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  • Studying for level 1 of the JLPT starts tomorrow. I have my textbooks ready and today during our lesson, my teacher and I worked out HW loads and decided on weekly quizzes. Should be good. The biggest challenge will probably be less the material itself and more taking the time to study properly. It's not that I am lacking the free time (LORD KNOWS I HAVE TONS OF IT), it's just been years since the last time I set out to study Japanese this hard and need to re-discipline myself. Hopefully I can manage.

  • Found this band/song last weekend and I am pretty hooked. This morning I did a rough translation of the lyrics as a quick exercise and reminder of translation's challenges. Interest in translation is one of the reasons I'm taking the JLPT, and studying the topic is one of my goals for 2016. I've already looked into it a bit and already know the books I want to read and want to start ASAP, but I think I should wait until I get settled into test studying before I take the plunge. Don't want to take on too much too quickly and burn out.

  • One thing I've been doing more of in January that I want to keep rolling with the rest of the year is reading. Bring on the books! Part of January's reading was the kickoff of my Harry Potter reread. Did The Sorcerer(/Philosopher)'s Stone last week, and I'm waist deep in Chamber of Secrets right now. It was never my favorite, but I am enjoying it much more this time. I think part of it is because as a tween, I found Gilderoy Lockhart unbearable, but now I just see him as the comic relief he was always supposed to be.

  • I am still going through Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel), and currently looking at the calendar vs how much of the game I have left trying to see if I can finish it before Feb 18th, when Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is released. Hopefully I can pull it off, cuz Setsuna is looking super good and I want to be there (WITH BELLS ON!) on release day, ready to play.

  • Oh, and one more thing: LOOK AT THESE CUTIES. :3
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The week progresses! I've been having fun, mainly with silly things. First off, WE NOW HAVE NETFLIX IN JAPAN. Service was supposed to start Wednesday, but they let people start signing up and watching Tuesday night. Best part is they are offering a free month! Sweeet! Katsushi and I have been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it has been awesome! The selection is still on the small size, naturally, but they have a pretty good lineup considering, so I am hopeful it's gonna turn into something great.

Other than that, I've been starting to plan my upcoming vacations!. I started collecting Okinawa tips from students the past few days, as it seems like most adults have been there at least once. Think that's how I'm mainly going to be deciding what I want to do. But also I'm pretty sure we're going to pick a very basic, vanilla tour plan for my first time. There are so many islands in Okinawa, but I think I just need to start on the main island and do the typical touristy things so that next time I'll be able to explore other islands.

And then there are my Tokyo Disneyland plans. Disney trip planning rambles )
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Perfect storm of events recently. I guess. The past week has been terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Had an unexpected medical thing come up all of a sudden last week and I was on medication and in relative discomfort, and stress from that incited heat rash or something similar (in Japanese it is called 汗網. Katsushi pegged it and the doctor at the clinic confirmed) ALL OVER my legs and lowerback and/or stomach and/or waist and since Sunday have been feeling like I may or may not be catching a cold. So you could say that physically I have been fucking out of it. Sorry for that f-bomb, but it's been an f-bomb sort of week.

I was pretty miserable at work last week, but my main medical thing seems about done and I'm finally out of meds, so even though I have the threat of a cold I am feeling pretty good and am celebrating with a beer, cuz I REALLY wanted a drink over the weekend but couldn't. Katsushi is conveniently having dinner with his family tonight, so along with the beer I am blasting Perfume and will probably do similar with old KPOP because I am a gay boy with needs.

Oh, but the perfect storm. The perfect storm! Despite the constant physical discomfort, life has been pretty good otherwise. Katsushi and I, along with my friend Donna, managed to get to the Yoshitaka Amano exhibition on it's last day at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe. The exhibition was amazing. AMAZING. Naturally there was a whole room dedicated to his Final Fantasy art. Got to see the original painting of the iconic cover to Final Fantasy VI, which was almost overwhelming. But his other work was so impressive. I never realized how detailed and layered his paintings are. I bought a book with every piece (plus extras!) from the exhibition that I will treasure forever. Only the final room was okay to photograph, and I posted the main piece of art displayed there (that was the central piece for the branding of the exhibition), on my twitter for those interested. The museum was surprisingly awesome, too, and in a few weeks they are opening an exhibition on manga, anime and video games, and yeah NO WAY I AM MISSING THAT.

