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  • Studying for level 1 of the JLPT starts tomorrow. I have my textbooks ready and today during our lesson, my teacher and I worked out HW loads and decided on weekly quizzes. Should be good. The biggest challenge will probably be less the material itself and more taking the time to study properly. It's not that I am lacking the free time (LORD KNOWS I HAVE TONS OF IT), it's just been years since the last time I set out to study Japanese this hard and need to re-discipline myself. Hopefully I can manage.

  • Found this band/song last weekend and I am pretty hooked. This morning I did a rough translation of the lyrics as a quick exercise and reminder of translation's challenges. Interest in translation is one of the reasons I'm taking the JLPT, and studying the topic is one of my goals for 2016. I've already looked into it a bit and already know the books I want to read and want to start ASAP, but I think I should wait until I get settled into test studying before I take the plunge. Don't want to take on too much too quickly and burn out.

  • One thing I've been doing more of in January that I want to keep rolling with the rest of the year is reading. Bring on the books! Part of January's reading was the kickoff of my Harry Potter reread. Did The Sorcerer(/Philosopher)'s Stone last week, and I'm waist deep in Chamber of Secrets right now. It was never my favorite, but I am enjoying it much more this time. I think part of it is because as a tween, I found Gilderoy Lockhart unbearable, but now I just see him as the comic relief he was always supposed to be.

  • I am still going through Sen no Kiseki (Trails of Cold Steel), and currently looking at the calendar vs how much of the game I have left trying to see if I can finish it before Feb 18th, when Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is released. Hopefully I can pull it off, cuz Setsuna is looking super good and I want to be there (WITH BELLS ON!) on release day, ready to play.

  • Oh, and one more thing: LOOK AT THESE CUTIES. :3
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GETTING THIS THING STARTED. This covers roughly the last two weeks. I don't expect most entries to be as long as this one.

What I am: Reading, Playing, Watching, Listening to )


Nov. 11th, 2015 12:28 pm
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  • Got New Order's new album Music Complete off iTunes over the weekend and I adore it. Def will have to get off my ass and look into their back catalog.

  • Started (re)reading the Evangelion manga, with hopes of finally reading the last couple of volumes. Also considering a rewatch of the TV series and movies. The next (and final, right?) movie is coming out pretty soon here, and I need to get myself stoked!

  • Katsushi and I finally sent off the two boxes of books to Book Off that we put together ages ago. I sold my Japanese Ranma manga, y'all. Still love the series, I just need some space (both in a mental and a physical THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH SPACE ON MY BOOKSHELF sort of way).

  • I will be in Okinawa in three days! Hear it's going to rain Saturday but trying not to think about that too much.

  • Fell off course in coursera. Not going to be able to complete the CSS3 course. Way to go, self. :/ I should try to catch it next go around. Or the one after that, cuz let's be real: As the holidays approach it's only going to get harder for me to focus on academic pursuits.

  • Oh my...did Nintendo just announce their first direct in almost six months? I will definitely be setting my alarm early Friday morning so I can get out of bed, shower and make some coffee before the 7am start time. Not going into this with any expectations, really, I just want to enjoy the experience. It's been so long!

  • Related to the Direct, a stranger jumped down my throat on Twitter over a tweet I made related to it this morning. After I responded he apologized immediately, because it was honestly silly. It was quite timely for me though, as it kind of illustrated a point brought up in an article I read over the weekend, The Decay of Twitter.


Nov. 6th, 2015 12:11 pm
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God. I really want to update but I can't really, like, form an entry. I am feeling vaguely well this week. I've been feeling vaguely well since my birthday, actually. It's kind of funny. Before I turned 30 I thought a lot about aging, and also about what the hell I even DID with my 20s. I went through a couple months of close-to-depression PANIC, but once the birthday happened I was just like "Oh, okay."

