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So, cold recovery isn't going quite as quickly as I planned. I have had a pretty cush week at work, so I thought that would help me regain my energy, but I'm still finding myself pretty tired at the end of the day. Not exhausted, but definitely tired. I'm kind of regretting floor tickets for Sakanaction now (cuz oh yeah THAT IS TOMORROW). Having an actual seat to park myself would probably be best, but it's too late now so I'm just gonna have to stand the whole time and hope it goes well.

In which Katsushi gets an effing job )

On a final note, some fannish ramblings:

1) There are a lot of Nintendo-related articles and rumors circulating recently. I hope Nintendo comes out and addresses fans soon. People are saying a Direct is inevitable in the next few days because I guess there is some MAJOR maintenance happening on ALL online shops in a few days that implies, perhaps, the new account service they promised us this fall? And then there are the game rumors and such. We'll see. I'll be keeping a close eye on twitter this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. I understand continuing Directs will be difficult without Iwata. He had an irreplaceable presence that cannot and should not be imitated. But a pre-holiday season Direct is overdue, so Nintendo needs to get over it and just give us one. They might stumble through the first batch trying to reimagine and perfect their approach, but that is okay.

2) Got through episode 10 of Haikyuu!! this morning. This show, I swear. It can be SO MELODRAMATIC sometimes, and I find myself giggling at some of the drama and dialogue, but at the same time getting kind of emotional in spite of myself? There have already been a handful of times I've found myself tearing up. I am a cheesy and sentimental guy, but I blame the music too. The music they play during the wondrous/emotional/inspirational bits is SO GOOD and it totally manipulates me into feeling whatever they want me to feel.
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Monday after I updated, Katsushi and I went to the movies to see Bakemono no Ko (Official English title: The Boy and the Beast), Hosoda Mamoru's new film. Katsushi and I both weren't sure we would like it from the trailer, but Hosoda is a solid director that we both enjoy and we should have just had faith, because it was a pretty decent movie. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Doesn't hit hard emotionally like Wolf Children does, but still a fun, summer-y kind of movie.

After work on Tuesday I started to feel really bad. At first I thought it was food poisoning or something, but turns out it was (mild?) heat stroke. This is the first time it's ever happened to me and man, I need to make sure it doesn't happen again because I felt pretty damn miserable.

I am feeling better than yesterday, though. My body is back to correctly regulating it's body temperature, but I slept terribly and my body is still mildly achey, so I canceled my Japanese lesson for this morning and called out sick at work (as soon as the words "heat stroke" crossed my lips the people in personnel were like "STAY HOME STAY HOME"). Just gonna stay inside my air conditioned apartment all day long and rest up, because today is supposed to be another scorcher.

This is my first sick day in a good, long while. It's terrible but I'm also kind of looking forward to it. Time flows differently on sick days, don't you think? Have no idea what I'm going to do with myself.
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[personal profile] torachan was nice enough to give me an invite to jpopsuki, and wow, it has changed a LOT since the last time I used it years and years ago. So much obscure stuff, and because of the bonus point system there are dedicated seeds for like everything? They even had some Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe stuff! Been listening to a pretty basic Best Of and I am totally swooning. Before I was mostly listening to their up tempo songs, but ugh the ballads are so great. Wonderful 80s cheese, and UGH CARLOS'S VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SOOTHING. Boooooooooy T_T

Anyway, moving on! [personal profile] nanslice has been talking about Heroic Legend of Arslan recently, so I decided to check out the new anime and now I am kind of addicted. Gotta love them tragedies. Everything is terrible but I suppose the pity you feel for Arslan is what makes him so endearing.

Went to the bookstore on Monday for some reading material. Read volume 6 of A Bride's Story and happy to say that series is good as ever. Also started on Silver Spoon and the new Arslan manga because now that I have finally finished reading FMA I feel like I am allowed to read Arakawa Hiromu's other stuff. Still trying to get into the Arslan manga but oh man Silver Spoon is so cute!

