Feb. 11th, 2015

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Had a pretty good weekend, I suppose. Sunday Katsushi went with his family to visit his grandma, so I was on my own. I went to Umeda and dropped in at the bookstore, and on the way home I dropped into my local second hand store and someone had brought in a bunch of the Full Metal Alchemist volumes I'd been waiting a long time for. I was almost ready to give up, but I'm glad I held off. My patience paid off in the end, and now I have a stack of FMA to read!

Monday was a pretty relaxed day too. I went with Katsushi to Esaka for a bit, as he had to pick up some papers from his now former employer. After that we went to Volks, which is a chain place that has a soup and bread bar that is AWESOME. Ate ALL THE BREAD.

Tuesday was an easy day at work, and now it's Weds and I would be at work, but it's a public holiday! YESSS. When I got home from work Tuesday, I found that Katsushi had rearranged our living space yet again, and was dead set on getting a little table, so this morning we took the first shuttle bus out to IKEA. We were able to get brunch there and wander around quite easily, as the morning is the only time it isn't a complete madhouse. We got our table, and I also got some cloth box/storage/fake drawer things for the closet. My old ones were getting a bit ragged (I had inherited them from an old coworker, and had been using them for four and a half years), so it was time!

When I got home, I spent the next few hours arranging everything. I'd been itching to do a bit of rearranging/spring cleaning/item culling since getting back from the holiday vacation, and this was the perfect opportunity! There was chaos at first (as there always is), but everything has been reorganized and neatly put in its place, and it feels nice. I even made a little section of my bookshelf to display some of my game stuff, which I'd been meaning to do for a while. I also now have a little pile of stuff to throw out/recycle, and a bigger pile of stuff I can take in to a second hand shop. Yay!

The rearranging has left me a bit worn out, though, so I think I'm gonna take it easy the rest of the day. Books and games, here I come! Ughh, I love this mid week holiday stuff. If only there were more!


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