Apr. 10th, 2015

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I am currently in the last few days of the weird between-terms period at work. I had to go to HQ for a few days of training and that was generally awful. Training was repetitive and exhausting and dealing with large groups of other teachers gets harder every year. These past two weeks have also offered me a chance to get a bit acquainted with the new school I am at this year. One of the staff reminds me a lot of my friend Keiko from college, so much so that it's kind of throwing me off. Should be an alright school, but I suppose I won't know for sure until a few months down the road. My favorite thing about the school is that it is two or three blocks from a huge bookstore, and I imagine I will head in early from time to time to look around.

Last weekend I went out for dinner with Melissa and her ex-students (if anyone remembers, I also went out with them near the end of last year). We went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, where everything was wonderful as always. At one point we were talking about travel and someone was all like "Let's go to Taiwan together!" and now it kind of seems like I might be going to Taiwan in October. I don't know how serious they are, but yay?

Those who follow me on twitter probably saw already, but last week I retweeted the article In Celebration of Old School Livejournal. The article itself was good and I can relate with many things the author said, but I think I found the conversations going on in the comments even more interesting. One comment in particular really resonated with me:
Writing on the Internet did not feel like as much of a performance back then as it does now. I confess I have never really figured out how to grow my Internet-self beyond what it was in about 2005. Livejournal was so formative to me, and yet it ruined me in some ways, too.

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