After the museum we went out for lunch and had some delicious Japanese food and then tea and cake at a Fujiya (cake shop/restaraunt owned by the people who make Milky candy!) and talked a lot. And as a result of all our chatting Katsushi, Donna and I (and anyone else we can find) are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland early next year! YESSSSSSS! With this, my America trip under my belt, and my tentative Okinawa trip coming this fall, seems like my 30th celebrations will be lasting at least half a year. BUT WHO CARES. YOU ONLY TURN 30 ONCE AND I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Monday was a down day, cuz DAMN THAT PRE-COLD LETHARGY. But I got to relax at home and play video games and such so all is good. SPEAKING OF GAMES, Dragon Quest VIII arrived Saturday and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Not graphically up there with the PS2 version from what I've seen, but I never played it so I don't really care. It's fun, and it's been a great companion (along with FEif, which I will probably continue to plod through in the background over the next couple of months) during my rest/brain dead time.

Anyway, here we are. It's Tuesday, and I am sitting by myself sipping beer and listening to old Big Bang (THE KPOP IS HERE) and getting excited. After work I stopped in at Umeda and picked up an English language book ALL about traveling through Okinawa (NEVER THOUGHT SUCH A BOOK WOULD EXIST, BUT IT DOES!) and a Japanese book of tips to survive the Tokyo Disneyland experience. There are 66 tips, which is kinda funny, but hey, it's not a taboo number here so whatevs.
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  • Less than a week until I'm on a plane to California! I am excited, but at the same time it still isn't really feeling real?

  • We went to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, on Sunday as it had just come out. Loved it and definitely cried on two or three occasions. Also had NO idea Amy Poehler was voicing Joy beforehand, so that was a pleasant surprise.

  • Monday I got new glasses! Got one weak pair with "PC Lenses" (aka lenses that cut supposedly harmful blue LED light) for computer/games/general around the house time, and a stronger pair at regular strength for work and being out an about. The weaker pair is in this style in black, which is a bit of an image change for me, but they look good on me. Makes me feel a bit older? My stronger glasses are in this style in brown. Similar to what I've been wearing over the years, but the lenses are a bit bigger than usual (same with the weak ones, actually). So a slight image change, but not as major.

  • Katsushi and I have been watching my favorite Japanese drama, Suika, over the past week or so. Tonight we will watch the final episode. Watching it is a summer tradition of mine and this is Katushi's first time with it (last summer they released books of the script and I read those instead of watching, so he didn't have the opportunity our first summer living together) and he loves it as well. Glad to be able to share the love.

  • Speaking of Suika, over the weekend I picked up a collection of essays by Kobayashi Satomi, the lead actress of the show. I'm planning on reading it over vacation. Should make for perfect lake-side material!
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I read Earnest Cline's first book, Ready Player One, a couple years back and thought it was fun, summer-blockbuster-ish fare. Nothing deep, but silly and enjoyable. Perfectly paired with popcorn, and maybe a notepad so you could look up some of the 80s stuff it was referencing afterwards. He has a new book coming out in a few days, and ohhh man, this review kinda rips it apart for overbearing nostalgia pandering and glorification of "gamers". It is a fantastic read and I suggest that you check it out, even if you aren't interested in the book. Love the conclusion: Ouch )

Oh, nostalgia. How I love you, but how damaging you can be. I have definitely spent some time thinking about this before. Nothing is wrong with nostalgia in theory, but how much is too much? How to we define what is simple appreciation and enjoyment, and what is just trying to recapture what can't be recaptured about our youth? Where do we draw that line? I want to appreciate the past and not be stuck in it, but I think I often am. How do we keep that appreciation while not letting it hinder us moving forward?

In other silly news:

1) WEATHER. We had a hot May, a cool June, and a cool first week of July, but as of yesterday we are officially into the icky part of summer. It's hot and the humidity is so high it feels like we're all swimming through the air. And when I took the trash to the curb this morning I heard the cry of the Cicadas for the first time this year. SUMMER IS HERE. *cries*

2) Last week Nintendo had a sale on refurbished 2DSes on their online store, and the price was so good I ordered one. I'll pick it up when I'm on holidays. Got a Crystal Blue model, one of those very game boy-ish, semi-transparent plastic models they released over the holidays. I've been thinking about doing this for a year or so, and am so excited! Now I can finally play US region, English 3DS games! Gonna have to stock up on Adventure Time and indie eShop games when I'm home in the States! Anyone have any suggestions? We don't get, like, ANY of the western indie titles here. What do I need to check out?

