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It's been a while since I've had the chance to post about a Nintendo Direct and I am excited, because it was a pretty decent one that def exceeded my expectations (though to be fair I didn't really have any?):

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Anyway, that's all from me for now. Just have one more day at work then tomorrow is Okinawa! Yay!


Nov. 11th, 2015 12:28 pm
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  • Got New Order's new album Music Complete off iTunes over the weekend and I adore it. Def will have to get off my ass and look into their back catalog.

  • Started (re)reading the Evangelion manga, with hopes of finally reading the last couple of volumes. Also considering a rewatch of the TV series and movies. The next (and final, right?) movie is coming out pretty soon here, and I need to get myself stoked!

  • Katsushi and I finally sent off the two boxes of books to Book Off that we put together ages ago. I sold my Japanese Ranma manga, y'all. Still love the series, I just need some space (both in a mental and a physical THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH SPACE ON MY BOOKSHELF sort of way).

  • I will be in Okinawa in three days! Hear it's going to rain Saturday but trying not to think about that too much.

  • Fell off course in coursera. Not going to be able to complete the CSS3 course. Way to go, self. :/ I should try to catch it next go around. Or the one after that, cuz let's be real: As the holidays approach it's only going to get harder for me to focus on academic pursuits.

  • Oh my...did Nintendo just announce their first direct in almost six months? I will definitely be setting my alarm early Friday morning so I can get out of bed, shower and make some coffee before the 7am start time. Not going into this with any expectations, really, I just want to enjoy the experience. It's been so long!

  • Related to the Direct, a stranger jumped down my throat on Twitter over a tweet I made related to it this morning. After I responded he apologized immediately, because it was honestly silly. It was quite timely for me though, as it kind of illustrated a point brought up in an article I read over the weekend, The Decay of Twitter.

Oh gash

Nov. 5th, 2015 09:31 am
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It is so easy for me to get behind on updating recently. :/

Notes on the last week:

  • Halloween was survived. Got through my kids classes in the same half assed costume I've been doing for years, and Halloween night was spent indoors. Katsushi wasn't feeling well and I was tired so we actually went to bed early. Haha.

  • Took a little trip to dork town by myself Sunday. Went early to try to avoid crowds (Sat and Sun there can be nuts) but there were still a lot of people. Didn't get anything, but enjoyed wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere at the retro game shops. Also got to enjoy seeing a real doll (one of those life size, super fancy sex dolls) in public. ON THE STREET. Someone was pushing it in a wheelchair.

  • Monday I took a big walk around the neighborhood. Goal one was to get a bottle of wine for a party (we'll talk about that later) and the other was for NERD SHOPPING. Originally I was just planning on getting a game or two on the Wii U virtual console that day, but the eshop was under maintenance all day, so instead decided it was time to take the plunge and actually play other Wii U games, as I've had the system for about 6 months and still haven't felt really good about the purchase (Xenoblade X wasn't for me, and while Splatoon is awesome, the level of play online got way too advanced for me).

  • We'll come back to the game stuff in a sec, but first: Tuesday was a public holiday, and we went to a party at my friend Sachiko's house. So much delicious food was had, and playing with Sachiko's son Chihiro was really fun. He's almost three now, so he's talking a lot now and isn't as shy as he used to be. Also got to pet a neighborhood cat for a while. It was so cute!

  • So, Wii U: I got Super Mario in 3D World! I spent a good amount of time going back in forth between a few games at the shop, but in the end knew this game HAD to be first. 3D Land is one of my favorite 3DS games and World is just as great. It's probably even the better game because you can play as TOAD. AND THE CATSUIT IS AWESOME AND ADORABLE.

  • Also may have gotten the R.O.B. and Duck Hunt amiibos. Haha... But they are so cute and retro and I actually do like using them in Smash, so maybe I will actually try to use them? Katsushi says I am getting obsessed with Amiibos. I beg to differ, but I do have 5 now, and when I saw my local shop still had Dr. Mario, I was like "Hmm, next time?" so I dunno, maybe he is right.

