Nov. 6th, 2015 12:11 pm
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God. I really want to update but I can't really, like, form an entry. I am feeling vaguely well this week. I've been feeling vaguely well since my birthday, actually. It's kind of funny. Before I turned 30 I thought a lot about aging, and also about what the hell I even DID with my 20s. I went through a couple months of close-to-depression PANIC, but once the birthday happened I was just like "Oh, okay."

When I talked to my fam on skype close to my birthday, my Aunt was there and she joked, "Now you are legitimate!" It kind of really feels that way though? Speaking from the viewpoint of social society, one's late 20s is a weird place to be. You are old enough where you feel apart from youth culture and trends, but you are not old enough to be "taken seriously" by, uh, more seasoned adults?

For my birthday a friend of mine in her 40s gave me a nice bottle of sake and was like "Now that you are 30, you should only drink GOOD things." Maybe this sounds silly, but it was like that sake was The-Teaching-Of-The-Secret-Handshake. With the sake came my membership to the proper adulthood club, or something. Real adults see me as their peer! 20 year olds look at me as this weird adult-like-blob whose time on earth and various experience they can't fully comprehend (not speaking down, just remembering how I felt at that age)! Neat!

Listening to some New Order this morning thanks to a recc from one of my favorite youtube channels*. I don't know much about New Order, admittedly, as even during my faux-hipster phase in college I think I was too preoccupied with Depeche Mode or that one Cure album or something. Anyway, not listening to their older stuff, just the latest, but I quite like it! Especially this track:

* As a side note: Sometimes feel like I want to address youtube channels again. In the past year or so my fav channels have switched from major gaming channels to minor ones with a focus on discussion. Might be interesting? Or not?
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  • Super good vibes from the salon I went to on Sunday! It's a cosy and friendly place. When I was setting up my appointment on Hot Pepper (an online salon search and booking service) I noticed how in Japanese they noted that English conversation was a possibility and that foreign guests were encouraged to come. That in Japanese part is important, and when I got there the stylist told me his English was shit, so we just talked in Japanese. Still, I like the idea of going to a place that doesn't panic at the sight of foreigners. I'm happy with my cut and happy with the price (had a coupon from hot pepper, yay!). I will definitely be going back!

  • My date with Donna was pretty fab too. Donna was kinda low on money so we mainly just wandered around Umeda and talked rather than doing any sort of activity, but talking was what I really wanted to do. I bought some kaiju stickers because I thought they were kind of adorable? When I got home Katsushi informed me they were from Ultraman. I had no idea!

  • Read that Earthbound book from the storybundle and I'm not sure how I feel about it? Not long at all, but cut just in case )

  • I have had this song stuck in my head since last Friday.

    I keep singing this to Katsushi, haha. This song's base is the Angela Aki song Kokuhaku, which is also pretty nice. This makes perhaps the second song I've ever heard by her? Should probably give her a better listen some day.

  • Kids classes start from today! Surprisingly not that nervous yet. These last couple weeks were nice, but I guess it is time for the normal madness to start again. Hopefully things go well!
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Hmm. I haven't felt like I have much to say this week. Or, actually, that's not exactly true, as I do have some more topic-y entries forming in my head...I just haven't really thought about writing them yet. So instead, have some notes about things that don't matter:

  • The Ranma Blu Ray set I preordered has apparently come in and possibly shipped from RightStuf? I didn't think it was out until the end of the month! It doesn't make much of a difference, as I'm having it sent to my parents house and will either pick it up next trip home or have them give it to my brother in law to ship next time they see him. But yay anyway! Yay Ranma! Viz released an unboxing video this week and I downloaded a youtube region unlocking plugin just to watch it. So excited!

  • I bought oatmeal at Costco last week and I've had it for breakfast a few days this week and unnnnf oatmeal! It had been way too long. Such a good way to start my mornings. :D Think I'm going to make some oatmeal cookies in the next few weeks as well.

  • Continuing on with Gravity Rush and having a blast. Finding that I enjoy flying around and exploring much more than the combat aspect of the game. So much fun!

  • Started watching an Australian game hunting show this week and it's alright, I guess, but what leaves the strongest impression are the hosts. Less in personality than who/what they resemble The main host looks like Thor, and when I first saw the cohost Kane, I thought he looked like someone who would be a top in gay twink porn and now I can't unsee it. X_X
  • Getting back into the swing of things at work. It's been pretty smooth so far, but I do have some potential kid challenges coming up today. Fingers crossed it all goes well. X_X

  • Speaking of work, I have an adult student I see most Tuesdays who is heading to the bay area for a few weeks on business sometime this spring/early summer. He tasked me with getting restaurant recommendations from my parents based on where he's staying, and instead my parents offered to take him around SF! When I told him this he acted really surprised and maybe even a bit freaked out. I totally expected this, so I told him just to think about it for now, but I think it would be cool if he took them up on the offer. I think it would be a lot of fun for both him and my parents!