3) So completely out of the loop that I didn't know Depeche Mode and Kate Bush had new albums out? And by new I mean released in the last 5 years, sorry. I don't know how to music anymore. Anyway, gotta look into getting those!

4) I have icon'd my favorite Estelle face. ALL IS WELL.


Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:26 am
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So, a weekend of rolling around in much sickness was had. As I mentioned before, I caught Katsushi's cold the end of last week, and it's got me down a bit. I'm still in better shape than him, though how much of it is just my TOUGH IT OUT attitude to sickness as opposed to Katsushi's REVERT TO BABY STATUS handling of discomfort is uncertain. I've been the one picking up the slack around home as a result, and it's been causing me frustration at times. Because I want to rest, too. Especially now that I'm back at work. :/

I'm really latching on to the Disneyland part of my upcoming trip home. It is DISNEYLAND MANIA(!) in my brain at the moment. Funny how I am so nonchalant about the company as a whole, but the moment you mention the theme parks I lose my shit. But then again I don't think it would be a stretch to say the better part of the Californian population has been to Disneyland multiple times and has a lot of feelings about it. It kind of comes with the territory? We grew up with the place.

I can feel the adult way I handle hobbies/excitement coming out, because with all the furor going on in my brain I have started reading a book on the history of the park. So, you know, I can DEEPEN MY ENJOYMENT THIS SUMMER. I love learning about the history behind my loves these days. Deepening understanding is fun and educational, and gives me a better appreciation for things as they were and how they developed.

I've been listening to the new Perfume single a lot since the weekend. This is probably my favorite single of theirs since Spending all my Time. So catchy! Also finding it vaguely inspiring or something. I don't really know. I'm largely indifferent to Nakata Yasutaka and his productions these days, but he still can really nail it with these girls.

Just need to make it through one more week and the Golden Week holidays are here. With my recent decision to go to the States, I think I'll be laying pretty low. I've got a party to go to one day, but other than that there's nothing on the schedule except Xenoblade X. Feeling like I should do something productive, though. Maybe I should take the opportunity to do a crash-course brush up thing on web design? And/or practice some writing. Because I don't think I've mentioned this, but I am also (slowly) reading a book on writing and taking some notes.

In reality I'll probably do little of either and nerd out on Xenoblade, Disneyland and some other things (Steven Universe? Star Wars?), but let's pretend otherwise, yeah?


Mar. 27th, 2015 10:45 am
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  • It's the last week of the contract, which is a weird, sometimes sad time. My school today I will not be sad at ALL to leave, as it wasn't really a well run school at all, but my coworker there is moving back to England and I will miss talking to her.

    The other school I'm leaving, which I will have my last day at on Saturday, will be a bit harder. I won't exactly miss the staff (we got along well enough professionally, but we never really got to know each other, you know?), but I really loved my students there. I made a lot of good connections with the adults, and I will miss talking to them. Some I have convinced to come visit me at the schools on my new schedule, but the others I probably won't see unless I continue working for my company and come back to the school in future contracts.

  • I finished up Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky FC on Monday, and boy was it a great ending. The last boss was actually pretty tough, and the ending after that had a great twist and a heart wrenching cliff hanger. I can't wait to play the second one, though I may or may not hold off for a bit.

  • Xenoblade month starts next week, with the 3DS port coming next Thursday! Excited, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about a new 3DS. My hesitance makes me think maybe I should just let myself wait on the system after all. I dunno. I'll still be keeping my preorder of the game either way, because the Xenoblade fanboy in me WANTS THOSE PREORDER BONUSES. I can decide about the system whenever, I guess.

  • The lettuce in our sci-fi fish tank garden thing has been getting pretty big, and this week we even picked some and had lettuce wraps for dinner. It was SO TASTEY. Katsushi's been getting really into indoor gardening, actually, and he's been trying to grow some herbs outside the tank as well. Not sure how that's gonna go, but it's still kind of fun I guess.