So I tried to pick up Xenoblade X again this weekend, the first time in a few weeks, but I think I have to face the fact that it is not for me. This got a little long )
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  • Ugh, think I am coming down with a cold. Might have to cancel my plans for Saturday night and stay in and rest. NO FUN, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • [personal profile] nanslice is organizing a Gundam Wing Rewatch that is starting in a few weeks. So excited for this, as I never actually finished the series despite how important it was to me back in the day. Anyone else interested? You should join in on the fun!

  • An enhanced Dragon Quest VIII port was just announced for the 3DS in Japan this week! People say it is one of the best entries in the series and I've been wanting to check the game out for SO LONG, so this is pretty much perfect. It comes out the end of August, a week or two after I get back from California. It should make for the perfect game to help me fight the post-trip home blues.

  • Got a package from home today. It had some spices from Trader Joe's that Katsushi and I had requested, and also some kickstarter related goodness! Got the hardcover Mother 3 handbook that was one of the rewards I got for backing the Earthbound documentary (makes for a perfect excuse to play through the game again! Don't know when I'll have time in the near future though...). I also got my first issue of Nintendo Force, the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. I was hesitant about the mag for a while but kept hearing good things, so I decided to back them during their year three funding drive. Yay! Will read it as soon as I am done posting!

  • Been listening to this youtube video of every version of Dearly Beloved this week. Giving me some Kingdom Hearts related feels. I know I probably have a lot of time left to catch up before KHIII is out, but I'd still really love to fit in Birth by Sleep sometime this year if I can make the time for it.


May. 13th, 2015 11:46 am
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We're into the first full week of work post-Golden Week, and as such starts what is probably my least favorite stretch of the work year. The period between now and summer vacation is a bit ick. You start to fully realize the issues you will have with the new group of kids and there are no real mental breaks. It's just a straight shot of 12ish weeks, made worse by the weather. Soon it will start getting warmer, then the humidity will spike, rainy season will come and go and then it will get REALLY hot. The weather is such a physical and mental strain on me. I don't sleep as well and am more prone to slumps.

But this summer I will prevail! Using the upcoming trip home to help keep me positive and motivated. YOU WON'T GET ME THIS TIME, JAPANESE SUMMER!

Anyway, on to life stuff:

Movie, shelves, video games exhausting me or whatever )
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  1. Last night I went out with my friend Melissa and the part time staff at my fav school. When Melissa still worked for my company she got along well with this staff member, but they hadn't seen each other since Melissa quit, so I thought I'd reunite them. We went to a small place they was all stylish and had some pretty tasty western food (highlights being their homemade sausage and a gorgonzola pasta). We were at the restaurant for close to four hours chatting. So much fun!

  2. The Xenoblade X livestream Friday night was great! Was hoping for a little blip at the end about Xenoblade 3D like happened last time, but no such luck. With less than a month less before release, I think it there is now officially a 0% chance of a pretty Xenoblade limited edition LL model. I wasn't exactly holding my breath, but there was a small part of me still kinda crossing my fingers for a surprise announcement. There IS going to be a Monado kisekae plate, however, so I am probably gonna be getting that (if I can locate it at a shop, as preorders on amazon sold out in a second and I am not paying those ridiculously inflated prices those scalper jerks charge) plus the standard size, white new 3DS model.

  3. I finished up my rewatch of Invader Zim this week. It was a show that started out really strong, but kind of felt worn out by the end? Here's to hoping the upcoming comic takes it's cues from the earlier half of the series rather than the latter.

  4. This morning I started rewatching the Tenchi Universe TV series! This is the ultimate nostalgia bomb for me, as it was the series that really got me into anime (I loved the Tenchi series in general, but it was this incarnation in particular I adored and watched endlessly), and despite its obvious flaws cannot see it as anything but delightful. It is wedged too deep into my rose tinted past and I cannot be objective about it AT ALL. Though that's part of the fun for me now, I guess. Used to watch it fairly often when I lived in the States (JUST GOT CRAVINGS SOMETIMES), but this is my first time since moving to Japan, somehow. This rewatch will be the BEST. It is long overdue and I am way excited.

Anyway, with a social Saturday night out of the way, think I'm gonna let this Sunday be deliciously slow and lazy. Lazy Sundays are the BEST!
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A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.

tagging → Whoever wants to do it?

