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It's been a while since I've had the chance to post about a Nintendo Direct and I am excited, because it was a pretty decent one that def exceeded my expectations (though to be fair I didn't really have any?):

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Anyway, that's all from me for now. Just have one more day at work then tomorrow is Okinawa! Yay!
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  • Katsushi finalized some paperwork and put our Key money and all that down. There's no going back on the new place now! :D

  • Speaking of this, guys, I feel like making November a "Let's translate junk!" month was a mistake, especially since I knew the likelihood of moving in December was high. I've been so absorbed in thoughts of moving that I didn't even think about this week's article to translate. Might have to put this stuff on hold until the new year. I imagine I will only be getting busier as the month progresses, and December will be full of settling in stuff. Way to not think things through, self!

  • Yesterday I had do go into HQ before my shift for a workshop that was mostly the big wigs doing business speak at us. That in itself wasn't so bad, but the people around me were kinda shit. I got there pretty early, and I sat down at an empty table. As everyone else came in, I was surrounded by bros at my table, and was subjected to talk of fantasy football, endless whining, and even a "Stay in the kitchen, woman!" type of joke. The other tables had a good mix of people, why was it only mine was shit? D:

  • I beat Pokemon over the weekend! Yay! Started some post game stuff but I'm not sure how much farther I'll get into it? I'm not interested in most of the stuff that seems to be available, to be honest, but maybe I'll pick it up from time to time.

  • Been playing some Chrono Trigger on the DS this week, and am liking the port quite a lot. This will definitely be the version I play from now on. Played through the original earlier this year, but am enjoying this playthrough even more. Love my SNES era RPGs. <3

  • Didn't touch my computer on Weds or Thursday this week. Another effect of the distracting website ban, I think. Pretty weird for me, but I like it! Might have to make a computer free day or two a weekly thing!
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Yay, November! So glad it's here. I do enjoy October because it feels like the time when fall really settles in (both in my heart and the climate) and because of my birthday, but my dirty, curmudgeon-y secret is that I really don't care for Halloween. And, other than the free candy, haven't since the time I was a kid. It never made much of a difference, as it's relatively easy to avoid. Until my current job, that is, where it means a week of halloween lessons and events for kids. But now that is all past, and I can now have two months of Christmas decorations, music, and the like. Other than Japan's incessant spamming of George Michael's Last Christmas, I am completely okay with this.

The winter holidays are actually feeling very close, even though the reality is we have about 7 weeks or so. But that really isn't all that long, and in this particular period between Halloween and Christmas, time always seems to move faster than normal. Meaning it's almost vacation time! ...In my heart. So excited!

 photo HNI_0022_zps253e5250.jpg

Haven't talked about my Pokemon progress for the past two weeks, but I'm currently on Victory Road! :D Feeling pretty ready to take on the Elite four, so I will hopefully be doing that after work tonight or sometime over the weekend.

Pointless entry is pointless, but perhaps this will be a more regular thing in November since I'm not allowing myself to use my normal time sucking websites. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I don't know!
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I mentioned last entry how I was being slowly embraced by this cold, yeah? Well, I ended up losing my voice Thursday night, so Friday I was forced to call in sick. I always feel super guilty calling out, but once the call is out of the way I tend to get really excited and enjoy the day. Unexpected day off, yeah!

The day amounted to much Pokemon time, where I spent tons of time maxing out my main team's affection levels on Amie, and tearing through a couple gyms (3, 4, and 5 seemed super close together considering how spaced out 1, 2, and 3 felt!). Yay!

I also watched a bunch of episodes of The Game Chasers, which almost feels like a guilty pleasure more than anything else. It's shot like a reality show and follows two guys who go retro game hunting at pawn shops and flea markets and stuff, and is a lot more entertaining than you would think. The two hosts and the small cast of reoccurring guests are real characters (that Dodongo guy....Jesus), the show is full of sarcasm and reoccurring jokes, and the editing and production is surprisingly good. It's not exactly high brow stuff, but it's the kind of thing that's fun to marathon a few episodes of before bed when your brain is slowly shutting off. As reality TV goes.

Anyway, it's Saturday morning now and my voice is in much better shape! Hurrah! Now off to tackle a full day of kids class presentations, singing with preschoolers, and conversation lessons with adults! Hope my voice can survive!
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Still pokemon-ing away! Still haven't got my 3rd badge yet because I keep farting around and such. Oh well, it's fun and I'm in no rush to finish!

 photo HNI_0013_zps12bf8970.jpg

This is me in the game as of right now, trying to make my best of the limited clothes and accessories available to me. I guess one motivation for me to move along the story at a faster pace would be more shopping, cause I want my avatar to be super cute!

Someone did a buzzfeed list about my university and it's making me nostalgic and giving me pangs of longing, because, more than the college, that town and surrounding area was just a really wonderful place to live. I couldn't return to my early 20s, college lifestyle even if I wanted to, but if I ever found myself living in the area as an adult I think I would really love it. Thinking about it, since I lived there for just under 4 years in total, my time in Japan has officially outweighed my time in good old SLO. Weird!

I am being slowly embraced by this cold. I've been treating myself really well this week, though, so I am hoping that is softening the impact. Also, I said it before, but it is finally starting to really feel like fall here, and maan is it brightening my mood. I'm just so happy that the hot, humid weather is finally gone! It's also made my eyes set on the holidays. So excited for sweaters, christmas music, hot cocoa, mulled wine, and other holiday-ish treats. Still have over two months, but the countdown to the winter holidays has already begun!
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Saturday after work Katsushi and I met up with Melissa, a buddy of mine here in Japan who I guess you can say I look up to. We hadn't seen each other for almost a year, which is pretty unbelievable, so we had lots to catch up on. I felt a bit bad for Katsushi, because while we did both switch to Japanese at times to include him in the conversation, we talked a lot (very quickly) in English, so I don't think he could catch a lot of the conversation.

Sunday my copy of Pokemon X arrived! That basically ended my weekend, as I spent the majority of my free time from then through Monday playing it.

Thoughts! Got a bit longer than I was expecting.... No spoilers, probably! )

In other, happy news, the weather seems to have finally settled into fall for good! It's actually a bit chilly at night these days! Last night was the first time I slept under my comforter in a long while. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning! I don't sleep as well during the summer, so I'm looking forward to staying in bed longer and getting better sleep from now on! In less happy news, probably because of this change and all the usual work/public transportation risks, I appear to be coming down with a cold. Boo! T_T


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