  • I've been using Duolingo every day for over a month now, which is pretty awesome. It's worked its way nicely into my morning routine and I am having fun with it. Maybe this is kind of weird, but it's kind of making me think about my high school days a lot too? Guess studying the language was a more influential part of my high school experience than I remember. It's triggering lots of (mostly good) memories and a general sense of nostalgia for that period in my life.

  • I'm reading Tinder right now, a kind of creepy fairy tale for an older audience. I'm enjoying it, both for the story itself and just the fact it is the first book I've read since I got back from winter vacation, a sad and embarrassing truth. Reading is fun and oh so satisfying, and I really need to get back into the habit.
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Another slow weekend...kind of sort of? Like, nothing really happened happened, but I did get out and get stuff done at home, so it was pretty alright.

Events below the cut )


Sep. 4th, 2014 09:49 am
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  • Went ahead and preordered the 3DS version of Smash Brothers this morning. Can't wait! We are so close in Japan. SO CLOSE.

  • Been reading as many articles and opinions as I can about the new 3DS, the latest being a Japanese article giving some first hand impressions. They seem pretty happy with it, and that makes me excited. So much indecisiveness over what model I like better though. With the old (is that what we should call it now?) models, the LL/XL was clearly superior, but with the new models I don't know? They both look pretty good to me.

  • There were some pre-Tokyo Game Show announcements the other day, some of which were pretty fun. Most excited for the Ys game. Looks perfect for the Vita. Liked that there was a Persona 5 teaser as well. The new protagonist's design is pretty cute, but I'd like to see some gameplay footage soon.

  • Finished with my previous book, Fun, Inc., and now I'm on to The Power of Habit. I still have about 2/3 of the way to go, but it's already making me think how I can work some better habits into my daily routines. I'll be reading this book VERY carefully.

  • On a final note, a few months ago I mentioned that there was a new Tenchi series coming this fall. They've been releasing character designs lately and they are...really disappointing. You can see the main girls' designs here, and Tenchi + some new characters here. Ugh. :/ I want to like this series, but I don't know if that will be possible.
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So, less serious stuff here.

  1. There is a lot of complaining going on over the new 3DS announcement. But...that's no surprise, I guess. new 3DS rambling )

  2. In book land, I finished reading the book on depression and am now reading Fun, Inc. Yay?

  3. Jay Park released a new video today and I think it's kinda cute? Physically, I always love Jay Park (SO PRETTY UGGGGH), but I tend to dislike the majority of the music he puts out, so it's always a nice surprise when I find one of his songs listenable. Love the Michael Jackson jacket and dance moves. :D

  4. New Shulk default icon! Def still excited from the last Nintendo Direct's Xenoblade-y announcements.


Aug. 28th, 2014 12:10 pm
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So, the week is going. Getting a bit more settled into my new computer. Yay for that, I guess? It's kinda cool today, which feels weird, but I am definitely happy about that. Only 24C (75F) comfortable! Thanks, rain!

Other notes :
  • I started playing FFX again this week. Not sure's just what I wanted to do? I'm playing it in English this time, though, on the PS3. The dub is not as bad as I was expecting it to be (lots of people hate it, right?). Yuna's English voice doesn't capture her character as well as the Japanese voice, I think, but other than that I think the dub is...alright?

  • Still reading that book on depression. It's a bit long and can wear me out, so I've still got about half of it to go.

  • Storybundle has another video game bundle up! More interesting nonfiction books and magazines on games, yay! The bonus includes two music albums that are pretty quality. I'm listening to the first one right now and love it.

Feel like I probably had more to say, but can't really remember what I wanted to talk about. In which case I'll just leave it here for now. Hope you are all having a good day.
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Last weekend was kind of interesting. A little after writing my last entry, when I was washing rice in preperation for lunchtime, I noticed weird little brown bits floating to the top of the water. Upon closer look, I found they were larva and other buggy things. Our rice container had been invaded! D: We had just barely gotten into a new 5kg bag of rice, and there was no way we were going to let it all go to waste, so we spent the next hour and a half or so sifting through the rice (using pasta strainers and the like), shaking out the bugs, larva, cocoons, and everything. Haha....

Sunday continued to be interesting. A typhoon passed through. We didn't have any flooding problems in my area or anything, but we still had lots of strong wind and rain. We did not leave the house once.