When I talked to my fam on skype close to my birthday, my Aunt was there and she joked, "Now you are legitimate!" It kind of really feels that way though? Speaking from the viewpoint of social society, one's late 20s is a weird place to be. You are old enough where you feel apart from youth culture and trends, but you are not old enough to be "taken seriously" by, uh, more seasoned adults?

For my birthday a friend of mine in her 40s gave me a nice bottle of sake and was like "Now that you are 30, you should only drink GOOD things." Maybe this sounds silly, but it was like that sake was The-Teaching-Of-The-Secret-Handshake. With the sake came my membership to the proper adulthood club, or something. Real adults see me as their peer! 20 year olds look at me as this weird adult-like-blob whose time on earth and various experience they can't fully comprehend (not speaking down, just remembering how I felt at that age)! Neat!

Listening to some New Order this morning thanks to a recc from one of my favorite youtube channels*. I don't know much about New Order, admittedly, as even during my faux-hipster phase in college I think I was too preoccupied with Depeche Mode or that one Cure album or something. Anyway, not listening to their older stuff, just the latest, but I quite like it! Especially this track:

* As a side note: Sometimes feel like I want to address youtube channels again. In the past year or so my fav channels have switched from major gaming channels to minor ones with a focus on discussion. Might be interesting? Or not?

Holy Dance.

Oct. 4th, 2015 06:31 pm
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I have been listening to Sakanaction all week. The new single has kind of pulled me back into the band and everything is the best. This morning I happened upon some tour dates, and when I checked the Osaka days, it said (non-presale) tickets for the day I preferred, 10/18, would go on sale at 10am, October 4th. Stared at it for a minute before realizing that was in, like, 15 minutes. I debated for a few minutes, but then I was like "YOU ARE ALMOST 30 AND YOU WILL DO WHATEVER YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE," threw on some clothes, and ran to the convenience store.

This will be my first arena/stadium style concert in Japan and that is exciting. We will be on the arena floor, which is standing room only, but separated into sections. Our section probably isn't all that great considering those probably sold out during the presale period, but who cares? I'm going to see Sakanaction. IN TWO WEEKS.

So yeah, I am totally excited. The rest of my Sunday was pretty good as well. We met up with Donna and our other friend Sam, and we had a picnic at Ryokuchi Koen, a big park near Donna's place. The weather was beautiful and we shared some delicious food and talked and stuff. And there was this cute little kid, probably about 3, who kept coming over to collect acorns. He would talk to us (in Japanese and a bit of English), give us acorns, and he even shook our hands? Haha. His mom kept apologizing to us, but it was super cute and we didn't mind. XD


Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:20 pm
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Yeah so I dunno. It is October now and as such my birthday month. I turn thirty in a little over three weeks. I've been thinking about this event all year, but the weight of it has steadily been increasing as the date creeps closer. Kinda want the date never to come, kinda want to just get it over with. God, how does one spend the last weeks of their twenties? I have no idea, but I can't imagine I'll be doing much other than listening to a bunch of music, thinking, and sipping alcoholic beverages (on the weekends, anyway). Because that seems to be how I process. Maybe I should get myself a bottle of awamori for the next few weekends?

In around the house events, other than my rampant moodyness, I have been enjoying Lunar 2 a lot. The sprites are so goddamn cute and colorful, the dialogue is playful, and the story never feels too heavy. It is perfect. I am also continuing to feel music intensely on youtube. In def need of a music shopping spree in the near future, I think.

Educationally, I had my first Japanese lesson in a few weeks which was nice. I'm also slooowly working on programming (as mentioned before, I think, I'm already a week ahead as is), and for HTML I just decided to make my own little playground locally on my laptop. That's really the only way to do it, yeah? I tried to read online materials and tutorials and they were a bore. Best to experiment myself, yeah? It's fun, I guess, though I am reaaally having to hold myself back from styling things. But I'm trying to be as good as possible with basic, clean HTML5 code so it doesn't mess things up when my CSS3 class starts and I go about refamiliarizing myself with that.