  • Finished Ender's Game last night, and just kind of lied in bed thinking about it for a bit after. Criticisms about the author aside, I really did like the book and its themes. I will definitely be adding the next book in the series to my "To Read" list.

  • Preordered the first set of Viz's Ranma Blu-Rays at Rightstuf. Pretty damn excited about it! Also excited to see what ~exclusive gift~ will be. I ordered it within a day of Viz announcing it on their twitter, so hopefully I'll be eligible!

  • Been catching up on my retro game shows on Youtube, and started watching another Game Chasers-ish show called The NES Pursuit. The hosts are kind of hipster-ish and super LA, which has it's good points and bad points, but it's promising enough. The hosts are a bit easier to swallow than the Game Chasers, and I'm noticing the editing slowly improving as I watch.

  • Watching all these Retro shows is making me want to see what Flea Markets are like in Japan, and I found out there is a big "Garage Sale" event at Expo Park this Monday (which is a public holiday). Gonna see if I can't talk Katsushi into going with me! This being an outdoor event in Japan, I'm sure there will be good and unique food vendors if nothing else, so I hope to check it out!
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I mentioned last entry how I was being slowly embraced by this cold, yeah? Well, I ended up losing my voice Thursday night, so Friday I was forced to call in sick. I always feel super guilty calling out, but once the call is out of the way I tend to get really excited and enjoy the day. Unexpected day off, yeah!

The day amounted to much Pokemon time, where I spent tons of time maxing out my main team's affection levels on Amie, and tearing through a couple gyms (3, 4, and 5 seemed super close together considering how spaced out 1, 2, and 3 felt!). Yay!

I also watched a bunch of episodes of The Game Chasers, which almost feels like a guilty pleasure more than anything else. It's shot like a reality show and follows two guys who go retro game hunting at pawn shops and flea markets and stuff, and is a lot more entertaining than you would think. The two hosts and the small cast of reoccurring guests are real characters (that Dodongo guy....Jesus), the show is full of sarcasm and reoccurring jokes, and the editing and production is surprisingly good. It's not exactly high brow stuff, but it's the kind of thing that's fun to marathon a few episodes of before bed when your brain is slowly shutting off. As reality TV goes.

Anyway, it's Saturday morning now and my voice is in much better shape! Hurrah! Now off to tackle a full day of kids class presentations, singing with preschoolers, and conversation lessons with adults! Hope my voice can survive!
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This first week back at work has been going quickly, thanks goodness. It hasn't been as hard as I was expecting in terms of getting back into the teaching lessons thing, but I've had to get used to the energy required again. Also, jet lag has been making the last two or so hours of the shift harder than usual. So sleepy! Other than work, I've just been getting by, trying to get back into normal eating and sleeping habits, and spending too much of my free, waking hours before work playing Ni no Kuni, which I am having a blast with.

I've also started getting into another youtube show recently about retro games and the like, which I usually watch over lunch. The channel is called Metal Jesus Rocks and as you'd expect, the host is a 40 year old dude with long hair that loves metal and video games. His tastes don't match up with me as well as Happy Console Gamer's, but I really love his personality. He seems like a really nice guy, and actually reminds me of some people I know/used to know. He's got a pretty unique perspective, as he worked for Seirra On-line in the 90s. Hearing about him talking about his experiences there and PC games of the 90s in general is fun. I like the history of the earlier days of the game industry more than I like retro gaming in itself, so channels like Metal Jesus Rocks and Happy Console Gamer are a lot of fun for me, and kind of educational! In a way.

Anyway, one of the things I like about Metal Jesus Rock's channel is that he has a couple of regular guests who help him do some of his features. Probably my favorite of these features is Gamer Eats, in which his friend Drunken Master Paul comes on the show and they make food "for gamers," which usually results in some silly, slightly scary concoctions that look like instant heart attacks but possibly good in a guilty pleasure way. The most terrifying one in the series is the Ramen Lasagna, but I think making these pastry pockets would be fun! If I had an oven, that is.... ;_;

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Strange week, this one. But I'm getting through it! My cold has gone, like, 100 percent to my nose. Mucus! Mucus everywhere! I feel like it's been dulling my ability for my brain to function. Like, really. I've been putting 100% in at work, but outside that...what have I even been doing? I dunno, just dicking around the internet? I feel like I can't get anything done. Yaaaaay, mucus!

Yesterday was one of those days. Like, not bad. Not bad at all. But everything was weird and slightly off. From the morning I woke up until late in the evening. But it was interesting! I kept forgeting things and there were weird scheduling uncertainties at work and some crying baby, but it was cool. I got a new private student yesterday. A 13 year old girl with a mental handicap (or whatever the PC term is for this is these days I am sorry). She is simultaneously a bit tough to work with and SUPER CUTE. Also, my adult group class Thursday nights are a really fun group, so yay! They always make me feel happy.

Other tidbits:

Kyatto-Ninden Teyandee! Games! Youtube shows! )


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