May. 1st, 2015

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So Golden week is off to a pretty good start. The first day we went to a party at Sachiko's house, which was full of good food and good company as always. Also adorable kids. I gave Chihiro a stuffed animal of the lion from Madagascar that I got back in the States and he LOVED it. So cute, that one.

The next morning my Wii U Xenoblade X bundle came. It ate less of my day than I thought it would (I am very concious of the time I spend playing games when I use the TV now, and kind of get stage-fright if Katsushi is watching XD).

Xenoblade X impressions and pics )

Enjoying my Wii U quite a bit too. The gamepad as a controller is kind of hefty and UGH THE BATTERY LIFE, but I was also able to play Panel de Pon in bed because the signal reaches that far I guess (perks of living in a small place?) and that is awesome. Think I'm still going to play my Wii U games on the TV, but that gamepad screen seems perfect for Virtual Console stuff.

Yesterday was a failure in terms of getting out of the house, but today I managed to get out for some VERY IMPORTANT wine and coffee shopping, with some equally important goofing around at the bakery, Book off and Uniqlo. Gonna try to get out a little bit each day for the remainder of vacation if I can, even if just for a little bit.


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