May. 25th, 2015

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So a few days I suddenly got a message from an old friend from my college days, someone I hadn't seen or talked to since 2008, saying that he was suddenly coming to Japan on business. He arrived in Japan on Saturday and Sunday he was free to do whatever, so he took the Shinkansen to Osaka and Katsushi and I took him around the city. We started out having Okonomiyaki around Dotonbori, wandered dorky Den Den town, then walked to Shin Sekai and went to the top of Osaka's sad little tower, Tsutenkaku. To finish things off, we took him back to our neighborhood for Okinawan food at our favorite local restaurant.

This friend from college wasn't one of my close friends, just someone who was always around my third year. I lived in a big house that year and he, being a childhood friend of one of my roommates, was a constant guest. By this point in life I had mentally filed him away with the other old friends I thought were nice but would probably never see again, so it was a nice and pleasant surprise to see him and catch up a bit. Life is so funny sometimes.

I have to admit that talking to him also alleviated some of my BAD FRIEND WHO DOESN'T KEEP IN TOUCH guilt when I found out he hasn't talked to a lot of our mutual friends in a long time either. I am very aware that people scatter with the wind post-college and that I scattered a bit farther than most, but sometimes I like to be hard on myself and blame everything on me being a bad friend who also fails at facebook.

All in all it was a good day. And a long one. We were properly exhausted by the end of it, so I just want to spend today relaxing. So, I think I will leave it here for now. There is silly stuff to talk about too, I guess, but think that is better left for next time.


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