And finally, that awkward Seungri dream from the other day has made me think a lot about him. There was a second I thought maybe I should actually just take that dream and make a Topri fic out of it (because that is the only Big Bang pairing I kinda like?), even though I've never written fic before. Don't think that will actually happen, but you never know. In any case I have been listening to his solo stuff a lot the past few days. Still seem to prefer that to most of Big Bang's more recent releases.
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Music: Alexandros and Sakanaction )

In other things...not much? It was a pretty tame weekend. Not much but the full moon making me all moody and the fact that I beat DQVIII and started Lunar 2. Yaaaaaay?
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So about two weeks ago I was talking to a college student and we found we were music buddies cuz we both love Base Ball Bear. I had to admit to him that I've been a terrible fan and am totally behind, but that inspired me to check their youtube account and turns out they are in the middle of a set of successive singles, to be followed by a new album in November. THEY ARE GREAT. Here's my fav or the two so far:

GOD YES. Took a few listens but now I am hooked.

In relation to Base Ball Bear, as well as that Perfume album and desire to slightly catch up with Rin Toshite Shigure I went to Tower yesterday then realized I actually no longer had the ability to read/rip/play CDs (2015, WHAT ARE YOU) so I left unable to buy anything. I researched portable USB CD/DVD drives and checked out an electronics store on the way home and was able to get one on the cheap. Yaaaaaay.

Got home from work today post-pre-Tokyo Game Show Playstation Conference and caught up with the news over beer and holy yes. Cool stuff announced and/or dated AND PS4 is getting a price drop in Japan next month? Heck YES! I was mentally/monetarily preparing for a PS4 by year's end assuming Persona 5 is still coming by the end of the year, but this makes it a bit easier. Also with other awesome stuff being dated for late 2015/early 2016 (Gravity Rush remaster, Star Ocean 5, that project Setsuna thing!). NEAT.
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I read Earnest Cline's first book, Ready Player One, a couple years back and thought it was fun, summer-blockbuster-ish fare. Nothing deep, but silly and enjoyable. Perfectly paired with popcorn, and maybe a notepad so you could look up some of the 80s stuff it was referencing afterwards. He has a new book coming out in a few days, and ohhh man, this review kinda rips it apart for overbearing nostalgia pandering and glorification of "gamers". It is a fantastic read and I suggest that you check it out, even if you aren't interested in the book. Love the conclusion: Ouch )

Oh, nostalgia. How I love you, but how damaging you can be. I have definitely spent some time thinking about this before. Nothing is wrong with nostalgia in theory, but how much is too much? How to we define what is simple appreciation and enjoyment, and what is just trying to recapture what can't be recaptured about our youth? Where do we draw that line? I want to appreciate the past and not be stuck in it, but I think I often am. How do we keep that appreciation while not letting it hinder us moving forward?

In other silly news:

1) WEATHER. We had a hot May, a cool June, and a cool first week of July, but as of yesterday we are officially into the icky part of summer. It's hot and the humidity is so high it feels like we're all swimming through the air. And when I took the trash to the curb this morning I heard the cry of the Cicadas for the first time this year. SUMMER IS HERE. *cries*

2) Last week Nintendo had a sale on refurbished 2DSes on their online store, and the price was so good I ordered one. I'll pick it up when I'm on holidays. Got a Crystal Blue model, one of those very game boy-ish, semi-transparent plastic models they released over the holidays. I've been thinking about doing this for a year or so, and am so excited! Now I can finally play US region, English 3DS games! Gonna have to stock up on Adventure Time and indie eShop games when I'm home in the States! Anyone have any suggestions? We don't get, like, ANY of the western indie titles here. What do I need to check out?

3) So completely out of the loop that I didn't know Depeche Mode and Kate Bush had new albums out? And by new I mean released in the last 5 years, sorry. I don't know how to music anymore. Anyway, gotta look into getting those!

