Jun. 4th, 2015

...and my hair is cut! I went back to a local salon I checkout out once last year and it was super nice. It's a small, comfortable, personable place. There are only two stylists and it has a cool, wooden, vintage-y feel to it. The two stylists had changed (it's a sister site of a bigger salon in a different area, so people probably just got moved around), which was a bit of a surprise, but I think I like the new stylists better, maybe? The lady who cut my hair today was really easy to talk to and she didn't once give me that half-panicked, sort of awkward vibe I sometimes get when talking to Japanese people in these kinds of situations. She just treated my Japanese as a given and didn't praise me about it once (this may sound weird to some, but I really appreciated that). It was fun, and now my hair is short and ready for summer! BRING IT! I am feeling ~good~.

In other To Do list news, I got part one of my summer clothes shopping out of the way on Tuesday after work, replacing all my old ratty undershirts and getting a few other basics that were needed. Thanks, Uniqlo!

I also just ordered an iPhone 6 Plus? D:/:D!! )


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