Apr. 28th, 2015

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Had a nice, relaxing weekend. My friend Donna came over Sunday afternoon. The excuse was to watch some Full Metal Alchemist, but in the end we just snacked, drank Sangria, and chatted. It was nice. Monday was really simple, and I kind of didn't leave the house? Didn't even realize it til now. I spent my morning chatting with the family on skype, mainly making plans for the Disneyland stretch of the trip. We have officially decided on three days in the park. Disneyland on the first and third day, California Adventure on the second. My sister and her husband will be joining us on the California Adventure day. I'm so excited!

Other than those two things my weekend was a mix of Xenoblading and reading. Katsushi bought some massive, convenience store editions of Naruto manga (such editions are commonly sold on the cheap, a mix of older and newer titles, often used as a promotion for upcoming movies/events), and I started reading the first, 700 page brick yesterday. I haven't given much thought to Naruto in ages, but I did enjoy it for a bit in high school and it's giving me some nice, fuzzy nostalgic feelings. Don't think we'll be reading this through to the end, but it's fun for now.

The weekend is over and I have to leave for work pretty soon, but once my shift is finished I'm off again because Golden Week will begin! Going to a party tomorrow, but other than that my schedule is pretty open. Here's hoping my week will be fun and relaxing. :D


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