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It's been almost two weeks, y'all, and I am sorry about that. Very very sorry. This is probably the longest I've gone without updating (bar the times I've been out of country) since I first signed up for LJ in 2003, and that is incredible.

Okinawan beach!

Okinawa was wonderful. I've dreamed about going there for so long that I worried my expectations might be too high and I'd come home disappointed, but I am happy to report that did not happen. Conversely, the trip left me in love, and I'd love to go back next year if I can pull it, either exploring more of the main island away from the city or going to some smaller islands. Katsushi's friend there was really friendly and a wonderful guide. She was so easy to talk to, it felt like I made an immediate friend.

Since getting back, I dunno. I think I spent much of last week in Okinawa withdrawals, recalling the beautiful scenery and listening to sad Okinawan songs. And also deep in thought about life-y stuff and internet-y stuff. My mind feels kind of full at the moment, but I don't really know how to put it into words, so we won't talk about it as of now (but know that such thoughts are probably a contributing factor to my recent semi-disappearance).

Last weekend included the 23rd, a public holiday that 'MERCAN people in Japan usually use to celebrate Thanksgiving since it always falls pretty close to the actual holiday, so we went to my friend's annual party. Had a couple bites of turkey and it was pretty okay I guess, though the two people I usually talk to the most at these parties couldn't come for various reasons and it was a little lonely.

It is officially the holidays. I am hearing Christmas music, seeing decorations. My family will be here in about four weeks and, I dunno, I should be starting to feeling excited but instead I am starting to feel stressed. Ughghgngng. I'm sure it will be fine though. Having them here should be fun, and even if it isn't, the Disneyland trip is two weeks after they leave and that can function as my reward for surviving.
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Perfect storm of events recently. I guess. The past week has been terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Had an unexpected medical thing come up all of a sudden last week and I was on medication and in relative discomfort, and stress from that incited heat rash or something similar (in Japanese it is called 汗網. Katsushi pegged it and the doctor at the clinic confirmed) ALL OVER my legs and lowerback and/or stomach and/or waist and since Sunday have been feeling like I may or may not be catching a cold. So you could say that physically I have been fucking out of it. Sorry for that f-bomb, but it's been an f-bomb sort of week.

I was pretty miserable at work last week, but my main medical thing seems about done and I'm finally out of meds, so even though I have the threat of a cold I am feeling pretty good and am celebrating with a beer, cuz I REALLY wanted a drink over the weekend but couldn't. Katsushi is conveniently having dinner with his family tonight, so along with the beer I am blasting Perfume and will probably do similar with old KPOP because I am a gay boy with needs.

Oh, but the perfect storm. The perfect storm! Despite the constant physical discomfort, life has been pretty good otherwise. Katsushi and I, along with my friend Donna, managed to get to the Yoshitaka Amano exhibition on it's last day at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe. The exhibition was amazing. AMAZING. Naturally there was a whole room dedicated to his Final Fantasy art. Got to see the original painting of the iconic cover to Final Fantasy VI, which was almost overwhelming. But his other work was so impressive. I never realized how detailed and layered his paintings are. I bought a book with every piece (plus extras!) from the exhibition that I will treasure forever. Only the final room was okay to photograph, and I posted the main piece of art displayed there (that was the central piece for the branding of the exhibition), on my twitter for those interested. The museum was surprisingly awesome, too, and in a few weeks they are opening an exhibition on manga, anime and video games, and yeah NO WAY I AM MISSING THAT.

After the museum we went out for lunch and had some delicious Japanese food and then tea and cake at a Fujiya (cake shop/restaraunt owned by the people who make Milky candy!) and talked a lot. And as a result of all our chatting Katsushi, Donna and I (and anyone else we can find) are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland early next year! YESSSSSSS! With this, my America trip under my belt, and my tentative Okinawa trip coming this fall, seems like my 30th celebrations will be lasting at least half a year. BUT WHO CARES. YOU ONLY TURN 30 ONCE AND I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Monday was a down day, cuz DAMN THAT PRE-COLD LETHARGY. But I got to relax at home and play video games and such so all is good. SPEAKING OF GAMES, Dragon Quest VIII arrived Saturday and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Not graphically up there with the PS2 version from what I've seen, but I never played it so I don't really care. It's fun, and it's been a great companion (along with FEif, which I will probably continue to plod through in the background over the next couple of months) during my rest/brain dead time.

Anyway, here we are. It's Tuesday, and I am sitting by myself sipping beer and listening to old Big Bang (THE KPOP IS HERE) and getting excited. After work I stopped in at Umeda and picked up an English language book ALL about traveling through Okinawa (NEVER THOUGHT SUCH A BOOK WOULD EXIST, BUT IT DOES!) and a Japanese book of tips to survive the Tokyo Disneyland experience. There are 66 tips, which is kinda funny, but hey, it's not a taboo number here so whatevs.
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I'm a week into my vacation now, and I realize I haven't really written anything since last Sunday. I just couldn't really get myself to. I dunno.

