Sep. 25th, 2015 12:50 pm
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I've been a bad DWer recently. Feel eternally behind on checking my list, and realized today I haven't even updated since last Friday. I've been busy, but happily so. It's been a fun and eventful week, with lots of stuff to share.

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  • For the past week or so there's been a little black spider in the apartment. I don't think Katsushi has noticed it (it doesn't show it's face much in the evenings when Katsushi is around), but in the mornings I spot it on various walls and ceilings and such. When it first appeared on the living room ceiling early last week, it kind of freaked me out. Didn't really feel like hunting it down, though, so I let it be. With each passing day, though, my reaction upon seeing it went from "AGH! It's still here!" to "Oh, so there you are!" Kinda feels like I have my own little eight legged buddy/roommate.

  • KHII! I put a solid chunk of time into it Monday and got through the beginning bits. The game definitely suffers from a slow start. I mean, it took about 5 hours for me to get to the point where it felt the game actually ~began~. But the slow start did leave me with feeeeeeelings about Roxas. It's still too early to know how I feel about the game as a whole, but I am enjoying myself for now.

  • Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, been listening to the first piano album on youtube the past few days and it's sooooo good!

  • Casually stopped crossposting to LJ a week or two ago? I just don't see the point anymore. Most of the people I was crossposting for when I started using DW have either come here, update on only the rare occasion, or just don't update at all anymore. Somewhere over the course of this year I started to feel I didn't have anyone I interact with there anymore and, despite knowing there are still people around if you look for them, kinda can't muster the energy. I rarely even can get myself to log in to LJ anymore. Sad times. Really sad times. But the seungry account I made after retiring my first was meant to be transitionary and...purpose served, I guess.

  • Dropped the programming class today. :( Had to be done. I feel guilty, but also kind of freed.

  • I don't think I've mentioned it around here in recent years, but in the early 2000s I was a reeeally big fan of TechTV (still can't forgive Comcast for buying and destroying it). One of the major figures from the channel, Leo Laporte, went on to make This Week in Tech, a popular podcast that also seems to have spawned a slew of web shows on its site twit.tv. Kinda brings me back to the good ol' TechTV days. I was just browsing and found they have a Coding 101 program! Think I will give that a watch. Maybe it will prove a good learning experience, or at least help motivate me to continue studying.
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Well, made it through the week, meaning my summer vacation from work has begun! No more work until the 19th for me. :D

Other than the angst of the last f-locked entry, this week has been full of little things that are pretty alright:

  1. Started watching a bit of the Patlabor TV series. PATLABOR<3

  2. Finished Radiant Historia! Went for the full effect and unlocked all 236 events on the timeline. True ending: GET! I had a lot of fun with the game. I really enjoyed constantly moving back and forth in time and between the alternate timelines.

  3. Finished up my programming class! Did the last chapter's assignments over the week and took the final this morning. Pretty happy with myself on this one. I've got another starting next month. It's another beginner's class using the same language I've been studying (Python), but where the class I just finished was rooted in data analysis, this one focuses on interactive programming. According to the course description, I will be able to program a game (albeit a basic one, I'm sure) by the end of the course. Very much looking forward to that.

  4. Had my annual health check last week, and I guess things were alright? I hated not being able to eat until the afternoon (the appointment wasn't until 2pm), but other than that it wasn't bad. People were nicer and less robotic with me this time.

  5. It was the boy's Birthday on Friday. I bought a delicious roll cake from the nearby cake shop, but have yet to get him a gift. I have no idea what to get him and he's really not helping. X_X. Speaking of the boy, he's started orthodontic treatment recently? He got braces on his molars last week. Eventually he will get them on his front teeth too. There's a reason they are waiting on the front teeth, but I don't really understand it. Anyway, it's definitely having an affect on what/how we eat.

  6. Recently one of my schools has been playing this song in the lobby and it's so silly and awesome and I love it. How come I didn't know about this song years ago?

Hope you are all having a great day.


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