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Feelings of having a cold continue. I really...don't want to do anything. I fantasize canceling everything and staying home under a blanket, but honestly I don't feel bad enough to justify that. And with my trip back to the US looming, don't want to take an unpaid sick day if I can avoid it.

Anyone else hear that, The Anime Web Turnpike, is officially gone now? That was kind of a nostalgic punch in the feels and another one of those SO MUCH TIME HAS PASSED, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, YOU ARE GETTING OLDER moments I seem to be getting from everything these days. Granted the site has been shit for years, but I did enjoy browsing the classic mirror from time time, even though 95% of the links are broken now. There is no need for such a site anymore, and there hasn't been since fanpages started dying, but it was such a vital part of anime fandom back in the mid-late 90s and early 2000s. I don't think there's a single anime fan from that period that wouldn't recognize their mascot Trixie (and have their favorite costumed/alternate version?). I couldn't count the hours I spent there searching for information, media, slash fanfiction (during my sexually confused days, haha), and the like. Good times, they were.

Luckily, you can still view the classic site via the Way Back Machine, and in a way it's made the experience easier. Before, when waxing nostalgic, I'd have to copy-paste URLS into the Way Back Machine or edit the url for the geocities backup sites to check an old site, but using the archived site it will automatically try to find an archived version of the site first. Takes out that annoying middle step, so hell yeah to that I guess.

Anyway, RIP Anipike. RIP, Trixie. You will be lovingly remembered.

ETA: Just found this essay, Maudlin, where an author talks about her own trip looking through the old anipike and the feelings it gave her while she was stuck sick at home. It's a great read, and her conclusions about how we feel about our old haunts and them dying are on point.
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Well, made it through the week, meaning my summer vacation from work has begun! No more work until the 19th for me. :D

Other than the angst of the last f-locked entry, this week has been full of little things that are pretty alright:

  1. Started watching a bit of the Patlabor TV series. PATLABOR<3

  2. Finished Radiant Historia! Went for the full effect and unlocked all 236 events on the timeline. True ending: GET! I had a lot of fun with the game. I really enjoyed constantly moving back and forth in time and between the alternate timelines.

  3. Finished up my programming class! Did the last chapter's assignments over the week and took the final this morning. Pretty happy with myself on this one. I've got another starting next month. It's another beginner's class using the same language I've been studying (Python), but where the class I just finished was rooted in data analysis, this one focuses on interactive programming. According to the course description, I will be able to program a game (albeit a basic one, I'm sure) by the end of the course. Very much looking forward to that.

  4. Had my annual health check last week, and I guess things were alright? I hated not being able to eat until the afternoon (the appointment wasn't until 2pm), but other than that it wasn't bad. People were nicer and less robotic with me this time.

  5. It was the boy's Birthday on Friday. I bought a delicious roll cake from the nearby cake shop, but have yet to get him a gift. I have no idea what to get him and he's really not helping. X_X. Speaking of the boy, he's started orthodontic treatment recently? He got braces on his molars last week. Eventually he will get them on his front teeth too. There's a reason they are waiting on the front teeth, but I don't really understand it. Anyway, it's definitely having an affect on what/how we eat.

  6. Recently one of my schools has been playing this song in the lobby and it's so silly and awesome and I love it. How come I didn't know about this song years ago?

Hope you are all having a great day.
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The past few days have been really hot here, Sunday being the worst. Seems like rainy season is set to start too, as starting today, rain is forecasted every day for the rest of the week. This will bring the temperature down a couple degrees compared to the weekend, but rainy season is still a sticky mess. It's June and it's summer. How did that happen? X_X

After the party Saturday night, my weekend was pretty useless. Heat was a part of it. Another was that such parties kind of tend to bring me down afterwards. Harder for me to feel okay about parties where drinking is the main point.

Anyway, Sunday not much was accomplished. Monday, though, I started watching Ranma 1/2! I thought I'd savor things, and only watch two or three episodes, but I ended up watching all of disc one (8 episodes). Whoops? But Ranma 1/2 is so fun, and not having seen much of the TV series (just a few random episodes, most of my experience with animated Ranma is with the OVAs and movies), it's adding a new dimension to my love of the series. I know the animated series really jumps the shark later later in its life, but I'm looking forward to watching more for the time being.