Katsushi went back to work on Monday. It's Friday now, and my five days of half-day solitude are nearing their end. It has been...interesting, I guess. My mood has been up and down, as it can happen when you have a lot of time to yourself. Especially with the news being as terrible as it was been this past week. I've been making sure to get out of the house a bit every day. Monday I went to dork town and looked at second hand game shops (got Luigi's Mansion on a special Obon sale discount!), Tuesday I went to Yodobashi Camera in Umeda (I've stopped shopping there, but had over 3000 yen in store credit I needed to use before it expired, so I got the Kirby 3DS game and used it all up!), Wednesday I had my Japanese lesson and also wandered around the neighborhood, and Thursday I went to the huge Maruzen & Junkudo bookstore in Umeda.

The trip to the bookstore was the most dangerous place, honestly. I went there to pick up a new Japanese textbook, Vol 14 of Shingeki no Kyojin, and the new (translated) Murakami novel, but they also had their annual foreign books bargain sale going on, and I got more than expected. The foreign books bargain sale at this store is much smaller than the one Kinokuniya has every March, but the prices are a tad cheaper, and the quality in selection of books, particularly with non fiction, seems a bit higher. I was able to get some books on the cheap I'd had my eyes on for a while, so yay to that!

But now it is Friday, and I'm not sure what to do with myself. Like I said, I've been trying to get out a bit every day, but I'm not sure there's anywhere else to really go. I'm kind of tired of wandering shops. And while I'd been planning to go see the Kenshin movie by myself, I'm just not in a movie mood today. Maybe I'll just go to a cafe and sit there a while with a book. Or maybe I'll just let myself stay home. I dunno.
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  1. A few days ago I finished reading the two Suika scenario books (aka collected scripts for my favorite Japanese drama ever, Suika). It was an easy read for me, as I have watched the series many times and know the story super well. I read everything in the characters voices and in many cases, could remember the tone, intonation, etc of how they delivered each line. It was pretty fun! The best part was the omake, which was an extra little script (not full episode length, but maybe enough for a half hour program?) that took place about 10 years later after the drama and gave a glimpse of what became of the main characters.

    Now that I'm finished reading the scenario books and the cicadas have started crying, it feels just about time for my annual viewing of the show. :D Might hold off until summer vacation this go around, as my programming class will be finishing up in the next few weeks and I feel like I should give that the priority, but still very excited!

  2. Last night I finished reading Quiet, which was quite a valuable read. As someone who's always identified as introverted, it served as a nice boost of confidence. Being raised in a culture with an extrovert ideal, for just about as long as I can remember, I have felt my nature was somehow inferior. For most of my life I believed that "liberating oneself" and/or "being one's true self" translated to being outgoing and having lots of friends (that's what our society teaches, right?). In the past few years I began to believe this wasn't necessarily the case, and reading this book helped really solidify that thought. Feel like I came to understand myself a little better in reading this, and that is awesome.
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Ugh, I've been writing a lot of access/friends list only entries about stuff lately. That's all good, as I need to write that kind of stuff to process things and motivate myself, but I want to talk about little, happy things too! So that is what we are going to do right now.

  • Watched the Sailor Moon Crystal premiere, which in Japan was at 7pm Saturday, so it was a perfect after work treat. Poured myself a glass of awamori, logged into niconico (the only legal stream in Japan, obvs) and got my excitement on. Loved the intro scene, loved the music (UGH REVO <3).

  • Been reading a bit! In Japanese, I've been working through the Suika scenario books (I'm on episode 8, in the middle of book 2 :D). In English, I finished reading What Should I do With my Life? and am now reading Quiet, which is completely fascinating.

  • Programming is still going well! Finished up week 6 assignments today, and I also decided to try a bit of original coding and make a simple calculator. It's nothing visual (it has to be operated through terminal) and can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but still...yay! I made something! I really need to think of more little projects like this, as they are a much more effective way to remember and/or master code than just doing the controlled exercises we are given.

  • When Marnie was Here trailer. :D

    The Priscilla Ahn song is sounding really nice.
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  • Super good vibes from the salon I went to on Sunday! It's a cosy and friendly place. When I was setting up my appointment on Hot Pepper (an online salon search and booking service) I noticed how in Japanese they noted that English conversation was a possibility and that foreign guests were encouraged to come. That in Japanese part is important, and when I got there the stylist told me his English was shit, so we just talked in Japanese. Still, I like the idea of going to a place that doesn't panic at the sight of foreigners. I'm happy with my cut and happy with the price (had a coupon from hot pepper, yay!). I will definitely be going back!