4) I have icon'd my favorite Estelle face. ALL IS WELL.
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Feeling like I want to cut back on internet use lately. Feel like I waste a lot of my mornings just bumbling around the web doing nothing. Like, I'll get my laptop to browse/check things while eating breakfast/drinking coffee at 8:30 or so and then suddenly it will be 11:30 and my morning will be gone. I need to give myself better things to do in the AM and should be more vigilant about making sure lazy internet time is limited.

Going with this line of thought, I decided to get off my ass and sell my Wii and old 3DS this morning! I was putting it off because I knew I had to set up the Wii one more time to revert it to factory settings (I'd soft modded it to play imports and emulators, so I needed to erase the evidence) and just couldn't be bothered, but today I was like NOPE JUST DO IT. Took them both to my local shop afterwards and bam! Gone! Unfortunately Wiis aren't worth much anymore, but I did get a pretty fair price for the 3DS. Now I have another thing crossed off my summer to do list and little extra money in pocket. Hurrah!

In other random news, a friend tagged me in a "Top 6 Album" meme thing on tumblr and I have no idea how to handle it. 6 is a weird number and my music tastes have changed so much over the years and so have my favorites. How do I even answer? 6 influential albums over the course of my life? My 6 favorite right now? I have no idea how to choose and honestly I'm kind of in a phase of life where I don't really think about music in that way. Don't really want to rank stuff, so maybe I should just skip it. But the person who tagged me is a person I really liked from the the LJ days and we've sort of been falling out of contact since she went tumblr-only. I really appreciate that she thought of me so I kind of want to do it just so she knows that. ~Dilemma~

Also, I guess same-sex marriage will be an option in the new Fire Emblem game. Pretty cool, but when you read the article it seems it is actually pretty limited. There are only two gay characters you can partner with. One guy, one girl, and they are in different versions of the game. Better than nothing, and it is nice that Nintendo is acknowledging the need for this, I just worry that the characters will be the kind of yuri/BL tropes/stereotypes that are not actually representational of and made for queer people themselves, but rather made to cater to the fantasies of straight young people (side note, but this is why I usually don't touch yaoi). Anyway, gonna hope for the best and take the gay marriage routes anyway. Hopefully the gay characters will prove popular and create more demand for such options.
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Got the new phone set up the day after my last entry, and got a nice case for it on Sunday. Coming from an almost five year old iPhone 4, the difference is amazing. The size will take some getting used to in terms of carrying it around, but the actual screen size is so nice! It's so much easier to use the keyboard, and everything is easier to read (especially when surfing the web). AND YES YES THE CAMERA! THE CAMERA!

I made a Splatoon icon and I haven't even played the game yet! I'm getting pretty stoked about it though. I've been a fan of the art direction since the beginning, but was on the fence gameplay-wise for so long, but now that it's out and everyone on the web is talking about it I think I am ready to join in on the fun. MAYBE THIS WEEKEND?

In other to-do list news, I filed and/or sent off all my annoying gov't paperwork that needed to be done! This week I will try to get my time off request form for my trip home this summer filled out and signed by my school directors, and hopefully this weekend I can start to make headway on the rest.

So as you are all PERFECTLY aware I have been listening to nothing but Carlos Toshiki & Omega Drive recently, but yesterday I youtube'd Yoshizawa Kayoko to see what she was up to (last year I got hooked on her infectious Bishoujo) and looks like she released a new album a few months ago!
Snip snip )

Think I'm going to leave things here for now, but before I go, two quick notes:

1. E3 is coming next week and I want to do an entry this week talking about hopes/thoughts. BE READY FOR IT!

2. I've got a handful of new people because of my recent post in [community profile] addme and the friending meme, so I think I might do a quick intro if I have time this week as well.
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[personal profile] torachan was nice enough to give me an invite to jpopsuki, and wow, it has changed a LOT since the last time I used it years and years ago. So much obscure stuff, and because of the bonus point system there are dedicated seeds for like everything? They even had some Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe stuff! Been listening to a pretty basic Best Of and I am totally swooning. Before I was mostly listening to their up tempo songs, but ugh the ballads are so great. Wonderful 80s cheese, and UGH CARLOS'S VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SOOTHING. Boooooooooy T_T

Anyway, moving on! [personal profile] nanslice has been talking about Heroic Legend of Arslan recently, so I decided to check out the new anime and now I am kind of addicted. Gotta love them tragedies. Everything is terrible but I suppose the pity you feel for Arslan is what makes him so endearing.