In other news, found a really cool link thanks to a friend's tumblr reblog. Basically, if you enter your tumblr account name into trntbl, it will compile a list of all the music you've ever reblogged and make it into an easy to navigate streaming playlist. So useful! I might have to start reblogging more music now. XD

I could talk about other silly things, probably, but I think I'll leave it here for now.
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  1. Tsumabuki Satoshi love intensifying. Spent all morning searching the web for stuff about him, and just found out that he's going to be in a new drama starting this July called 若者たち (Wakamonotachi). Depending on what time/day it's on, I think I may try to watch it as it airs on TV! This is his first drama in like 5 years? Eita is also going to be in it too, which is pretty awesome. Two of my favorite Japanese pretty boys in one show! Looking forward to it!

  2. I'm out of Sailor Moon manga to read. Just finished vol. 6 of the new Kanzenbans last night. D: The last story was the Kaguyahime side story, which was super cute. Luna falling in love was adorable. :3 Now I have to decide if I want to buy the last couple volumes new or wait to see if they will appear at my local second hand shop.

  3. In other manga land stuff, I finished Patlabor last week. It was a really sweet manga. Also waiting for the next volumes of FMA kanzenbans to appear in second hand shops. These are less likely to be limited runs that go out of print (and get expensive) quickly than Sailor Moon, so I can afford to be patient.

  4. I watched Ghost in the Shell last weekend. Finally. Finally! Can't believe it took me that long. Haha....

  5. Last weekend I took down the main story final boss in Persona 4. Game's not over though, as I have to take on the bonus dungeon and I'm hoping to do the epilogue stuff, though. Think it's going to take me forever and a day to get through. Despite wanting to see the true ending, I'm not exactly looking forward to what I have to do. And I'm at that point that despite LOVING the game while playing it, whenever I'm not I'm just feeling like I can't be bothered.
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Second to last shift at Katsura left me feeling really sad and nostalgic. I came home from work last night an unhinged bucket of feels, and I can tell that Friday, my last day there, is going to be a bit tough. It's for the best (for reasons I will explain later), but it's still depressing.

The Ranma 1/2 season 1 Bluray is officially out now! Woke up to some tweets from Viz celebrating this fact. I love seeing Viz pushing the series again, and it's been fun to see people on the internet getting excited about the series. I'm getting flashbacks of the 90s! So different than one year ago where there were rumors Viz had basically abandoned the series, losing the license and having no interest in trying to get it back. Anyway, I can't wait to watch it myself, but as I said a while back it's probably going to be a while before I can actually do that.

In the meantime, I figured I would indulge in some other old school goodness. I've been watching the Yawara! boxset I got at Cyber Monday sales back in 2012 (probably the only thing from that mass purchase I hadn't gotten around to yet? Quite silly, seeing as how that deal is what prompted me to crack and put together an order in the first place) and I've been enjoying it a hell of a lot. Between this, Ranma, and my recent taking to the Patlabor manga, I've been getting all excited over and into that late 80s/early 90s vibe. So fun!

Anyway, it's been raining since I got up today. Not helping me get into a good mood before I head off to HQ for an education workshop. X_X In the past this has been a very relaxed 3 hour workshop, as there really isn't a whole lot to cover, but because personnel has ideas, they are making Education do a 6 hour workshop despite the agenda seeming no different than years past. I have no idea what we are expected to do all day, and it seems like it's going to largely be a waste of time. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay....
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Hmm. I haven't felt like I have much to say this week. Or, actually, that's not exactly true, as I do have some more topic-y entries forming in my head...I just haven't really thought about writing them yet. So instead, have some notes about things that don't matter:

  • The Ranma Blu Ray set I preordered has apparently come in and possibly shipped from RightStuf? I didn't think it was out until the end of the month! It doesn't make much of a difference, as I'm having it sent to my parents house and will either pick it up next trip home or have them give it to my brother in law to ship next time they see him. But yay anyway! Yay Ranma! Viz released an unboxing video this week and I downloaded a youtube region unlocking plugin just to watch it. So excited!