  • Other than Mario, I am also playing Ao no Kiseki Evolution on my Vita. It's the sequel to Ao no Kiseki, which I played back in February, and it is wonderful. It is a bit slow going as of now, but it's fun to wander around. I really love the Legend of Heroes games. Def my gaming discovery of 2015 and are now an all time favorite series of mine. UGH. Speaking of which Trails in the Sky SC is out in English now, so y'all should play that (but do FC first, naturally).

  • Netflix did a November update I guess and they added Princess Bride! I basically ignored Netflix in October, but this is the perfect excuse to actually watch something on it (and hopefully get to some other items in my to-watch list).

  • Feeling settled into my new twitter account now, which is good. Feels nice to be free of the old one. But man, getting people's attention when you weren't a super active user before is tough. I've managed to get most people, but there are a few who either haven't noticed my HEY NEW ACCOUNT tweets and my new account adding them, or maybe they just want to silently unfollow me. I dunno. But I'm done advertising. They can search me out if they want to.

There is more I could feasably talk about, especially commenting on fannish articles/news I've heard recently, but next time! This is long enough as is. This is why I need to update multiple times a week. Don't care for these walls of bullet points. :/
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So, cold recovery isn't going quite as quickly as I planned. I have had a pretty cush week at work, so I thought that would help me regain my energy, but I'm still finding myself pretty tired at the end of the day. Not exhausted, but definitely tired. I'm kind of regretting floor tickets for Sakanaction now (cuz oh yeah THAT IS TOMORROW). Having an actual seat to park myself would probably be best, but it's too late now so I'm just gonna have to stand the whole time and hope it goes well.

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On a final note, some fannish ramblings:

1) There are a lot of Nintendo-related articles and rumors circulating recently. I hope Nintendo comes out and addresses fans soon. People are saying a Direct is inevitable in the next few days because I guess there is some MAJOR maintenance happening on ALL online shops in a few days that implies, perhaps, the new account service they promised us this fall? And then there are the game rumors and such. We'll see. I'll be keeping a close eye on twitter this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. I understand continuing Directs will be difficult without Iwata. He had an irreplaceable presence that cannot and should not be imitated. But a pre-holiday season Direct is overdue, so Nintendo needs to get over it and just give us one. They might stumble through the first batch trying to reimagine and perfect their approach, but that is okay.

2) Got through episode 10 of Haikyuu!! this morning. This show, I swear. It can be SO MELODRAMATIC sometimes, and I find myself giggling at some of the drama and dialogue, but at the same time getting kind of emotional in spite of myself? There have already been a handful of times I've found myself tearing up. I am a cheesy and sentimental guy, but I blame the music too. The music they play during the wondrous/emotional/inspirational bits is SO GOOD and it totally manipulates me into feeling whatever they want me to feel.


Sep. 25th, 2015 12:50 pm
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I've been a bad DWer recently. Feel eternally behind on checking my list, and realized today I haven't even updated since last Friday. I've been busy, but happily so. It's been a fun and eventful week, with lots of stuff to share.

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Secondly: Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, has passed away. Really sad, but it makes the events of the past few years make sense. He was obviously seriously ill, despite the fact it was never talked about directly to the public. Sad news. I really liked him. Rest in Peace, Iwata-san. (Just heard about this as I was finishing up the entry, but thought it should be mentioned. Perhaps I will write about this more later when I have the time to organize my thoughts.)

Saturday night I took some staff members at one of my schools to my local Okinawan restaurant. It was a lot of fun! The food and spirits were amazing as usual, and I got to hear a lot about what goes on behind the scenes.

Sunday Katsushi and I went to Costco with Melissa and her husband Keita. We both had Costco memberships in the past but let them expire, and recently decided to just share one (since each card allows two additional guests, it works out pretty well). Didn't get much, but all of what I did get was exciting. Split some brownie bites and Pace Picante sauce (I KNOW IT'S TRASH SALSA BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE. FRESH IS HARD TO COME BY HERE) with Melissa, then got some pretzel rolls (UNF) and...HUMMUS! HUMMUS! THEY FINALLY CARRY HUMMUS! I have been waiting so long for this. SO LONG.

The rest of Sunday was spent kinda just lazing around and eating and playing games. And talking about games, can I say what an anomaly Persona 4: Dancing All Night is? Feels like a game that shouldn't exist, but I am really glad it does. The contrast between the uber poppy, anime visuals and the legit electronic remixes (they got a bunch of well known Japanese DJs to contribute tracks) is so over the top and ridiculous but also awesome? This is a game fully aware of how campy it is, and that makes everything SO MUCH BETTER.

