Jun. 10th, 2015

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Got the new phone set up the day after my last entry, and got a nice case for it on Sunday. Coming from an almost five year old iPhone 4, the difference is amazing. The size will take some getting used to in terms of carrying it around, but the actual screen size is so nice! It's so much easier to use the keyboard, and everything is easier to read (especially when surfing the web). AND YES YES THE CAMERA! THE CAMERA!

I made a Splatoon icon and I haven't even played the game yet! I'm getting pretty stoked about it though. I've been a fan of the art direction since the beginning, but was on the fence gameplay-wise for so long, but now that it's out and everyone on the web is talking about it I think I am ready to join in on the fun. MAYBE THIS WEEKEND?

In other to-do list news, I filed and/or sent off all my annoying gov't paperwork that needed to be done! This week I will try to get my time off request form for my trip home this summer filled out and signed by my school directors, and hopefully this weekend I can start to make headway on the rest.

So as you are all PERFECTLY aware I have been listening to nothing but Carlos Toshiki & Omega Drive recently, but yesterday I youtube'd Yoshizawa Kayoko to see what she was up to (last year I got hooked on her infectious Bishoujo) and looks like she released a new album a few months ago!
Snip snip )

Think I'm going to leave things here for now, but before I go, two quick notes:

1. E3 is coming next week and I want to do an entry this week talking about hopes/thoughts. BE READY FOR IT!

2. I've got a handful of new people because of my recent post in [community profile] addme and the friending meme, so I think I might do a quick intro if I have time this week as well.


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