Mar. 30th, 2015

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Been having a pretty decent weekend, even if I feel a bit lacking in the sleep department. Recently I seem to be sleeping better on workdays, having no trouble being in bed until (/or until slightly after) my alarm, but come the weekend and it seems like I wake up WAY BEFORE and can't get back to sleep. What is up, self? Is this the "adult" version of staying up late or something? Gotta get my extra hours of "fun" in somehow, I guess.

That aside, the weekend! Saturday after work my Japanese teacher threw a party with some students at the restaurant of a previous student of hers, a Turkish man trained in Italian cuisine. The result was a nice mix of European/Mediterranean food that was all quite good. And there was hummus. THERE WAS HUMMUS! The company was interesting, too. Melissa went with me (she started taking lessons with my teacher a few months back), and we got to chat with a couple from India, a South African who travels Japan teaching and performing traditional South African music, and a Jamaican born, MIT alumni from New Jersey. It was a good night.

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