Went to the bookstore on Monday for some reading material. Read volume 6 of A Bride's Story and happy to say that series is good as ever. Also started on Silver Spoon and the new Arslan manga because now that I have finally finished reading FMA I feel like I am allowed to read Arakawa Hiromu's other stuff. Still trying to get into the Arslan manga but oh man Silver Spoon is so cute!

So I tried to pick up Xenoblade X again this weekend, the first time in a few weeks, but I think I have to face the fact that it is not for me. This got a little long )
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  • Response to my thoughts on revisiting and sharing old LJ entries has been pretty positive, so maybe I will actually do it! I think will my goal initially will be to chronicle my original LJ account, [ profile] robley, which I used until spring 2012. It's got about 8.5 years of stuff to get through and carries over into my early DW days, so I'll just focus on that. The more I think about this, the bigger a project it seems like it will actually be. Seems a bit overwhelming, but it's kind of exciting, too. Now I just have to figure out how to actually go about doing it. How will I format it? How will I write it? How will I split things up?

  • The rest of the bullets are under the cut! )
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Back at work now. Sad but definitely for the best. I was starting to feel a bit frustrated at myself that I didn't really accomplish anything or talk to many people over the holidays, so it was good to get back to my normal routines. My first day at work gave me a headache, strained my voice, and generally left me exhausted, but on the upside I slept like a rock last night and am feeling pretty awesome today.

So I never got to mention it in my previous entries, but I listened to a lot of Carlos Toshiki and Omega Tribe over the holidays, and this was my number one JAM of last week:

Uggggh. So good. SO SMOOTH. Carlos Toshiki was raised in Brazil, and Omega Tribe had some American members as well, which is pretty cool. Here's a song fronted by one of them:

SO AWESOME. I've just been listening via Youtube, but I am seriously going to have to start hunting down their albums. Can't find them at Book Off, but perhaps if I check out some of the music shops in Nipponbashi something will turn up.

(Sorry for the random, obscure old Japanese music, but they are just so rad I can't resist sharing!)

In less remarkable music news, my old kpop love Big Bang has finally made a comeback after only what, three years? I like LOSER enough, but Bae Bae is not really my thing. Wish I could be more excited but I guess I am too far removed from KPOP these days to care. I still like looking at Seungri's cute face, but I dunno, I just can't summon the energy to be excited about idol boys anymore. Maybe I'm just getting too old? XD

As a final note, did anyone hear how Nintendo is going to develop attractions at Universal Studios? Maybe it just means some cheap tie in junk, but I would love a Mario Kart ride or something of that sort. How fun would that be?


Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:26 am
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So, a weekend of rolling around in much sickness was had. As I mentioned before, I caught Katsushi's cold the end of last week, and it's got me down a bit. I'm still in better shape than him, though how much of it is just my TOUGH IT OUT attitude to sickness as opposed to Katsushi's REVERT TO BABY STATUS handling of discomfort is uncertain. I've been the one picking up the slack around home as a result, and it's been causing me frustration at times. Because I want to rest, too. Especially now that I'm back at work. :/

I'm really latching on to the Disneyland part of my upcoming trip home. It is DISNEYLAND MANIA(!) in my brain at the moment. Funny how I am so nonchalant about the company as a whole, but the moment you mention the theme parks I lose my shit. But then again I don't think it would be a stretch to say the better part of the Californian population has been to Disneyland multiple times and has a lot of feelings about it. It kind of comes with the territory? We grew up with the place.