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I read Earnest Cline's first book, Ready Player One, a couple years back and thought it was fun, summer-blockbuster-ish fare. Nothing deep, but silly and enjoyable. Perfectly paired with popcorn, and maybe a notepad so you could look up some of the 80s stuff it was referencing afterwards. He has a new book coming out in a few days, and ohhh man, this review kinda rips it apart for overbearing nostalgia pandering and glorification of "gamers". It is a fantastic read and I suggest that you check it out, even if you aren't interested in the book. Love the conclusion: Ouch )

Oh, nostalgia. How I love you, but how damaging you can be. I have definitely spent some time thinking about this before. Nothing is wrong with nostalgia in theory, but how much is too much? How to we define what is simple appreciation and enjoyment, and what is just trying to recapture what can't be recaptured about our youth? Where do we draw that line? I want to appreciate the past and not be stuck in it, but I think I often am. How do we keep that appreciation while not letting it hinder us moving forward?

In other silly news:

1) WEATHER. We had a hot May, a cool June, and a cool first week of July, but as of yesterday we are officially into the icky part of summer. It's hot and the humidity is so high it feels like we're all swimming through the air. And when I took the trash to the curb this morning I heard the cry of the Cicadas for the first time this year. SUMMER IS HERE. *cries*

2) Last week Nintendo had a sale on refurbished 2DSes on their online store, and the price was so good I ordered one. I'll pick it up when I'm on holidays. Got a Crystal Blue model, one of those very game boy-ish, semi-transparent plastic models they released over the holidays. I've been thinking about doing this for a year or so, and am so excited! Now I can finally play US region, English 3DS games! Gonna have to stock up on Adventure Time and indie eShop games when I'm home in the States! Anyone have any suggestions? We don't get, like, ANY of the western indie titles here. What do I need to check out?

3) So completely out of the loop that I didn't know Depeche Mode and Kate Bush had new albums out? And by new I mean released in the last 5 years, sorry. I don't know how to music anymore. Anyway, gotta look into getting those!

4) I have icon'd my favorite Estelle face. ALL IS WELL.
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  • SOCIAL/FOOD/WEEKEND STUFF SUMMED UP SUPER QUICKLY: Saturday went out straight after work and ate Thai food with Melissa and our new friend Preeti. We went to a little Thai/Malaysian place Preeti and her husband go to all the time and the food was fantastic. FANTASTIC! The next day I went with a mutual friend to see my friend Akiyo and her husband. We went to their house and had Oden and chatted and drank wine for hours. It was so nice. SO NICE. Monday Katsushi and I walked to Esaka and had Korean food for the first time in AGES. Had avocado and cheese bibimbap that was AMAZING.

  • Been thinking a lot about life. Reminding myself of the perhaps cliche but true saying that people are a sum of their experiences. Using my approaching 30th as an excuse to reprioritize, I want to work on this more. I am a homebody and naturally introverted and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I feel like I need to work on balance.

  • Also been thinking more about my future as far as work goes. I thought about this too much last summer, to the point of depression. But last time I was focused too much on the traditional meaning of success ($$$) and what other people would think of me (status?), but this time I want to avoid that at all costs. I guess that is tough, but I dunno. Somewhere in the past 3 months I actually have seen the seeds of interest in something just kind of come out of nowhere, completely from within myself. Maybe it was always there, I just never gave it the attention for it to flourish? All I know is that it is completely mine and uninfluenced by anyone (this part is extremely important for me). I haven't talked about it to anyone yet (not even Katsushi), but it might be a topic to breach when I am home over the summer holidays. It would involve more schooling, for sure.

  • Put my name in for the pre-order raffle to this 30th Super Mario Brother's Anniversary Concert. Send me your good vibes, everyone! I'd love to go, but have no idea how popular this is going to be and therefore don't know my chances of landing a ticket. Thought it might be nice to celebrate my 30th with Mario, and they are hinting at a guest appearance by Mr. Miyamoto, which would be AWESOME.