  • My date with Donna was pretty fab too. Donna was kinda low on money so we mainly just wandered around Umeda and talked rather than doing any sort of activity, but talking was what I really wanted to do. I bought some kaiju stickers because I thought they were kind of adorable? When I got home Katsushi informed me they were from Ultraman. I had no idea!

  • Read that Earthbound book from the storybundle and I'm not sure how I feel about it? Not long at all, but cut just in case )

  • I have had this song stuck in my head since last Friday.

    I keep singing this to Katsushi, haha. This song's base is the Angela Aki song Kokuhaku, which is also pretty nice. This makes perhaps the second song I've ever heard by her? Should probably give her a better listen some day.

  • Kids classes start from today! Surprisingly not that nervous yet. These last couple weeks were nice, but I guess it is time for the normal madness to start again. Hopefully things go well!
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  • Thursday: Survived another day at HQ, this time for a personnel and student care workshop. Kinda painful at times. Met a kid from DC who is the son of two lawyers. Nice guy, but it felt like we were from very different worlds.

  • Friday: First day at a new school. The school director is hot. Unffff. Accidently got there early, as my scheduled time had changed without me knowing. Explored the area a bit and found a gourmet super market nearby. Neat! DC kid showed up and it turns out we will be coworkers. Haha. Talked with him about how our parents had relaxed and become less conservative as we grew up. I talked about how my dad started drinking more (he never really drank at all when I was young), especially once I turned 21. He told me how he helped convince his dad to buy a beach house like he's always wanted to. Like I said, different worlds.

  • Saturday: Busy day at a new school. They just moved to a new location so everything has that new car smell. Very strange, very fancy.

  • Weekend (Sunday/Monday): Bad weather on Sunday led to no cherry blossom viewing, then Monday I just couldn't gather enough desire to go anywhere but the grocery store. Not the end of the world, as it appears the peak happened sometime during the work week last week. The cherry blossom trees were already starting to turn leafy green by the time the weekend came around.

  • Other stuff:
    1. Finished up DQIV last week, so I lugged out the PS3 and started playing Nier over the weekend! It's a neat little game and I'm having a good time. Playing it on easy though, as I really just want to enjoy the story and the music.

    2. If you are into literature on games and aren't averse to ebooks, the Story Bundle has a pretty good deal going on right now. Probably won't touch the Minecraft or Portal books, and I've already read the Sega book, but everything else looks potentially interesting. Especially excited about that Earthbound book and the retro game mag collection!

    3. Did you guys know Final Fantasy VI turned 20 last week (in Japan)? Can't believe it's that old already!
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This has been a pretty uneventful week for me, I think. I don't really know what to say? I seem to be recovering from this cold, which is nice. Think this means I can allow myself some wine this weekend. Heck yes!

  • Work has Had two elementary school kids quit suddenly. This is a normal occurance this time of year because of cram school schedules and kids (upper elementary and on) get busier, but it surprised me because school staff failed to tell me. Hooray lack of communication!

  • I haven't played much FFX, just one or two nights after work and I didn't do much. Hopefully I can put in a little time this weekend!

  • Finished a book on the history of video games called Replay the other day that I had been reading over the past couple of weeks. Definitely solid enough to be worth more than the $5 ebook price I paid for it! Just got a book on the rise and fall of SEGA to read next. Should be interesting!

  • So much Nintendo drama this week. Not really sure what I can say about it other than that I am interested to see how they handle themselves this year.

Nothing else to say, really. Hopefully something interesting will happen by the time of my next entry! I hope you all have a good weekend!
  • Getting back into the swing of things at work. It's been pretty smooth so far, but I do have some potential kid challenges coming up today. Fingers crossed it all goes well. X_X

  • Speaking of work, I have an adult student I see most Tuesdays who is heading to the bay area for a few weeks on business sometime this spring/early summer. He tasked me with getting restaurant recommendations from my parents based on where he's staying, and instead my parents offered to take him around SF! When I told him this he acted really surprised and maybe even a bit freaked out. I totally expected this, so I told him just to think about it for now, but I think it would be cool if he took them up on the offer. I think it would be a lot of fun for both him and my parents!