I can feel the adult way I handle hobbies/excitement coming out, because with all the furor going on in my brain I have started reading a book on the history of the park. So, you know, I can DEEPEN MY ENJOYMENT THIS SUMMER. I love learning about the history behind my loves these days. Deepening understanding is fun and educational, and gives me a better appreciation for things as they were and how they developed.

I've been listening to the new Perfume single a lot since the weekend. This is probably my favorite single of theirs since Spending all my Time. So catchy! Also finding it vaguely inspiring or something. I don't really know. I'm largely indifferent to Nakata Yasutaka and his productions these days, but he still can really nail it with these girls.

Just need to make it through one more week and the Golden Week holidays are here. With my recent decision to go to the States, I think I'll be laying pretty low. I've got a party to go to one day, but other than that there's nothing on the schedule except Xenoblade X. Feeling like I should do something productive, though. Maybe I should take the opportunity to do a crash-course brush up thing on web design? And/or practice some writing. Because I don't think I've mentioned this, but I am also (slowly) reading a book on writing and taking some notes.

In reality I'll probably do little of either and nerd out on Xenoblade, Disneyland and some other things (Steven Universe? Star Wars?), but let's pretend otherwise, yeah?
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Nearing the end of a three day weekend, which is sad. Saturday was the Vernal Equinox, which is always a public holiday here for whatever reason, so I got to take the day off work and extend my weekend. It's been a good weekend for me personally, with just the right balance of getting out, productivity, and rest.

Saturday Katsushi and I went to Osaka Castle Park and wandered around, then went out for Nepalese curry and nan. Additionally I got to stop in at Kinokuniya, which is having their annual foreign books bargain sale. Yay reading material!

The only downside of Saturday was a mixture of not having slept well Friday night, feeling dehydrated, and ALLERGIES. It wiped me out, but gave me tons of motivation on Sunday to run all my sheets and blankets through the wash and then give them a solid once over with the lint roller. We did a bunch of other cleaning yesterday, and the apartment is feeling much more livable. Oh, allergies. I hate you, but at least you are making me more thorough about household chores.

But anyway, back to Sunday. Also got out of the house in the morning to buy some new headphones, as my previous pair bit the dust last week. I've always been the sort to go for the cheapy ones, but this time I let myself spend a little more (not a crazy amount more, mind you, just an extra 20 or 30 bucks than I usually let myself spend) and the difference is HUGE. The sound is so much fuller and balanced and it's so much more satisfying to listen to music now. UNF.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably not much more than a bit of reading, red wine-ing, and perhaps finishing up Sora no Kiseki FC (I'm on the final dungeon!). No biggie though because that sounds fantastic.
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It's been so cold this week. The temperature in March is always so up and down, it's near impossible to adjust. It should be warming up next week though! Hopefully this will be the end of the cold and spring will officially begin, but who knows?

Haven't been mentioning it much, but I'm still chugging along with Spanish at Duolingo. On a three week streak! But it's starting to get to that point where I realize I should probably focus less on new lessons and do more review lessons every week, because some of the vocabulary just isn't sticking.

Anyway, letter meme! [personal profile] torachan gave me G. If you want a letter, just drop me a comment.

G things! )

Speaking of [personal profile] torachan, he also left a big response in my last entry with a bunch if 80s Japanese music recommendations, mp3s included! If any of you are interested, check it out! Still getting through the playlist I made of everything, but it's a lot of fun so far!
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The rest of my weekend was reeeeeeeally lazy, but kind of gloriously so. Even when I don't really want to do anything I still try to get out for a bit on Sunday or Monday, but not this weekend! I didn't leave the house at ALL on Sunday and Monday I just went to the grocery store and I'm not feeling that guilty about it. Every once in a while this kind of stuff is okay, right?