  • GAMES GAMES GAMES: I got my preorders of Fire Emblem If and P4: Dancing All Night In. I've played them a bit, but not enough to make solid impressions. FE seems good and if nothing else the music in P4 is phenomenal, but I don't know much about the games yet. First I need to focus on finishing Trails in the Sky SC. I'm in the final dungeon and need to finish that first! Not in too much of a rush, because I am pretty sure these two new games will keep me busy for a good long while anyway. Who cares if I have to wait another week or so?

  • Slowly warming up to the new Big Bang stuff. Let's blame my emotional state this weekend after the gay marriage thing. Because that makes sense. Somehow. But really it does. I was recently thinking about my general lack of gay role models throughout my life, and how in my early to mid twenties these boys somehow became a kind of replacement for that. Weird, but it happened.

  • I've been looking at houses back home since my mom sent me that link. Depressing torture, perhaps, but I can dream, right? I'd love to have a home (or something that really feels like it?) of my own someday. Just don't know where it would be or what shape it would take.
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    Feeling like I want to cut back on internet use lately. Feel like I waste a lot of my mornings just bumbling around the web doing nothing. Like, I'll get my laptop to browse/check things while eating breakfast/drinking coffee at 8:30 or so and then suddenly it will be 11:30 and my morning will be gone. I need to give myself better things to do in the AM and should be more vigilant about making sure lazy internet time is limited.

    Going with this line of thought, I decided to get off my ass and sell my Wii and old 3DS this morning! I was putting it off because I knew I had to set up the Wii one more time to revert it to factory settings (I'd soft modded it to play imports and emulators, so I needed to erase the evidence) and just couldn't be bothered, but today I was like NOPE JUST DO IT. Took them both to my local shop afterwards and bam! Gone! Unfortunately Wiis aren't worth much anymore, but I did get a pretty fair price for the 3DS. Now I have another thing crossed off my summer to do list and little extra money in pocket. Hurrah!

    In other random news, a friend tagged me in a "Top 6 Album" meme thing on tumblr and I have no idea how to handle it. 6 is a weird number and my music tastes have changed so much over the years and so have my favorites. How do I even answer? 6 influential albums over the course of my life? My 6 favorite right now? I have no idea how to choose and honestly I'm kind of in a phase of life where I don't really think about music in that way. Don't really want to rank stuff, so maybe I should just skip it. But the person who tagged me is a person I really liked from the the LJ days and we've sort of been falling out of contact since she went tumblr-only. I really appreciate that she thought of me so I kind of want to do it just so she knows that. ~Dilemma~

    Also, I guess same-sex marriage will be an option in the new Fire Emblem game. Pretty cool, but when you read the article it seems it is actually pretty limited. There are only two gay characters you can partner with. One guy, one girl, and they are in different versions of the game. Better than nothing, and it is nice that Nintendo is acknowledging the need for this, I just worry that the characters will be the kind of yuri/BL tropes/stereotypes that are not actually representational of and made for queer people themselves, but rather made to cater to the fantasies of straight young people (side note, but this is why I usually don't touch yaoi). Anyway, gonna hope for the best and take the gay marriage routes anyway. Hopefully the gay characters will prove popular and create more demand for such options.
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    So yeah, Nintendo was underwhelming. Kinda leaves the impression they are gearing up for NX and slowing down game production/leaving the Wii U to die. We've got a couple games to keep us for the next 8 months or year, but after that? I dunno. Zelda will probably be the last big first party game, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets the Twilight Princess treatment. :/ Oh well.

    I think the big announcements are pretty much over, but I am still waiting for the PS4 game Level 5 is supposed to announce. Has that happened yet? I have not heard anything. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Ni no Kuni 2!
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    So E3 is almost here! The conference is next week, and I am feeling the hype! I'm not going to "predict" anything, because I think that just sets oneself up for disappointment and/or failure. Just going to talk about hopes.

    Cut for length! It's in short bullet points though, so hopefully it is easy enough to read X_X )

    Whew, that turned out longer than expected! I could probably think of more if I wanted to, but I think that is enough. Really excited! Unfortunately the Nintendo Presentation is 1:00 am Japan time, and the Square one is 2:00am. That is too late for me. WAY TOO LATE. So I won't be able to watch live this year. Bummer, but maybe I'll make up for it by getting up early the next day and watch them before the internet spoils the surprises for me.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. What are you all excited about and/or hoping for?

