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Just heard that there is a 4th Tenchi Muyo OVA in the works. Hesitant after Ai (granted I only watched an episode or two, but from what I remember it was pretty trashy), but from the teaser images it looks like they are using the classic designs so it does have that going for it (the Ai redesigns were awful). I never actually watched the 3rd OVA, so if a 4th is released I'll guess I'll have to do get on that...

Also heard via [personal profile] illusion_is_mine that Utada Hikaru is releasing a new album next year? I guess this was announced at the time she announced the birth of her child (lol yay for not reading her announcement the whole way through, cuz I DEFINITELY remember her talking about her kid...haha). So belated reaction but YES YES YESSSS. Maybe it is just my age and not really "getting" most of what is popular with the young folks here these days, but it does feel like there has been a gaping void in mainstream jpop since she removed herself from the scene. Def looking forward to her album, but not expecting this to be her restarting her career/going back to regular activity. With her kid being a baby still, I imagine she'll just release a video, drop the album, maybe appear on a few TV shows then disappear for a while.

I imagine we won't see much activity out of her again until KHIII. Or at least I hope. I thought it was confirmed a few years back, but turns out it was a misunderstanding. Still, I think and hope it will happen. If Square Enix went with someone else, it just wouldn't feel right, you know? If they can't get her to write a new song, I'd rather them just remix one of the other two songs. DON'T WANT NOBODY ELSE.
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  1. Last night I went out with my friend Melissa and the part time staff at my fav school. When Melissa still worked for my company she got along well with this staff member, but they hadn't seen each other since Melissa quit, so I thought I'd reunite them. We went to a small place they was all stylish and had some pretty tasty western food (highlights being their homemade sausage and a gorgonzola pasta). We were at the restaurant for close to four hours chatting. So much fun!

  2. The Xenoblade X livestream Friday night was great! Was hoping for a little blip at the end about Xenoblade 3D like happened last time, but no such luck. With less than a month less before release, I think it there is now officially a 0% chance of a pretty Xenoblade limited edition LL model. I wasn't exactly holding my breath, but there was a small part of me still kinda crossing my fingers for a surprise announcement. There IS going to be a Monado kisekae plate, however, so I am probably gonna be getting that (if I can locate it at a shop, as preorders on amazon sold out in a second and I am not paying those ridiculously inflated prices those scalper jerks charge) plus the standard size, white new 3DS model.

  3. I finished up my rewatch of Invader Zim this week. It was a show that started out really strong, but kind of felt worn out by the end? Here's to hoping the upcoming comic takes it's cues from the earlier half of the series rather than the latter.

  4. This morning I started rewatching the Tenchi Universe TV series! This is the ultimate nostalgia bomb for me, as it was the series that really got me into anime (I loved the Tenchi series in general, but it was this incarnation in particular I adored and watched endlessly), and despite its obvious flaws cannot see it as anything but delightful. It is wedged too deep into my rose tinted past and I cannot be objective about it AT ALL. Though that's part of the fun for me now, I guess. Used to watch it fairly often when I lived in the States (JUST GOT CRAVINGS SOMETIMES), but this is my first time since moving to Japan, somehow. This rewatch will be the BEST. It is long overdue and I am way excited.

Anyway, with a social Saturday night out of the way, think I'm gonna let this Sunday be deliciously slow and lazy. Lazy Sundays are the BEST!


Sep. 4th, 2014 09:49 am
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  • Went ahead and preordered the 3DS version of Smash Brothers this morning. Can't wait! We are so close in Japan. SO CLOSE.

  • Been reading as many articles and opinions as I can about the new 3DS, the latest being a Japanese article giving some first hand impressions. They seem pretty happy with it, and that makes me excited. So much indecisiveness over what model I like better though. With the old (is that what we should call it now?) models, the LL/XL was clearly superior, but with the new models I don't know? They both look pretty good to me.

  • There were some pre-Tokyo Game Show announcements the other day, some of which were pretty fun. Most excited for the Ys game. Looks perfect for the Vita. Liked that there was a Persona 5 teaser as well. The new protagonist's design is pretty cute, but I'd like to see some gameplay footage soon.

  • Finished with my previous book, Fun, Inc., and now I'm on to The Power of Habit. I still have about 2/3 of the way to go, but it's already making me think how I can work some better habits into my daily routines. I'll be reading this book VERY carefully.

  • On a final note, a few months ago I mentioned that there was a new Tenchi series coming this fall. They've been releasing character designs lately and they are...really disappointing. You can see the main girls' designs here, and Tenchi + some new characters here. Ugh. :/ I want to like this series, but I don't know if that will be possible.
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  • Been kind of experimenting with cutting back on coffee. I've only made coffee once or twice in the past week. Been finding it pretty easy, actually. It's still entirely possible for me to start my day without it, so yay! It's good to do this before summer, because it's easier for me to accidentally drink to much when it's iced, which can lead to some, um...not so fun trips to the toilet. D:

  • Played a bit more FFXIII yesterday. Still kind of confused. Admittedly I had to read some stuff on the FF wikia, 'cause like, they've been spouting names of groups and stuff since the start and I didn't really get it all. I have no problem with actually reading katakana, but when there are tons of made up terms spelled in katakana in a story they tend to all sound alike to me and I have a hard time distinguishing between them. The more a story uses these kind of terms (rather than using pre-existing Japanese), the more everything starts sounding like gibberish to me. X_X

  • Ughh, I've gotta get going on my taxes, guys. The two month automatic extension expats get makes me even lazier. It's been hanging over my head for months, but now I've only got a few weeks. Why do I always put it off? It's not like my taxes are even that HARD. *shakes head*

  • Watched an interview show that Tsumabuki Satoshi was interviewed on recently over lunch today. Such a cutie. :3

  • Anyone hear the news that a new Tenchi Muyo series is in the works? Just 5 minute episodes, so I'm sure it's nothing much, but still...not sure if I want this. I love the OVA (series 1 and 2, anyway. Still haven't gotten around to 3...) and Tenchi Universe series unconditionally (my gateway series...), but I do think that it is very much a product of it's time and should probably just stay a part of 90s anime history. Don't expect this to be good at all, but I'll probably check it out anyway, cuz at least it's actually Tenchi Muyo and not one of those awkward, vaaaguely connected spin off series.
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So, back to work with me today. Still feeling jet lagged (though not as bad as yesterday, maybe) and feeling very poo-y about going back. I really can't complain, though, as a three week vacation is pretty darn long. It's about time to start earning a living again. Today will be tired and awkward, but hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things by the end of the week.

So guys, my Blu Ray player! It is here and it is awesome! I got a Sony model that plays region A Blu Rays (America and Japan's region) and is region free with DVDs. This model, if you are wondering. It works beautifully so far. I love how blu ray players make DVDs look a bit better, too. Everything looks magical.

First thing watched on my player? Tenchi, of course! )


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