Feb. 20th, 2015

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So, life. I dunno what's really going on with that. We're getting near the end of the school year here. I probably say this every year about this time, but man, did the year ever move quickly. There were hiccups as always, but overall this is the best work schedule I have ever had at this job, and as such I am bracing myself for the impending disappointment when draft schedules for next year are released.

I just went back to blocking some game news websites on chrome. Just...need some space. It sound kinda silly, but recently I've been feeling kinda stressed out with, like, ALL THESE NEAT GAMES I WANNA PLAY but knowing I don't have time for them all, and I feel like that kinda...ruins the point of a leisure activity? Work, bills, relationships, life, etc have every right to stress me out, but why the hell should my hobbies do that? THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Just want to go back to enjoying what I want, when I want, at a pace that works best for me.

Speaking of games: Haven't talked about it much, but I've been playing Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution for the past three weeks and it is really...fantastic. It's a huge game, and def self classified as a story RPG for a good reason. THERE IS SO MUCH DIALOGUE. I'm not complaining, though, as it's a fantastically written game, and the characters, despite being typical JRPG archetypes, are extremely lovable. The music is pretty rad, too.

In other things, I joined Duolingo on a whim today. Will I keep it up, or will I only last a week? I DUNNO. But I have been saying I want to un-forget all that Spanish I used to know for quite a while (maybe not around here, but in conversations), so maybe that site can help me do that? We'll see. Seems like a cool system, but my only issue is that there are only western languages. Are there any similar programs that offer Asian languages? I think it would be pretty cool to try a bit of Korean and/or Chinese.


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