    Wind Gauge

    Jun. 2nd, 2015 08:23 am
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    A weekend was...had? Nothing too awesome to report, but it was a fairly nice weekend nonetheless. The previous weekend was pretty exciting, so I'm not going to let myself feel bad about relaxing this time.

    Sunday I got out and walked around the neighborhood. The main goal was to pick up some beer from the big liquor shop with all the import stuff, and while I was out I checked out a couple of the game shops to confirm to myself that yes, Splatoon appears to be sold out everywhere. Glad it's a hit, but man, I'm kind of kicking myself for canceling my preorder now.

    Beer in hand, I headed home. Relaxed a bit, cleaned a bit, then poured myself a beer and settled in for the Sunday Nintendo Direct. It probably would have been more awesome if I was a Monster Hunter fan (they announced two new games?), but it was still pretty great.some quick thoughts )

    Monday was super lazy. At first I thought I'd try to get out after Skyping with my parents, but 1) I slept horribly Sunday night and 2) the afternoon was pretty hot, so couldn't find the energy or motivation to do anything. So instead I just stayed in. The plan was to get in a nice nap in the afternoon, but I just ended up playing games in bed instead. Whoops.

    Back to work now! And life. I've got a bit of a mental to do list for myself that has been slowly forming these past few weeks that I finally need to start tackling. First step is a haircut, so I booked myself an appointment for this Thursday! Next will be filing my taxes with the US government (I get a 2 month extension as an expat, hence why I still haven't done it). The list goes on, but these two things first!
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    • Youtube is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! Nuts! Does anyone remember what they watched the first time they used the site? For me I think I followed a link to a video of the Polysics' I me me mine PV in what was probably fall 2005, feeling completely baffled by the idea of streaming. I remember thinking "Wait, so it loads on the page? And when I close it, it's...gone? And I can't download it? Why can't I download it? I thought I was going to be able to download it! D:" At first the videos were small and low resolution, yet I remember often still having to wait a bit for it to load before trying to watch. Now 720p HD video loads faster than I can watch it. It's amazing how far streaming has come.

    • I started Birth by Sleep Final Mix this week! I'm doing the least interesting guy (Terra) first because I guess that is what Nomura suggests, and I guess it is alright. The battle system is awesome. The camera is awful. The story is, uh, there? I hear this game is a fan favorite and that it is said to have one of the better storylines in the series, but I guess I'm still waiting for it to get good or something.

    • Surprise Japanese Nintendo Direct tomorrow? Did not expect this considering E3 is so close, but since it is Japan only and is said to focus on summer releases, it's probably about stuff that 1) is only coming out here in summer and 2) probably isn't stuff they are planning to make a big deal about at the conference. So, I doubt there will be any real surprises. That's cool though, I will take any Nintendo Direct I can get. I don't think I've ever watched a weekend Direct before, so I will have to prepare some beer and/or snacks to go along with. Can't wait!

    • Yes, I totally did make a Carlos Toshiki icon. Because he is a dreamboat.

    • ETA: There's a friending meme on! Everyone go have fun and make some friends: Dreamwidth Friending Meme, 2015 edition!
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    • Ugh, think I am coming down with a cold. Might have to cancel my plans for Saturday night and stay in and rest. NO FUN, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • [personal profile] nanslice is organizing a Gundam Wing Rewatch that is starting in a few weeks. So excited for this, as I never actually finished the series despite how important it was to me back in the day. Anyone else interested? You should join in on the fun!

    • An enhanced Dragon Quest VIII port was just announced for the 3DS in Japan this week! People say it is one of the best entries in the series and I've been wanting to check the game out for SO LONG, so this is pretty much perfect. It comes out the end of August, a week or two after I get back from California. It should make for the perfect game to help me fight the post-trip home blues.

    • Got a package from home today. It had some spices from Trader Joe's that Katsushi and I had requested, and also some kickstarter related goodness! Got the hardcover Mother 3 handbook that was one of the rewards I got for backing the Earthbound documentary (makes for a perfect excuse to play through the game again! Don't know when I'll have time in the near future though...). I also got my first issue of Nintendo Force, the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. I was hesitant about the mag for a while but kept hearing good things, so I decided to back them during their year three funding drive. Yay! Will read it as soon as I am done posting!

