'm into January and have already gone as high as I can in Tartarus before the day of the final battle, so I'm basically just biding my time with social links and leveling. Still loving the game, but kinda just want it to be over already. The things that irk me about the game are really getting to me. Mainly the compulsive grind that is Tartarus (I'm so tired of it, but I at the same time can't stop trying to level my characters) and the shitty way social links with girls are handled (4 does them so much better. SO MUCH BETTER). Hopefully I'll finish it up in the next week or so.

Anyway, out of time. I'm off to work!
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Tuesday was a public holiday this week, so with my schedule I had a three day weekend! Sweet! The icky part of this is that Friday at work I started to feel off, and Saturday this feeling continued, so my weekend was spend largely in recovery mode. I love the change in seasons, but my body has kind of been in freak out mode. :/ Also, for reasons that require a locked entry to be explained, I was alone most of the weekend.

I spent most of my time at home, but I did manage to get out a bit. Monday I took a little trip to Dork Town, Tuesday to Umeda. Being on my own that weekend, it was good to just get out and be among people a bit, you know? I wasn't 100% though, so I limited the time of my trips, I guess.

The coolest bit of my weekend was when I started playing Okami HD. Thanks for the PSN sale, Capcom! It's a game I'd been meaning to try for years, and finally I bit the bullet and UGGGGH, it's such a beautiful game! Running around and exploring is the BEST. Feels so satisfying. Other than that annoying part where I had to stop myself from going down a waterfall by drawing vines (the vine drawing thing works fine for me in the regular game, but in that part they just DID NOT seem to want to connect/be recognized properly. I GOT SO FRUSTRATED), I've been enjoying myself thoroughly. :D

Also picked myself up a birthday present. Yay! My birthday isn't for another month, though, so I'm going to try the whole "Don't touch it until the day of" kind of thing. Maybe I should wrap it to avoid temptation? But wrapping a present for yourself seems kind of silly. I dunno!
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This week I've been experimenting with making breakfast smoothies, hoping I can give my breakfast more of an energy kick. My base has been banana, soy milk, and oatmeal (I still have SO MUCH), and I've been mixing in stuff like cinnamon, protein powder (which is cocoa flavored), and blueberry/acai juice. It's been pretty fun. And tasty, too!

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In other news, my new programming class started this week! Because it is another beginner's class, this first week is super basic review for me, but I'm hoping to get into the fun, interactive stuff as soon as possible.
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Another slow weekend...kind of sort of? Like, nothing really happened happened, but I did get out and get stuff done at home, so it was pretty alright.

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  • Been kind of experimenting with cutting back on coffee. I've only made coffee once or twice in the past week. Been finding it pretty easy, actually. It's still entirely possible for me to start my day without it, so yay! It's good to do this before summer, because it's easier for me to accidentally drink to much when it's iced, which can lead to some, um...not so fun trips to the toilet. D:

  • Played a bit more FFXIII yesterday. Still kind of confused. Admittedly I had to read some stuff on the FF wikia, 'cause like, they've been spouting names of groups and stuff since the start and I didn't really get it all. I have no problem with actually reading katakana, but when there are tons of made up terms spelled in katakana in a story they tend to all sound alike to me and I have a hard time distinguishing between them. The more a story uses these kind of terms (rather than using pre-existing Japanese), the more everything starts sounding like gibberish to me. X_X

  • Ughh, I've gotta get going on my taxes, guys. The two month automatic extension expats get makes me even lazier. It's been hanging over my head for months, but now I've only got a few weeks. Why do I always put it off? It's not like my taxes are even that HARD. *shakes head*

  • Watched an interview show that Tsumabuki Satoshi was interviewed on recently over lunch today. Such a cutie. :3

  • Anyone hear the news that a new Tenchi Muyo series is in the works? Just 5 minute episodes, so I'm sure it's nothing much, but still...not sure if I want this. I love the OVA (series 1 and 2, anyway. Still haven't gotten around to 3...) and Tenchi Universe series unconditionally (my gateway series...), but I do think that it is very much a product of it's time and should probably just stay a part of 90s anime history. Don't expect this to be good at all, but I'll probably check it out anyway, cuz at least it's actually Tenchi Muyo and not one of those awkward, vaaaguely connected spin off series.
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So, the weekend was really warm, but Tuesday the temperatures PLUNGED (really, they just went back to normal Feb temperatures, but after the spring-like weekend it hurt a LOT). I think the temperature swings have kind of messed with my immune system, because as soon as the temperatures went down, my cold, which I was finally starting to feel over, came back for round two. And this time it's all mucus! Hooray~!

Sometimes I think I need to start some sort of Throwback Thursday-esque weekly entries here. Sometimes I just want to yap about old and nostalgic junk but can't seem to fit it into the normal entries.

Like god, you guys, the past couple days I've been thinking that period between fall 2000 and early 2002 when I was really, crazily into japanese music and watched HEY HEY HEY MUSIC CHAMP religiously on the local international channel. The episodes were always a few months behind and I couldn't understand a word of the interviews, but it was still ~awesome~. It was such a magical and fun and adventurous feeling time in my life and I'm sure I could write pages upon pages about the influence it had on me, the fateful first encounters I had with some groups (both silly and legit awesome) and so on.

So yeah, I've been surfing streaming sites this week, watching music videos and, if I can find them, actual HEY HEY HEY performances of favorites I saw back in the day.

A lot of the encounters that stand out to me the most are probably the ones I encountered in my first few months watching the show, and one such memorable encounter was when THE YELLOW MONKEY came on the show and performed パール (Pearl).

