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It has been too long and I am sorry about that. It's just been hard to get myself to write. Quick catch up on the past few weeks:

  • Been enjoying cooking recently. Finding it to be a satisfying, kind of cathartic experience. Especially combined with wine and either music or Netflix. Highlight dishes of the past few weeks: Thai green curry, kabocha pumpkin mash (with cinnamon and a bit of sugar), Mediterranean pasta (guess who got artichoke hearts from Costcooooo?), pumpkin stew, and kasu-jiru.

  • N1 study is going as well as it can. I am digesting it all just fine and feeling good in that regard. But it is inspiring some fits of FUTURE ANXIETY, mostly due to my own impatience. I JUST WANT TO BE PERFECT AND CONFIDENT AND, LIKE, CAREER-STARTY ALREADY.

  • Harry Potter reread is going well! I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire now and really enjoying myself. It has been a really long time since I have seen the movie and even longer since I have read the book and there are a lot of details I have forgotten.

  • I saw Star Wars for a second time on my local theater's discount ticket day a few weeks back. STILL AWESOME.

  • Last Thursday was a public holiday. A rich private student took me and some staff out to a nice sushi place. It was delicious. Natsuki (friend who took me to see my friend in Awaji Island last fall) was there, and after lunch we sat in a cafe and had a nice long nerd talk about videogames and manga. Yayyyy.

  • ...and the cafe was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! They just opened a store in Osaka, which seemed kind of random to me until Donna told me it's popular in Korea. She actually thought it was a Korean chain before I told her otherwise.

  • Last weekend we ate out a lot! Had BOMB indian food with Melissa and Keita, then Mexican with Donna. Yummmmmm.

  • Finished Sen no Kiseki. Probably the slowest paced of the Kiseki series I have played so far, but the ending got me all hyped and I can't wait to play II.

  • Today is the release day for Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, one my most hyped games of 2016. Unfortunately, word started spreading yesterday on Japanese twitter and nerd-sites that the Vita version has issues. Text is small and hard to read on the Vita screen. There are long loading times, even a few seconds between going in and out of a house in a village. There is regular slowdown in battles and menus. And there are cases of the game crashing. Boo. Really wanted to Day One this, and I've been looking forward to going out and picking it up all week, but I dunno. I can deal with the first couple of issues, but crashes and slowdowns are no fun. So I guess I'll have to wait for a Vita patch or play it whenever it is I decide to get a PS4 (cuz btw, that version plays perfectly). Either way, feeling kind of disappointed.T_T
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GETTING THIS THING STARTED. This covers roughly the last two weeks. I don't expect most entries to be as long as this one.

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Oh gash

Nov. 5th, 2015 09:31 am
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It is so easy for me to get behind on updating recently. :/

Notes on the last week:

  • Halloween was survived. Got through my kids classes in the same half assed costume I've been doing for years, and Halloween night was spent indoors. Katsushi wasn't feeling well and I was tired so we actually went to bed early. Haha.

  • Took a little trip to dork town by myself Sunday. Went early to try to avoid crowds (Sat and Sun there can be nuts) but there were still a lot of people. Didn't get anything, but enjoyed wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere at the retro game shops. Also got to enjoy seeing a real doll (one of those life size, super fancy sex dolls) in public. ON THE STREET. Someone was pushing it in a wheelchair.

  • Monday I took a big walk around the neighborhood. Goal one was to get a bottle of wine for a party (we'll talk about that later) and the other was for NERD SHOPPING. Originally I was just planning on getting a game or two on the Wii U virtual console that day, but the eshop was under maintenance all day, so instead decided it was time to take the plunge and actually play other Wii U games, as I've had the system for about 6 months and still haven't felt really good about the purchase (Xenoblade X wasn't for me, and while Splatoon is awesome, the level of play online got way too advanced for me).

  • We'll come back to the game stuff in a sec, but first: Tuesday was a public holiday, and we went to a party at my friend Sachiko's house. So much delicious food was had, and playing with Sachiko's son Chihiro was really fun. He's almost three now, so he's talking a lot now and isn't as shy as he used to be. Also got to pet a neighborhood cat for a while. It was so cute!

  • So, Wii U: I got Super Mario in 3D World! I spent a good amount of time going back in forth between a few games at the shop, but in the end knew this game HAD to be first. 3D Land is one of my favorite 3DS games and World is just as great. It's probably even the better game because you can play as TOAD. AND THE CATSUIT IS AWESOME AND ADORABLE.

