Aug. 19th, 2015

The end.

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:24 am
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Today is the day I have to go back to work. Not looking forward to it, but it will probably be the only way to come back down to reality. I've spent the last few days since getting back to Japan getting out and walking around, reading, playing some games, spending some time with Katsushi, and fighting jetlag, but after three days I still feel like I'm floating through some half-reality.

Though walking around with your head in the clouds is probably a pretty accurate description of the experience of jetlag. Or, more truthfully, walking around with a cloud in your head. I dunno.

I haven't even taken my pictures off my phone yet, and there are too many clouds in my brain to really look back, process, and put into words the experiences of the past few weeks, but I do want to write something.

So, how about this: While on vacation and pooping around on twitter, pretty much the only social media I posted on (albeit at a normal rate for me, which is to say not all that much), I saw that some people are planning to launch a new, cartridge based "retro" system. Not something that you can plug your old SNES or Genesis games into, but a new system that plays its own games. The RetroVGS (Video Game System. Creative, yeah?). The Kickstarter should be up in about a month from now, and we'll see what they can do to convince people this is a good idea. I mean, it sounds nice in theory. A kind of hip, retro-ish system made and supported by fans that will be mainly (/all?) indie titles. Could be cool, but considering how limited in run it and its games could in all likelihood be, I could also see it turning into a system with a cult, yes, but elitist following made of mostly serious collectors. I could also see games selling out quickly and/or being preorder only, resulting in with crazy resale prices afterwards.

Hopefully I'm wrong about that last part, but that's all gonna depend on how successful the thing is. If the system and it's games stay reasonably priced and accessible, the RetroVGS could be an interesting system with a lot of potential. We'll see! I'll be following the kickstarter and press surrounding it closely, so I'll expect I'll be writing about it here again in the near future.


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