  • Finished Ender's Game last night, and just kind of lied in bed thinking about it for a bit after. Criticisms about the author aside, I really did like the book and its themes. I will definitely be adding the next book in the series to my "To Read" list.

  • Preordered the first set of Viz's Ranma Blu-Rays at Rightstuf. Pretty damn excited about it! Also excited to see what ~exclusive gift~ will be. I ordered it within a day of Viz announcing it on their twitter, so hopefully I'll be eligible!

  • Been catching up on my retro game shows on Youtube, and started watching another Game Chasers-ish show called The NES Pursuit. The hosts are kind of hipster-ish and super LA, which has it's good points and bad points, but it's promising enough. The hosts are a bit easier to swallow than the Game Chasers, and I'm noticing the editing slowly improving as I watch.

  • Watching all these Retro shows is making me want to see what Flea Markets are like in Japan, and I found out there is a big "Garage Sale" event at Expo Park this Monday (which is a public holiday). Gonna see if I can't talk Katsushi into going with me! This being an outdoor event in Japan, I'm sure there will be good and unique food vendors if nothing else, so I hope to check it out!
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I didn't update about my last couple of days of vacation because not a whole lot happened? Just stayed around the house, only leaving to go on short walks and/or to go to the bank or store. I played some games, did some reading, watched some TV. Pecked away at the stock of sweets my parents gave me. Had some wine.

But today all the normal, everyday madness starts once again! I can't say I'm excited about working (I'm wearing all black to work today to express my mourning), but I honestly need something to do. I think it will do me good to get back to worrying about more than just what leisure activity I should spend my afternoon on, you know? I wanted a nice, lazy break and I got it, but especially these last couple days or so I got the feeling that if it continued much longer my brain would turn to complete mush.

Anyway, because my vacation was super lazy and I didn't get out much, I was able to do a lot of silly hobby things! Let's review, shall we?

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Oct. 7th, 2013 01:56 pm
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Peaceful weekend I guess? I was feeling too pooped after work to go out for dunner, so Saturday Katsushi came with a bunch of tasty chinese food he picked up from Horai and we stayed in and watched TV. We ended up watching a show where foreigners sang classic Japanese songs and competed to see who was the best. Cynical expat me wanted to hate on it at first, but for the most part, these people were ridiculously talented and it was hard not to be impressed.

The stand out, to me, was a Jamaican Gospel teacher who covered The Boom's Shima Uta (Island Song), a devastatingly good song about the sadness felt by Okinawan people after WWII. He really nailed it and charmed the pants off everyone, but unfortunately he didn't advance his block because someone who really shouldn't have beat him got a total score one point above his. I was really upset about this, and so were many of the celebrities in the peanut gallery.

Anyway, on Sunday we went to Shinsaibashi for some Mexican food, then headed over to Namba so I could buy some Okinawan glasses. I've been getting into Okinawan food and spirits lately, particularly the spirits, and drinking awamori out of an Okinawan glass improves the experience significantly, I feel, so knew I had to get myself a pair!

 photo awamoriandglass_zpsa54f47dc.jpg

I don't really feel this picture does these glasses justice. The glasses are gorgeous. Swirling, vibrant shades of blue and green, and also the thousands of little bubbles that are the signature of Okinawan style glass blowing. After I bought these I realized, that while still hand made, and despite the fact I bought them at an Okinawan specialty shop, they were not actually made IN Okinawa. Bummer, but I will definitely seek out a glass blowing studio whenever I make it out to the islands myself.

This was the highlight of my weekend. Other than that, I basically just read Ready Player One, which was cheesy, light hearted, nerdy fun. All the 80s pop culture references have made me want to do a little 80s movie and cartoon marathon and play some old arcade games because the author makes it all sound so fun! I heard the movie rights have been bought up already, which is neat, because the whole time I was reading the book I thought "THIS IS A MOVIE. THIS IS A MOVIE." If and when the adaptation is released, I will be there!

As for the rest of my Monday? I picked up a bottle of awamori (pictured above), so I will be fixing myself a glass this afternoon I think! I will also probably do some more reading, though mostly manga this time. I've got myself some more Attack on Titan to tackle, as well as a classic SF shojo series I recently stumbled upon in a second hand shop that I will probably address later. So, yay reading!


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