  • I bought oatmeal at Costco last week and I've had it for breakfast a few days this week and unnnnf oatmeal! It had been way too long. Such a good way to start my mornings. :D Think I'm going to make some oatmeal cookies in the next few weeks as well.

  • Continuing on with Gravity Rush and having a blast. Finding that I enjoy flying around and exploring much more than the combat aspect of the game. So much fun!

  • Started watching an Australian game hunting show this week and it's alright, I guess, but what leaves the strongest impression are the hosts. Less in personality than who/what they resemble The main host looks like Thor, and when I first saw the cohost Kane, I thought he looked like someone who would be a top in gay twink porn and now I can't unsee it. X_X
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My personal little three day weekend is over! It's back to work today, and I'd be all sad about that but to be honest the next couple of days are going to be cake, as we have no kids through Friday. Hooray!

The weekend was quiet. I'm still a bit mucus-y, but more significantly Katsushi seems to have fallen victim to my cold. He's in the nasty beginning bit so we just stayed at home and rested up. Minus going to the store a couple times, I didn't do much. Here's what the last few days boil down to:

  1. Finished FFX. short, but cut just in case )

  2. Started X-2. I'm taking the changes in stride. Nothing about it is upsetting me the way it does some people. The story isn't doing much for me yet, but keeping it light and campy is fine with me. Can't really say much yet, as I'm still just getting into it. While I don't expect to like it as much as X, I don't expect to not like it, yeah?

  3. Strangly enough, got a craving for a shonen jump-y sports story this weekend. This almost lead to a trip to the second hand comic shop, but instead ended up with me watching a handful of Kuroko no Basket episodes on the internet this morning. I don't think I've ever watched/read a sports anime/manga, so I'm not sure what this is about. The story is cheesy fun, but to be real, I'm in it for the pretty boys, and it's probably mostly going to be a stepping stone to Slam Dunk, which I suspect I would enjoy more. I just want more sparkly muscle boys right now.
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I didn't update about my last couple of days of vacation because not a whole lot happened? Just stayed around the house, only leaving to go on short walks and/or to go to the bank or store. I played some games, did some reading, watched some TV. Pecked away at the stock of sweets my parents gave me. Had some wine.

But today all the normal, everyday madness starts once again! I can't say I'm excited about working (I'm wearing all black to work today to express my mourning), but I honestly need something to do. I think it will do me good to get back to worrying about more than just what leisure activity I should spend my afternoon on, you know? I wanted a nice, lazy break and I got it, but especially these last couple days or so I got the feeling that if it continued much longer my brain would turn to complete mush.

Anyway, because my vacation was super lazy and I didn't get out much, I was able to do a lot of silly hobby things! Let's review, shall we?

Lazy vacation media round up )

Oh, yikes.

Dec. 24th, 2013 11:07 am
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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I feel like there have been so many talking points since the last did I manage to go five/six days without an update?

  • First, we have a Christmas-like tree! Came home from work Wednesday or Thursday night last week to find Katsushi had bought a small potted tree. Guess all my whining payed off? Hah! It has no decorations because the branches are a bit too delicate, but hooray tree!

  • Christmas lessons at work this year were such a pain. The crafts were so messy and two of three of my schools hadn't properly collected the necessary materials before them and put them all in the classroom, so I had to run around the school looking for them. Very stressful.

  • One of my schools particularly annoyed me last week because they threw some model lessons at me with little/no notice (READ: this is technically against the rules), one of which was with an 8/9 year old kid who bolted for the door every chance he got, meaning the parents stayed in the room for the lesson and had to hold him down most of the time. No joking or exaggerating, it was the worst model lesson I've ever had. -_-

  • Katsushi and I went to to see the new Ghibli film, Kaguya Hime no Monogatari, this weekend and I cannot express how lovely it was. The animation, music, and story were entrancing. It was such a moving piece of art and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it whenever it reaches your area.