Sunday through Wednesday )

Thursday Katsushi and I got up early and took the first train to Kanazawa, our mini-vacation destination! We didn't go to Kanazawa immediately, though. We got off the train a little before Kanazawa, then took two different local trains to get to a shrine in the middle of nowhere Katsushi wanted to visit. It was a pain in the ass to get to and I got on Katsushi's nerves with my whining. Haha...? D: But despite my negativity on the way there, it was actually worth it.

When we got off the second train, we were in a rural town surrounded by lush greenery. From there we walked 2ish kilometers to reach the entrance to the shrine, at the base of a forest covered mountain. After passing through the gate, we followed a moss covered path up the mountain to reach the temple.

 photo kanazawa01_zps2f9d0613.jpg

It was a beautiful place. The humidity in the forest was nuts, though, as was the number of mosquitos. Had to fight them off numerous times! Including when I took this picture. Damn thing landed right on my hand as I was framing the shot!

Continued talk under the cut )

Katsushi goes back to work on Monday, but as things stand, I've still got a little over half of vacation left myself. What will I do with my remaining time? Not sure, but I'll probably have some days out by myself. Might visit Kobe, might visit dork land (Den Den Town), will definitely be making a trip or two to the bookstore, should probably get a hair cut. We'll see!
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Exciting weekend! It all started with me going over to Katsushi's place Saturday night. His mom took us out to dinner at their local Fugetsu (an Osaka Okonomiyaki chain that is probably my fav). I spent the night there and Saturday night Katsushi and I headed off to Ise. We had to take a special express train about an hour and forty minutes out of Osaka to get there, passing through a lot of country side and some mountain towns as well. It was really pretty! Living in what is probably Japan's ugliest city, it's nice every once in a while to be reminded that Japan still has a lot of places that are beautiful, lush and overflowing with nature. :D

We went to Ise to visit the main Shrine there, which is the biggest in Japan. Katsushi and his family go every year. Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of the sights, really. We ate some good food!

...and here they are! )

My only souvenir was a fuurin (Japanese style wind chime/bell thing), as I've been meaning to get one for a while. I got a metal one and the chiming sound is beautiful.

I had a nice time, but man, did the trip wear me out! I crashed at 10:30 or so Sunday night and as such was up by about six today. Got all my cleaning done by 8am, talked my parents, then lost my mind, took a trip to Yodobashi Camera, and bought a PS3. Wish I was lying, but...I'm not. Whoops?

haha hello PS3 )

Looks like Katushi is on his way over. Undoubtedly because he wants to see my new toy. Looks like I need to sober up from this wine I've been sipping all afternoon...and quick! Also why does he do this after I've started making dinner (for one) I have to suddenly rethink things! D:
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Hey guys. I'm back in Japan now. I intended to update once or twice while in California but that really didn't...pan out. Sorry about that. I guess I needed a vacation from this place as well.

Being at home for the holidays was fantastic. So much quality time with my cats and my family. With Katushi and my sister's boyfriend there as well our time together produced a special kind of squishy feeling in my chest that maybe I haven't experienced before. I taught Katushi the merits of an American sandwich and in a joint venture by me and EVERYONE we were with, the wonder that is California wine. We ate tons and I def gained weight but he didn't because UGH JAPANESE BOYS AND THEIR METABOLISM.

We were mostly busy doing stuff and eating so I didn't get to do any book reading like I wanted, but I did read the Nausicaa manga (dat new Viz special Edition...UNF). I also beat Bravely Default after an impressive 95ish hours.

Today is going to be a lazy day because 1) JET LAG 2) My Blu Ray player comes today! So excited to start picking away at all those Cyber Monday purchases.

And HEY, DW, HEY! I overestimated the amount of money I'd need on vacay, and as such I had the extra money to finally purchase a paid account! I also bought a rename token because despite liking my current name, don't think it fits me, persay. Currently accepting ideas!
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So it's looking like I'll be spending a week in Tokyo over the summer holidays with my training group buddies Shelley and Donna, as well as Donna's roommate Sam. I had been wanting to go to Hokkaido, but I had no one to go with and am a terrible travel planner anyway/am better off tagging along with other people's plans, so Tokyo it is!

The main event that Donna and Sam originally planned the trip around is Comiket (website : English / Japanese), a massive anime/manga event that seems to be centered around doujinshi. Not something I know tons about, but should be good, nerdy fun! Also extremely busy. Hopefully we'll see some good cosplay and what not.

Other than that it looks like we'll possibly go see Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, the Tokyo Skytree and an assortment of themed cafes (Butler Cafe, Gundam Cafe, Alice and Wonderland Cafe, a Treehouse Cafe...). Additionally I will probably try to see some of the typical Tokyo sights I haven't seen yet (Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, etc...) and will probably try to meet up with Keiko, Makoto and maybe my old college Japanese teacher if I can.

My experience of Tokyo before this is quite limited, just a day in Shibuya/Harajuku, an afternoon in Akihabara, and Tokyo Disneyland when the parents were here. I'm guessing a number of my friends around here have spent more significant time in the city, so...any suggestions?

Golden Week

May. 7th, 2012 07:41 pm
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Tomorrow I start work again. Golden Week was alright, I guess, other than the little health thing. Here's a breakdown of events:

bullet points under the cut! )

All in all not bad, I guess. Can't say I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that's me and everyone else at the end of a vacation, am I right? Hope you all are doing well!


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