Mar. 1st, 2015

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Felt really exhausted after the end of the work week. It wasn't a particularly rough week, maybe it's just the awkward time of year (temp fluctuations from winter and spring duking it out)? I dunno. Woke up this morning feeling kinda bad, so Katsushi insisted I just take it easy today.

Some points of discussion:

  • Finished up Zero no Kiseki last night! I had so much fun with the thing that I didn't really want it to be over. There is a direct continuation, Ao no Kiseki, but I'm currently battling with myself over whether I think I should try to undertake it now, as XENOBLADE MONTH draws so near. Zero took me close to 80 hours, and I hear Ao is even bigger a game. Playing that right before two massive games, plus the fact the last couple games I played (P3P, PQ) were also quite massive as well, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to play something a bit light this month instead. But on the other hand, if I don't do the sequel now I won't get the chance for a while. CONFLICTED.

  • Last night Judge! was on TV. It was a pretty silly movie, but for some reason made me feel kinda sad. The main character is treated like shit and taken advantage of by the people he works with (such is the premise of the movie, essentially), and basically everyone in the movie is an asshole or gleefully dense. Even though the main character gets a kind of hollywood ending (helps do the right thing at the international competition, earns the respect of many, gets the girl etc), the people that took advantage of him in Japan are still shitty people who will probably try to take advantage of him again. :/ But whatever, it's just a comedy (and not a particularly smart one), right? That's not the point, right? Right?

    In any case, it starred my boy Tsumabuki Satoshi, who was as cute as ever. Plus there's a scene of him in nothing but his undies, which I suppose is all one really needs.

  • Spanish review on Duolingo is going well! I'm on a ten day streak, so yay to that! The same time I started doing duolingo I also thought I'd try to reteach myself the hangul alphabet and listened to a couple Talk to me in Korean podcasts, but that's not going well. Haven't touched it in a week. Think I'll just focus on Spanish for the time being.

  • Been reading FMA this afternoon. :D Decided to start the series over before going on to the new books I picked up last month, but with the way Zero no Kiseki CONSUMED ME that month, didn't make much progress. But with the game done, now I can! :D

  • My gmail has been a mess for years (partly due to me being lazy, and also because back when I used an email client/program to check my mail, me deleting it off my PC's inbox somehow didn't translate to it deleting from my web inbox), and I had quite an intimidating amount of stuff tucked away in my "All Mail" folder. But today I went through it all, picking out the few emails I needed to keep and deleting the rest. This amounted to 5 or 6,000 messages getting the boot. @_@ It was a pain in the ASS, but my inbox has been completely cleaned out and I feel great about it!


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