    • Been listening to this youtube video of every version of Dearly Beloved this week. Giving me some Kingdom Hearts related feels. I know I probably have a lot of time left to catch up before KHIII is out, but I'd still really love to fit in Birth by Sleep sometime this year if I can make the time for it.
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    Back at work now. Sad but definitely for the best. I was starting to feel a bit frustrated at myself that I didn't really accomplish anything or talk to many people over the holidays, so it was good to get back to my normal routines. My first day at work gave me a headache, strained my voice, and generally left me exhausted, but on the upside I slept like a rock last night and am feeling pretty awesome today.

    So I never got to mention it in my previous entries, but I listened to a lot of Carlos Toshiki and Omega Tribe over the holidays, and this was my number one JAM of last week:

    Uggggh. So good. SO SMOOTH. Carlos Toshiki was raised in Brazil, and Omega Tribe had some American members as well, which is pretty cool. Here's a song fronted by one of them:

    SO AWESOME. I've just been listening via Youtube, but I am seriously going to have to start hunting down their albums. Can't find them at Book Off, but perhaps if I check out some of the music shops in Nipponbashi something will turn up.

    (Sorry for the random, obscure old Japanese music, but they are just so rad I can't resist sharing!)

    In less remarkable music news, my old kpop love Big Bang has finally made a comeback after only what, three years? I like LOSER enough, but Bae Bae is not really my thing. Wish I could be more excited but I guess I am too far removed from KPOP these days to care. I still like looking at Seungri's cute face, but I dunno, I just can't summon the energy to be excited about idol boys anymore. Maybe I'm just getting too old? XD

    As a final note, did anyone hear how Nintendo is going to develop attractions at Universal Studios? Maybe it just means some cheap tie in junk, but I would love a Mario Kart ride or something of that sort. How fun would that be?
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    Down to the last two days of Golden Week and wondering what I really did? I usually have relaxed GW holidays, but I feel like this was the laziest one I ever had? I could blame it on the fact the game I'd been hyped for 2+ years about being released on the first day, but I dunno.

    Yesterday Katsushi and I did get out and had lunch with Melissa and Keita. They got back from their honeymoon in Thailand last week, so we got to hear all about that. We had Mexican food then afterwards went to one of those self serve frozen yogurt places and it was all wonderful and soul-foody. My mind felt as refreshed as my stomach satisfied.

    I've been doing a fair amount of reading over the holiday, which is worth mentioning I suppose. Granted I've mainly been reading manga, but since it is in Japanese it is totally the same as reading books for me okay. Got through all of Katsushi's Naruto stuff, been plucking through a reread of Yotsuba (which I have to reread at least once a year? I just love it SO MUCH), and also started two new series: Urusei Yatsura (FINALLY!) and A Bride's Story (Otoyomegatari).

    In Xenoblade land, things are thinging. More pics and Miiverse wonkiness )
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    So Golden week is off to a pretty good start. The first day we went to a party at Sachiko's house, which was full of good food and good company as always. Also adorable kids. I gave Chihiro a stuffed animal of the lion from Madagascar that I got back in the States and he LOVED it. So cute, that one.

    The next morning my Wii U Xenoblade X bundle came. It ate less of my day than I thought it would (I am very concious of the time I spend playing games when I use the TV now, and kind of get stage-fright if Katsushi is watching XD).

    Xenoblade X impressions and pics )

    Enjoying my Wii U quite a bit too. The gamepad as a controller is kind of hefty and UGH THE BATTERY LIFE, but I was also able to play Panel de Pon in bed because the signal reaches that far I guess (perks of living in a small place?) and that is awesome. Think I'm still going to play my Wii U games on the TV, but that gamepad screen seems perfect for Virtual Console stuff.

    Yesterday was a failure in terms of getting out of the house, but today I managed to get out for some VERY IMPORTANT wine and coffee shopping, with some equally important goofing around at the bakery, Book off and Uniqlo. Gonna try to get out a little bit each day for the remainder of vacation if I can, even if just for a little bit.