It's a shame that the actual HEY HEY HEY performance isn't on youtube, as I remember the lead singer rocking a skin tight red pleather jumpsuit and eyeliner and kind of spazzing about the stage. It really stuck with me, and I remember watching it repeatedly (naturally, I taped just about every single performance and constantly rewatched what I liked). That said, though, I found out a fan voted best of was released last year and the first edition has a DVD with a collection of old TV performances. That very HEY HEY HEY one is on it and I am suuuuper tempted to get it just for that.

This was their second to last single, and I also remember seeing them perform their last, Beautiful World, on the show. This would be a repeat thing for me, as in the short period I watched the show I also witnessed the end of both Judy and Mary and Luna Sea. My viewing power seemed to have the power to end influential 90s japanese rock bands, what can I say? :P
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Yeah, totally called the losing my voice thing. When I went to work the day of my last entry, my voice got destroyed. I took yesterday off and my voice is getting back to normal, although stilll a little hoarse. My day off was nice and lazy, mainly spent just drinking tea with honey while using the computer or playing FFX.

Speaking of FFX, I am really loving the soundtrack. Yesterday I spent some time wandering around and grinding (the skill tree is so addicting X_X) in an area where this was the track in the background and unnnnnf, this might be my favorite so far.

Another thing I've been meaning to mention is that I finally got coffee for my coffee maker last weekend! I made coffee for the first time on Tuesday, and to my surprise, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia, homesickness, and a cozy sense of home.

I never realized that I associated the sounds and smells of coffee making in the morning so closely with home, though looking back it makes sense. It simultaneously made me miss home and reinforced the reality that living with Katsushi is creating a new sense of home for me, something that I never had when living alone. It is exciting as it is scary.


Jan. 22nd, 2014 11:58 am
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Still fighting this cold. The annoyingly tickly throat part seems to be over, which is good, but my voice is a little weird, which is worrysome because it means there's a chance I'll end up losing it sometime in the next few days. This means an automatic call out, and while mentally I'd be quite happy, I don't really want the pay cut post-move and post-Vita.

FFX and vita talk )
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Moving bits )

My parents sent me some Aleve Cold & Sinus with my birthday package, and I've been using that to help me survive the week. I haven't used cold medicine in a good while and man, does it really help! That sounds really green, I know, but I've kind of forgotten?

In other silly news, I preordered Link Between Worlds (or 神々のトライフォース2 as it's called here) this morning. Yay! Just preordered the cartridge, but that 3DS bundle is quite sexy. Perhaps if I run into a place that still has them available for retail price before the release date, I could be swayed (3DS LLs hold their value SO WELL that I cold sell my current for near full price, so I wouldn't be put out too much moneywise in the end), but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm sure they are out there, but I have other priorities over the next month, as I'm sure you can guess.

In any case I am excited! I've been getting really stoked since the reviews started pouring in last week, and I am jealous of the friends of mine already playing back in North America. Why does Japan have to wait an extra month? T_T The upside of this is that I get to have a very Zelda-y winter break, which does seem kind of ideal. I just need to be patient!
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Had a nice, social, busy three day weekend! Saturday I went to a Thanksgiving party at training group buddy Chris and his wife Naoko's house and that was great. There was a good group of people there and it was fun to sit around for a few hours, stuff ourselves, and enjoy some silly conversation in a mix of languages. Sunday was a little housewarming at Sachiko's new place. I knew she was kind of living in the boonies now, but I didn't expect the boonies to be in the mountains! It was pretty cool though. The air was fresh and there were trees everywhere. It was a cute little town, and Sachiko's new place was really nice!

Seeing Chris and Naoko's place, along with Sachiko's, made Katsushi and I more excited planning for our own. Yay! Because of this, Monday was a pretty productive day. Got lots of packing done, payed a bunch of bills and the last month's rent for this place (T_T), did some cleaning, and then in the evening Katsushi came over and helped me arrange utility shut off dates and all that.

This weekend wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, though, as I have also been not-so-gently embraced by a cold. Not like I wasn't prepared for this, as I ALWAYS come down with something in times like these. If anything, I'm glad it is cold-like and not flu-like. Sniffles are a lot easier to deal with than fevers, am I right? So, despite all the activity this weekend, I still spent a fair amount of time (/every spare minute) taking it easy in bed.

Anyway enough real life talk, it's silly video time!

New History MV! That dude on youtube that does acapella versions of old video game music! )
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Still pokemon-ing away! Still haven't got my 3rd badge yet because I keep farting around and such. Oh well, it's fun and I'm in no rush to finish!

 photo HNI_0013_zps12bf8970.jpg

This is me in the game as of right now, trying to make my best of the limited clothes and accessories available to me. I guess one motivation for me to move along the story at a faster pace would be more shopping, cause I want my avatar to be super cute!

Someone did a buzzfeed list about my university and it's making me nostalgic and giving me pangs of longing, because, more than the college, that town and surrounding area was just a really wonderful place to live. I couldn't return to my early 20s, college lifestyle even if I wanted to, but if I ever found myself living in the area as an adult I think I would really love it. Thinking about it, since I lived there for just under 4 years in total, my time in Japan has officially outweighed my time in good old SLO. Weird!

I am being slowly embraced by this cold. I've been treating myself really well this week, though, so I am hoping that is softening the impact. Also, I said it before, but it is finally starting to really feel like fall here, and maan is it brightening my mood. I'm just so happy that the hot, humid weather is finally gone! It's also made my eyes set on the holidays. So excited for sweaters, christmas music, hot cocoa, mulled wine, and other holiday-ish treats. Still have over two months, but the countdown to the winter holidays has already begun!


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