  • Also may have gotten the R.O.B. and Duck Hunt amiibos. Haha... But they are so cute and retro and I actually do like using them in Smash, so maybe I will actually try to use them? Katsushi says I am getting obsessed with Amiibos. I beg to differ, but I do have 5 now, and when I saw my local shop still had Dr. Mario, I was like "Hmm, next time?" so I dunno, maybe he is right.

  • Other than Mario, I am also playing Ao no Kiseki Evolution on my Vita. It's the sequel to Ao no Kiseki, which I played back in February, and it is wonderful. It is a bit slow going as of now, but it's fun to wander around. I really love the Legend of Heroes games. Def my gaming discovery of 2015 and are now an all time favorite series of mine. UGH. Speaking of which Trails in the Sky SC is out in English now, so y'all should play that (but do FC first, naturally).

  • Netflix did a November update I guess and they added Princess Bride! I basically ignored Netflix in October, but this is the perfect excuse to actually watch something on it (and hopefully get to some other items in my to-watch list).

  • Feeling settled into my new twitter account now, which is good. Feels nice to be free of the old one. But man, getting people's attention when you weren't a super active user before is tough. I've managed to get most people, but there are a few who either haven't noticed my HEY NEW ACCOUNT tweets and my new account adding them, or maybe they just want to silently unfollow me. I dunno. But I'm done advertising. They can search me out if they want to.

There is more I could feasably talk about, especially commenting on fannish articles/news I've heard recently, but next time! This is long enough as is. This is why I need to update multiple times a week. Don't care for these walls of bullet points. :/
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So the day has passed both here and in the homeland, but better late than never. To my MERCAN friends, Happy Independence Day! Hope your day was full of fireworks and BBQ sauce and FREEDOM.

We had a pseudo-celebration at home after I got back from work on Satuday. Made awkward, fake tacos (no taco shells so we baked gyoza wrappers, no taco mix so we used tandori spice mix) and salsa and pizza and MEAT and beer. Then afterwards we watched one of my favorite movies, Addams Family Values. LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. The cast is just too perfect. UGH.

My Sunday was mostly spent out of the house. My rich private student on Tuesdays invited me, another teacher, and five staff members to her house and we were treated to A FEAST. Had super fancy bento boxes (not normal fare, but Kaiseki level stuff), somen, sukiyaki, and homemade umeshu (plum wine). For desert there was watermelon + other fruits, ice cream topped with espresso, and a variety of cakes and cookies. It was a bit awk at times and I couldn't quite fully relax (YAY BOUNDARIES BETWEEN WORK AND PRIVATE LIFE), but the food was amazing so I can't really complain, can I?

Tomorrow is my work-sponsored health check, which is why I am still up and writing a journal entry at this hour. I can't eat before and my appointment isn't until 2pm, so my goal is to stay up late so I can sleep in tomorrow and minimize hungry-time.

In a mix of excitement for my upcoming trip back home and perhaps just feelings of over saturation with Japanese pop culture/interests (this has been happening to me on occasion here. It's just so readily available and everything becomes an excuse to improve/keep up my Japanese that sometimes I find myself in too deep and in need of relief), I've been craving a bit of western pop culture. Mostly the movies of my childhood (SUDDEN NEED TO WATCH SISTER ACT) and, like, Depeche Mode.

I finished up Trails in the Sky Second Chapter tonight, and the ending was just so damn cute. I love Estelle so much. Second Chapter was overall better than First Chapter. AND DEAR LORD WAS IT LONGER. Why is almost every game I'm playing this year like 80 hours? DX Still have Third Chapter to tackle, but I need a break. I am all Trails in the Sky'd out for now.
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  • My phone was delivered at just before 9am on Friday, meaning it arrived about 21 hours after I ordered it. Shipping in this country is the BEST. Still haven't turned it on as the carrier switch hasn't happened quite yet. Hopefully that will be all taken care of by the end of today or tomorrow. Yay!

