Aug. 28th, 2015

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Finally took the pictures off my phone. X_X Managed to upload a trip photo album to facebook this morning, but haven't started working on entries here yet. I will get to it! Sorry that this is taking even longer than than expected, but it's been a week. IT'S BEEN A WEEK. Have some icky stuff going on, but I really don't want to focus on that right now. So, FUN/SILLY DISTRACTION TIME (hopefully next distraction will be vacation stuff. I do honestly want to talk about it):

  • I didn't really get up to much last weekend. Just walking around the surrounding neighborhoods and such. On Sunday Katsushi showed me a cool park in Esaka that has a cute little library in it. It was so cool! Monday after my family Skype chat I wandered around. I went to Umeda by myself and later went to a big electronics shop that had a Ness amiibo(!!!). I don't know how much I like the amiibo thing, but I know I adore Ness and wanted one since the beginning, but I thought it had basically sold out in preorder. I wasn't going to give the amazon eshop resellers the satisfaction of paying more than retail price, so I had given up on the idea of having one. So happy to have found it!

  • This weekend we're going to go to a Yoshitaka Amano exhibition in Kobe! So glad I caught an article about it this week, as Sunday is the final day. SO STOKED. I love his art and can't wait to see what's on display. Also keeping my fingers crossed for a neat print of some FFVI art or something in the gift shop.

  • The Dragon Quest VIII 3DS remake came out yesterday. My preorder is in the mail and should be here tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT. I've been in DQ hype mode for a while. At first just waiting for this game, but then also getting stoked about the DQXI announcement that happened while I was on vacation. Both the 3DS and PS4 versions look really good.

  • I've been playing Fire Emblem if still. Finished Birthright over the holidays and am now going through Conquest. Just S-Ranked/gay married Zero last night. It was...alright? Playing through Birthright made me aware I'm not really into the game for the coupling and other side stuff so much (I really just like the battles), so maybe that killed some excitement for me. I dunno.


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