  • After the movie we went to the book store, and amongst other things I got a really awesome book called Cookie Heaven, which is to be my cookie making bible, perhaps. I had a lot of fun looking through it page by page and seeing all the cookies I want to try making! YAY COOKIES!

  • And now for silly stuff! FFVI, Zelda, Nintendo )

Today is my last day of work before winter vacation. I have to go a little farther than my normal school today, and my shift ends slightly later than usual, which means I probably won't be home until around 11 tonight. That's a bit balls, but what can you do? I just can't wait to get it over with so I can enjoy my time off.
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Got through packing up the Kitchen rather easily. Now it's just the last little bits I have to take care of, which I will do tomorrow night/Sunday morning before the movers come. Yay! Went and picked up a Tempura rice bowl from the grocery for lunch, since I no longer have any ability to make my own food. Yum!

I've still had some down time during the whole packing process. In my free time this past week I've been doing a couple of things.
Talking about silly stuff )

Anyway, that's it for me today. Hope my friends in the US are having a good Thanksgiving! Be aware I am very envious of your Turkey and your stuffing and your pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays growing up, and it's the one I miss most and get the most homesick over now that I live so far away.


Nov. 21st, 2013 10:25 am
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I still haven't started packing! Ugh. Honestly it probably won't take much time, so I don't need to panic or anything, but compared to my last move where I was super excited and almost entirely packed by now, I feel behind. But I can't start. Because of nerves. Yay nerves! It's been so long since I've had pre-move jitters, but I guess this move is a particularly big deal so it's probably natural. I'm tired of living by myself, but I'm also afraid to say goodbye to this lifestyle. How does one live with others? I'm not sure I remember.

Anyway, the 23rd is a public holiday and it is falling on a Saturday this year. Sucks for the people that always have the day off, but it means a four day work week and a three day weekend for me! Yay! I've got a Thanksgiving party to go to on Saturday and a housewarming party on Sunday. Then Monday I will pack and try to enjoy my very last day off spent in my current place, because the following weekend is the move! It's going to be a good weekend, if not a tad bittersweet.

Other junk in the form of bullet points, as you probably expect from me by now )
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Can't believe it! October is always a big, exciting month for me with lots of things to celebrate. The first is today. I've officially been living in my current place for a year now! This is hands down the best apartment I've had in Japan and I'm quite happy here. I wish I had found it sooner though, because it doesn't look like I'll make it to a 2nd anniversary since Katsushi and I are planning to look for a place together pretty soon. That is exciting for sure, but I do love this place and I'll miss it when I move.

Weekend roundup! Aka food/booze )

Some other stuff:
Attack on Titan, Pokemon, and yay there's a Nintendo Direct tonight! )

La tee da

Sep. 24th, 2013 12:42 pm
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Another weekend over way too soon. :( I'm not really sure if I did anything significant with it, though. Saturday Katsushi and I had a nice but unremarkable dinner out, then Sunday we met again for dinner after he was finished with the family time. This time we found a strange little Mexican place that had really bomb rotisserie chicken. They served it with sour cream and some veggies and gave you tortillas so you could make tacos. The other things we tried off the menu were just okay, and the weird part was, despite an array of hot sauces, there was no salsa served or on the menu? What kind of Mexican place has no salsa? D: Oh well, def going back for that chicken. UNF!

That was only part of my Sunday, naturally. The time before and after I spent first, trying to start a new game to play, but that really didn't stick (I'm probably still coming down from Ni no Kuni and need a break?), so I spent my time rotating between reading Adventure Time comics, picking away slowly at a book about physics/modern science (THIS IS A SUPER SLOW READ BECAUSE SCIENCE IS HARD), and watching Irresponsible Captain Tylor.

Short Tylor babbling )

My Monday was a mix. The first half was SUPER PRODUCTIVE! Got all my normal chores done, then cleaned and organized my closet, including a long overdue paring down of old smelly shirts and such. Then after that I reorganized my bookshelf! Yeah!

The second half of the day was not so productive, however. Attack on Titan talk. A tad spoilery, so be careful if you aren't up to ep 24 )

That's about it for now! Should be a mostly calm week at work. No kids lessons through Friday! Whoop!


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