Jun. 6th, 2015

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  • My phone was delivered at just before 9am on Friday, meaning it arrived about 21 hours after I ordered it. Shipping in this country is the BEST. Still haven't turned it on as the carrier switch hasn't happened quite yet. Hopefully that will be all taken care of by the end of today or tomorrow. Yay!

  • XSEED announced the localization of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no kiseki) this week! And they promised they would do the second one as well! Awesome! Legend of Heroes is one of those series I only started getting into this year, but it is quickly turning into a favorite series of mine. So cool that more of the games are making it to the west, as it's one of the best current JRPG series in my opinion. I've only played the series in Japanese so far and haven't gotten to this particular entry yet, so maybe I'll go for English version? Might be a nice break. I love these games in Japanese, but this is perhaps the most dialogue heavy series I have EVER played, so it might be nice to play one of them without worrying about brain exhaustion. Being able to read in English alone would probably shave my playtime down by a handful of hours.

  • Speaking of games, I am dragging along with Birth By Sleep. I'm nearing the end of Terra's story, but am currently irked because I want to get all the Xenohart reports so I can unlock Last Chapter after finishing everyone's stories, but don't want to bother with all the Mirage Arena nonsense. Ughghghghh.

  • Also speaking of games, and Legend of Heroes, I don't think I mentioned that I also have been playing Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) Second Chapter recently? It's my after work game, and I am loving it. More than Birth By Sleep, so this game is getting the priority. Estelle continues to be one of my favorite game characters EVER. I really want to make an icon of her judging-you face.

  • Another month, another batch of Big Bang videos, another chance to realize my fannish love of this group is coming to a close. WE LIKE 2 PARTY is cute I guess. Bang Bang Bang visually feels like Fantastic Baby, Part 2. Ehhh. Wish I could muster the enthusiasm to get into these songs, but I just can't.



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