Sep. 4th, 2015

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The week progresses! I've been having fun, mainly with silly things. First off, WE NOW HAVE NETFLIX IN JAPAN. Service was supposed to start Wednesday, but they let people start signing up and watching Tuesday night. Best part is they are offering a free month! Sweeet! Katsushi and I have been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it has been awesome! The selection is still on the small size, naturally, but they have a pretty good lineup considering, so I am hopeful it's gonna turn into something great.

Other than that, I've been starting to plan my upcoming vacations!. I started collecting Okinawa tips from students the past few days, as it seems like most adults have been there at least once. Think that's how I'm mainly going to be deciding what I want to do. But also I'm pretty sure we're going to pick a very basic, vanilla tour plan for my first time. There are so many islands in Okinawa, but I think I just need to start on the main island and do the typical touristy things so that next time I'll be able to explore other islands.

And then there are my Tokyo Disneyland plans. Disney trip planning rambles )


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