  • XSEED announced the localization of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no kiseki) this week! And they promised they would do the second one as well! Awesome! Legend of Heroes is one of those series I only started getting into this year, but it is quickly turning into a favorite series of mine. So cool that more of the games are making it to the west, as it's one of the best current JRPG series in my opinion. I've only played the series in Japanese so far and haven't gotten to this particular entry yet, so maybe I'll go for English version? Might be a nice break. I love these games in Japanese, but this is perhaps the most dialogue heavy series I have EVER played, so it might be nice to play one of them without worrying about brain exhaustion. Being able to read in English alone would probably shave my playtime down by a handful of hours.

  • Speaking of games, I am dragging along with Birth By Sleep. I'm nearing the end of Terra's story, but am currently irked because I want to get all the Xenohart reports so I can unlock Last Chapter after finishing everyone's stories, but don't want to bother with all the Mirage Arena nonsense. Ughghghghh.

  • Also speaking of games, and Legend of Heroes, I don't think I mentioned that I also have been playing Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) Second Chapter recently? It's my after work game, and I am loving it. More than Birth By Sleep, so this game is getting the priority. Estelle continues to be one of my favorite game characters EVER. I really want to make an icon of her judging-you face.

  • Another month, another batch of Big Bang videos, another chance to realize my fannish love of this group is coming to a close. WE LIKE 2 PARTY is cute I guess. Bang Bang Bang visually feels like Fantastic Baby, Part 2. Ehhh. Wish I could muster the enthusiasm to get into these songs, but I just can't.



Mar. 27th, 2015 10:45 am
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  • It's the last week of the contract, which is a weird, sometimes sad time. My school today I will not be sad at ALL to leave, as it wasn't really a well run school at all, but my coworker there is moving back to England and I will miss talking to her.

    The other school I'm leaving, which I will have my last day at on Saturday, will be a bit harder. I won't exactly miss the staff (we got along well enough professionally, but we never really got to know each other, you know?), but I really loved my students there. I made a lot of good connections with the adults, and I will miss talking to them. Some I have convinced to come visit me at the schools on my new schedule, but the others I probably won't see unless I continue working for my company and come back to the school in future contracts.

  • I finished up Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky FC on Monday, and boy was it a great ending. The last boss was actually pretty tough, and the ending after that had a great twist and a heart wrenching cliff hanger. I can't wait to play the second one, though I may or may not hold off for a bit.

  • Xenoblade month starts next week, with the 3DS port coming next Thursday! Excited, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about a new 3DS. My hesitance makes me think maybe I should just let myself wait on the system after all. I dunno. I'll still be keeping my preorder of the game either way, because the Xenoblade fanboy in me WANTS THOSE PREORDER BONUSES. I can decide about the system whenever, I guess.

  • The lettuce in our sci-fi fish tank garden thing has been getting pretty big, and this week we even picked some and had lettuce wraps for dinner. It was SO TASTEY. Katsushi's been getting really into indoor gardening, actually, and he's been trying to grow some herbs outside the tank as well. Not sure how that's gonna go, but it's still kind of fun I guess.

  • I've been using Duolingo every day for over a month now, which is pretty awesome. It's worked its way nicely into my morning routine and I am having fun with it. Maybe this is kind of weird, but it's kind of making me think about my high school days a lot too? Guess studying the language was a more influential part of my high school experience than I remember. It's triggering lots of (mostly good) memories and a general sense of nostalgia for that period in my life.

  • I'm reading Tinder right now, a kind of creepy fairy tale for an older audience. I'm enjoying it, both for the story itself and just the fact it is the first book I've read since I got back from winter vacation, a sad and embarrassing truth. Reading is fun and oh so satisfying, and I really need to get back into the habit.
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So, on Monday Katsushi and I went to Namba for lunch at a little pancake cafe. It was alright? I had pancakes with nuts and caramel syrup, Katsushi Quattro Formaggi style. After decided I wanted to go to Nipponbashi/Den Den Town/Dork Land, but Katsushi said that place tires him out, so he went home. That was fine with me, because honestly I enjoy going to dorky shops on my own anyway. Mostly just wandered around looking for the PSP Lunar Silver Star remake, but unfortunately struck out. I did, however, find the Sora no Kiseki (aka Trails in the Sky) complete trilogy set for PSP for a super good deal, and being on a high from my newfound love for Legend of Heroes, couldn't pass it up.

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In other, more important news, I got my draft schedule for the new academic year! Change always fills me with apprehension, but perhaps especially after this year. There were some bumps as always, but overall this was my favorite schedule I've ever had, and that said, I was honestly kind of bracing myself for disappointment. After an exceptionally good year, things can only get worse, right?