Not really much else to say about this weekend. I just kinda farted around, and perhaps started feeling a bit sentimental about the work year coming to an end and knowing I have to say goodbye to a school I liked and all my favorite people there. I'm gonna miss my Saturday shift the most, and because of a public holiday falling on Saturday next week, there are only two weeks left. D:

I've been really wanting to listen to Japanese 80s music in recent weeks. Kinda lost on where to start as I really don't know much about artists from that period, but I ran into Carlos Toshiki/Omega Tribe two or so weeks ago via this song and now I really I want to give his/their stuff a listen:

I've been listening to various songs via youtube and what not, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find albums anywhere, whether it be second hand stores or Japanese music blogs focused on older stuff. Perhaps I'll have to turn to Amazon if other options don't present themselves.

Anyone know much about Japanese 80s music? I'm definitely open to any suggestions for artists, songs and/or a good 80s hits compilation.

Oh dear.

Dec. 17th, 2014 12:34 pm
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Yeah so...that Christmas party did not go well for me. Had too much cheap wine and felt the repurcussions all weekend (I cannot recover as fast as I used to...def a sign I'm getting older). This led me to think many things, the most important of which is that I just cannot do school parties anymore. They are the only thing that can make me go overboard anymore, and it's never because I'm having fun, it's actually quite the opposite, and that is a terrible reason to drink. So, I think I need to just not worry about negative reaction from staff and flat out say no from now on.

But steering away from blah stuff, happy things!
  • Gave Katsushi his Christmas present Monday! It's one of those machines that let you grow leafy veggies and spices (basil etc) indoors. It looks kind of like an aquarium...for plants! He's been wanting one all year, and he was thrilled!

  • Katsushi game me my Christmas present as well, which strangely enough was ENTIRELY Danbo themed! He gave me two Danbo figures, and one of those battery backup devices for various handheld devices that had a Danbo design. Haha. Completely unexpected, but pretty cute.

  • I used to be a huge Shiina Ringo fan but completely fell out of the loop a couple years back, so I only found out about her new album last week. Picked it up over the weekend and I love it! Reminds me why I loved her so much in my early to mid twenties. It's been too long since I've felt the Ringo love. :3

  • Katsushi is a huge Utada Hikaru fan, so while picking up the Shiina Ringo album, he also got the new Utada Hikaru cover/tribute album. I'm usually not a huge fan of such albums, but I really love this one. The range of artists and styles is quite impressive. Favorites inlcude Sakura Drops, Automatic, Sanctuary, Hikari and...actually pretty much any track. They are all great! The quality of the covers well exceeded my expectations.

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Less than two weeks till my trip back to the States, and my head has been filled with thoughts of excitement and stuff to be done. It's so soon, I CAN'T WAIT! :D

Over the weekend I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, so hooray for that. It was a lot of fun, but also pretty exhausting. Sunday night, after some gift shopping with Katsushi, I started to feel like my cold was coming back, and my extra intense journey by myself on Monday (I got most of the shopping done then) left me feeling ragged. I went to be early that night, and that seemed to do the trick, so end of story, I hope?

Also, the new hide song is out!

[FULL PV] hide — 子 ギャル by narita-keiichi-it

The song itself is good ol', classic hide, and by that I mean FUN! I'm glad the last of his songs is getting a release, but I still feel a bit torn about the use of vocaloid to finish it. I have to admit it was done well, though perhaps eerily so. I'll be fine if they leave it at this, but if I see, like, a vocaloid hide concert tour coming about as a result of this technology, or, like, "original songs" done with his voice, I will be pretty pissed.

In other news, Bravely Second Demo is released today on the Japanese Nintendo eshop. I'll probably download it after I finish this and play it tonight or tomorrow. So stoked. The game has also been dated, and it seems its been pushed from winter to spring, the release being April 23rd. I don't mind having to wait a little longer, but my concern is that spring is also the target release for Xenoblade X. I'm not sure I can handle both of those games coming out at around the same time. X_X


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