May. 8th, 2015

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Back at work now. Sad but definitely for the best. I was starting to feel a bit frustrated at myself that I didn't really accomplish anything or talk to many people over the holidays, so it was good to get back to my normal routines. My first day at work gave me a headache, strained my voice, and generally left me exhausted, but on the upside I slept like a rock last night and am feeling pretty awesome today.

So I never got to mention it in my previous entries, but I listened to a lot of Carlos Toshiki and Omega Tribe over the holidays, and this was my number one JAM of last week:

Uggggh. So good. SO SMOOTH. Carlos Toshiki was raised in Brazil, and Omega Tribe had some American members as well, which is pretty cool. Here's a song fronted by one of them:

SO AWESOME. I've just been listening via Youtube, but I am seriously going to have to start hunting down their albums. Can't find them at Book Off, but perhaps if I check out some of the music shops in Nipponbashi something will turn up.

(Sorry for the random, obscure old Japanese music, but they are just so rad I can't resist sharing!)

In less remarkable music news, my old kpop love Big Bang has finally made a comeback after only what, three years? I like LOSER enough, but Bae Bae is not really my thing. Wish I could be more excited but I guess I am too far removed from KPOP these days to care. I still like looking at Seungri's cute face, but I dunno, I just can't summon the energy to be excited about idol boys anymore. Maybe I'm just getting too old? XD

As a final note, did anyone hear how Nintendo is going to develop attractions at Universal Studios? Maybe it just means some cheap tie in junk, but I would love a Mario Kart ride or something of that sort. How fun would that be?


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