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Anyway, this entry has gotten waaaay too long, so I'm going to end things here. This Friday night there is another Xenoblade X stream, so super stoked about that! Be ready ( avoid?) my rambles about that next time!
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Felt really exhausted after the end of the work week. It wasn't a particularly rough week, maybe it's just the awkward time of year (temp fluctuations from winter and spring duking it out)? I dunno. Woke up this morning feeling kinda bad, so Katsushi insisted I just take it easy today.

Some points of discussion:

  • Finished up Zero no Kiseki last night! I had so much fun with the thing that I didn't really want it to be over. There is a direct continuation, Ao no Kiseki, but I'm currently battling with myself over whether I think I should try to undertake it now, as XENOBLADE MONTH draws so near. Zero took me close to 80 hours, and I hear Ao is even bigger a game. Playing that right before two massive games, plus the fact the last couple games I played (P3P, PQ) were also quite massive as well, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to play something a bit light this month instead. But on the other hand, if I don't do the sequel now I won't get the chance for a while. CONFLICTED.

  • Last night Judge! was on TV. It was a pretty silly movie, but for some reason made me feel kinda sad. The main character is treated like shit and taken advantage of by the people he works with (such is the premise of the movie, essentially), and basically everyone in the movie is an asshole or gleefully dense. Even though the main character gets a kind of hollywood ending (helps do the right thing at the international competition, earns the respect of many, gets the girl etc), the people that took advantage of him in Japan are still shitty people who will probably try to take advantage of him again. :/ But whatever, it's just a comedy (and not a particularly smart one), right? That's not the point, right? Right?

    In any case, it starred my boy Tsumabuki Satoshi, who was as cute as ever. Plus there's a scene of him in nothing but his undies, which I suppose is all one really needs.

  • Spanish review on Duolingo is going well! I'm on a ten day streak, so yay to that! The same time I started doing duolingo I also thought I'd try to reteach myself the hangul alphabet and listened to a couple Talk to me in Korean podcasts, but that's not going well. Haven't touched it in a week. Think I'll just focus on Spanish for the time being.

  • Been reading FMA this afternoon. :D Decided to start the series over before going on to the new books I picked up last month, but with the way Zero no Kiseki CONSUMED ME that month, didn't make much progress. But with the game done, now I can! :D

  • My gmail has been a mess for years (partly due to me being lazy, and also because back when I used an email client/program to check my mail, me deleting it off my PC's inbox somehow didn't translate to it deleting from my web inbox), and I had quite an intimidating amount of stuff tucked away in my "All Mail" folder. But today I went through it all, picking out the few emails I needed to keep and deleting the rest. This amounted to 5 or 6,000 messages getting the boot. @_@ It was a pain in the ASS, but my inbox has been completely cleaned out and I feel great about it!
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So, life. I dunno what's really going on with that. We're getting near the end of the school year here. I probably say this every year about this time, but man, did the year ever move quickly. There were hiccups as always, but overall this is the best work schedule I have ever had at this job, and as such I am bracing myself for the impending disappointment when draft schedules for next year are released.

I just went back to blocking some game news websites on chrome. Just...need some space. It sound kinda silly, but recently I've been feeling kinda stressed out with, like, ALL THESE NEAT GAMES I WANNA PLAY but knowing I don't have time for them all, and I feel like that kinda...ruins the point of a leisure activity? Work, bills, relationships, life, etc have every right to stress me out, but why the hell should my hobbies do that? THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Just want to go back to enjoying what I want, when I want, at a pace that works best for me.

Speaking of games: Haven't talked about it much, but I've been playing Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution for the past three weeks and it is really...fantastic. It's a huge game, and def self classified as a story RPG for a good reason. THERE IS SO MUCH DIALOGUE. I'm not complaining, though, as it's a fantastically written game, and the characters, despite being typical JRPG archetypes, are extremely lovable. The music is pretty rad, too.

In other things, I joined Duolingo on a whim today. Will I keep it up, or will I only last a week? I DUNNO. But I have been saying I want to un-forget all that Spanish I used to know for quite a while (maybe not around here, but in conversations), so maybe that site can help me do that? We'll see. Seems like a cool system, but my only issue is that there are only western languages. Are there any similar programs that offer Asian languages? I think it would be pretty cool to try a bit of Korean and/or Chinese.


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