Mar. 23rd, 2015

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Nearing the end of a three day weekend, which is sad. Saturday was the Vernal Equinox, which is always a public holiday here for whatever reason, so I got to take the day off work and extend my weekend. It's been a good weekend for me personally, with just the right balance of getting out, productivity, and rest.

Saturday Katsushi and I went to Osaka Castle Park and wandered around, then went out for Nepalese curry and nan. Additionally I got to stop in at Kinokuniya, which is having their annual foreign books bargain sale. Yay reading material!

The only downside of Saturday was a mixture of not having slept well Friday night, feeling dehydrated, and ALLERGIES. It wiped me out, but gave me tons of motivation on Sunday to run all my sheets and blankets through the wash and then give them a solid once over with the lint roller. We did a bunch of other cleaning yesterday, and the apartment is feeling much more livable. Oh, allergies. I hate you, but at least you are making me more thorough about household chores.

But anyway, back to Sunday. Also got out of the house in the morning to buy some new headphones, as my previous pair bit the dust last week. I've always been the sort to go for the cheapy ones, but this time I let myself spend a little more (not a crazy amount more, mind you, just an extra 20 or 30 bucks than I usually let myself spend) and the difference is HUGE. The sound is so much fuller and balanced and it's so much more satisfying to listen to music now. UNF.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably not much more than a bit of reading, red wine-ing, and perhaps finishing up Sora no Kiseki FC (I'm on the final dungeon!). No biggie though because that sounds fantastic.


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