    Apr. 2nd, 2015 09:29 am
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    Ugh, 7am is a tough time for a Nintendo Direct, but I was able to drag my ass out of bed with just enough time to brew myself a pot of tea to keep me going through the 50 minute(!!) presentation!


    In other related game-y news, today is Xenoblade 3D release day here in Japan! My copy still hasn't shipped, so looks like I won't be getting it until at least tomorrow, but that's fine. So excited to see how the game looks and feels in portable form!
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    Oh man, the Nintendo direct that has been rumored for WEEKS has finally been announced! It airs 7am tomorrow morning in Japan, and I think I'm gonna wake up early to watch it live. I'm so excited! I'm sure it will mostly be info about games we already know about, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one surprise. Perhaps the next new Nintendo 3DS exclusive game? Xenoblade 3D is upon us, so I think it's about time they talk about the next one. I'm so excited!

    Anyway, on to the meme!

    Prompts and my week 1 answers can be found here.

    6: A game that's changed you the most?
    Xenoblade, which is extremely appropriate since the 3DS port is coming out tomorrow. It's the game that got be back into games. I still played them here and there, but from ages 18 to 25ish I wasn't super into them. I never beat any of the games I did play, giving up by about the halfway point. I still liked the idea of playing them but I felt like my golden age with the hobby had passed, and that I was left behind. I felt games were getting too big and too complicated and that many modern RPGs were too overwhelming for me. But then I played Xenoblade, and it filled me a sense of wonder and amazement that I hadn't felt in a ten years, since I played Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast as a teen. It was a game that reminded me of the way games used to make me feel in the old days, while also holding my hand and showing me that new games didn't have to be so overwhelming after all. The game means a lot to me, and will always hold a very special place in my fanboyish heart.

    7: A game you'll never forget?
    This is hard to get a grasp on, as honestly I'll never forget ANY of my favorites. If we are talking about a story and/or ending that really hit somewhere deep in my emotional center, then perhaps Nier or Mother 3. But really there are a lot of games that made me feel things at the time I played them. I dunno.

    8: Best soundtrack?
    I am a BIG fan of the FFVI soundtrack, and I have been since I first played it. Terra's Theme still gives me chills sometimes. It's always been my favorite FF soundtrack by a longshot, unchallenged until I played X last year. I still like VI a bit better, but X's soundtrack is also supurb.

    The Nier soundtrack also hits like a ton of bricks, and now I'm not sure if I like FFVI's soundtrack or this one better. All the tracks are good, but as a sample: here's Kaine's theme. I think I like Emil's a bit more, but I feel like I've posted multiple versions of it here already.

    9: A game you turn your volume off every time you play it?
    I used to always turn off the music when I played Phantasy Star Online on the Gamecube. Not because it was bad, but because I mostly played in the same area, which always had the same track running on loop and it got kind of old. I used to always listen to The Flaming Lips and The Shins on the stereo instead. Listening to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots these days still makes me think of that game.

    10: A game you've completely given up on?
    Oh god, I dunno. Nothing comes to mind except my recent failure with Legend of Legacy. I wanted to enjoy it much more, but in the end I couldn't. I don't like it when games are too punishing (as such, I stay FAR AWAY from games like Dark Souls. Do not think that series is for me).
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    Been having a pretty decent weekend, even if I feel a bit lacking in the sleep department. Recently I seem to be sleeping better on workdays, having no trouble being in bed until (/or until slightly after) my alarm, but come the weekend and it seems like I wake up WAY BEFORE and can't get back to sleep. What is up, self? Is this the "adult" version of staying up late or something? Gotta get my extra hours of "fun" in somehow, I guess.

    That aside, the weekend! Saturday after work my Japanese teacher threw a party with some students at the restaurant of a previous student of hers, a Turkish man trained in Italian cuisine. The result was a nice mix of European/Mediterranean food that was all quite good. And there was hummus. THERE WAS HUMMUS! The company was interesting, too. Melissa went with me (she started taking lessons with my teacher a few months back), and we got to chat with a couple from India, a South African who travels Japan teaching and performing traditional South African music, and a Jamaican born, MIT alumni from New Jersey. It was a good night.

    Xenoblade hype, and breaking down and getting that new 3DS )


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