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something something extraordinaire ([personal profile] nintendoh) wrote2015-09-28 04:07 pm

Proste an entry

Friday night there was a HEY! HEY! NEO special (a one-time spin of HEY!HEY!HEY Music Champ, aka the Japanese music show I watched as a teen) on TV introducing rock bands young people like these days. Most of the stuff was just like "???" to me, but still led to a youtube-y night with me, myself and beer the next day. Kinda falling for the band Alexandros because they are fun and beautiful and have a bit of an international flair to them. The vocalist spent a good chunk of his childhood in Syria, and the bass player did likewise in the States. I am becoming more and more of a sucker for stuff like that, because I dunno, I can relate to it I guess. And good English in Japanese pop is such a rarity.

This is probably a good representation of them. It's fun and feels super ~young~ and is entirely in English!

...though honestly I currently love this one the most. SUCH CATCHY POP.

Speaking of catchy pop the new Sakanaction song is quite good. And the video is amazing:

In other things...not much? It was a pretty tame weekend. Not much but the full moon making me all moody and the fact that I beat DQVIII and started Lunar 2. Yaaaaaay?

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