Mar. 5th, 2015

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So, on Monday Katsushi and I went to Namba for lunch at a little pancake cafe. It was alright? I had pancakes with nuts and caramel syrup, Katsushi Quattro Formaggi style. After decided I wanted to go to Nipponbashi/Den Den Town/Dork Land, but Katsushi said that place tires him out, so he went home. That was fine with me, because honestly I enjoy going to dorky shops on my own anyway. Mostly just wandered around looking for the PSP Lunar Silver Star remake, but unfortunately struck out. I did, however, find the Sora no Kiseki (aka Trails in the Sky) complete trilogy set for PSP for a super good deal, and being on a high from my newfound love for Legend of Heroes, couldn't pass it up.

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In other, more important news, I got my draft schedule for the new academic year! Change always fills me with apprehension, but perhaps especially after this year. There were some bumps as always, but overall this was my favorite schedule I've ever had, and that said, I was honestly kind of bracing myself for disappointment. After an exceptionally good year, things can only get worse, right?

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Anyway, this entry has gotten waaaay too long, so I'm going to end things here. This Friday night there is another Xenoblade X stream, so super stoked about that! Be ready ( avoid?) my rambles about that next time!


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