Apr. 18th, 2015

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Oh gosh, am I exhausted. The first week of new classes really takes it out of you. I've been coming home super tired every day, mentally and physically. The upside of this is that I've been sleeping pretty solidly. The downside is that Katsushi has started to get pre-cold symptoms recently, and I woke up this morning feeling similar. Thanks, weakened immune system. Think I'll be taking it VERY easy this weekend.

So, I've been debating whether I want to try to go home for summer or not since February. I'd been leaning towards not going lately because the yen being weak and only predicted to get weaker is not comforting. But, I was feeling homesick yesterday and saw a decent price considering the time frame (traveling in and out of Japan is generally bonkers in August) and, I dunno, kinda just said f**k it. Because I really did want to go, and every time I told myself I didn't, I knew deep down that wasn't true.

This is an important year for me, the year I turn 30 goddammit! I'm going to let myself have fun. I'll treasure the memories more than the little bit of extra cash. 2015 can't be awesome unless I let it be, so California here I come!

It won't be the typical trip where I spend a bunch of time lazing around at home though. I think I'll be out and about most of the time. The definite plan is to spend a week in Lake Tahoe with my parents, and I also really want to get down to Disneyland for a few days. I'm so excited about this that admittedly I followed some Disneyland twitter accounts this morning, and I've also been checking out some Disneyland blogs. It's the park's 60th anniversary this year, so seems like a perfect excuse to go, no? And I still haven't seen California Adventure since they redid and added a bunch of stuff, so I'm excited for that, too!

So, yes, I am very excited right now! This should give me a nice push to get through the next few months, and hopefully should keep me pretty positive in spite of the soul crushing summer weather. I can't wait!


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