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Just heard that there is a 4th Tenchi Muyo OVA in the works. Hesitant after Ai (granted I only watched an episode or two, but from what I remember it was pretty trashy), but from the teaser images it looks like they are using the classic designs so it does have that going for it (the Ai redesigns were awful). I never actually watched the 3rd OVA, so if a 4th is released I'll guess I'll have to do get on that...

Also heard via [personal profile] illusion_is_mine that Utada Hikaru is releasing a new album next year? I guess this was announced at the time she announced the birth of her child (lol yay for not reading her announcement the whole way through, cuz I DEFINITELY remember her talking about her kid...haha). So belated reaction but YES YES YESSSS. Maybe it is just my age and not really "getting" most of what is popular with the young folks here these days, but it does feel like there has been a gaping void in mainstream jpop since she removed herself from the scene. Def looking forward to her album, but not expecting this to be her restarting her career/going back to regular activity. With her kid being a baby still, I imagine she'll just release a video, drop the album, maybe appear on a few TV shows then disappear for a while.

I imagine we won't see much activity out of her again until KHIII. Or at least I hope. I thought it was confirmed a few years back, but turns out it was a misunderstanding. Still, I think and hope it will happen. If Square Enix went with someone else, it just wouldn't feel right, you know? If they can't get her to write a new song, I'd rather them just remix one of the other two songs. DON'T WANT NOBODY ELSE.
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  • My phone was delivered at just before 9am on Friday, meaning it arrived about 21 hours after I ordered it. Shipping in this country is the BEST. Still haven't turned it on as the carrier switch hasn't happened quite yet. Hopefully that will be all taken care of by the end of today or tomorrow. Yay!

  • XSEED announced the localization of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no kiseki) this week! And they promised they would do the second one as well! Awesome! Legend of Heroes is one of those series I only started getting into this year, but it is quickly turning into a favorite series of mine. So cool that more of the games are making it to the west, as it's one of the best current JRPG series in my opinion. I've only played the series in Japanese so far and haven't gotten to this particular entry yet, so maybe I'll go for English version? Might be a nice break. I love these games in Japanese, but this is perhaps the most dialogue heavy series I have EVER played, so it might be nice to play one of them without worrying about brain exhaustion. Being able to read in English alone would probably shave my playtime down by a handful of hours.

  • Speaking of games, I am dragging along with Birth By Sleep. I'm nearing the end of Terra's story, but am currently irked because I want to get all the Xenohart reports so I can unlock Last Chapter after finishing everyone's stories, but don't want to bother with all the Mirage Arena nonsense. Ughghghghh.

  • Also speaking of games, and Legend of Heroes, I don't think I mentioned that I also have been playing Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) Second Chapter recently? It's my after work game, and I am loving it. More than Birth By Sleep, so this game is getting the priority. Estelle continues to be one of my favorite game characters EVER. I really want to make an icon of her judging-you face.

  • Another month, another batch of Big Bang videos, another chance to realize my fannish love of this group is coming to a close. WE LIKE 2 PARTY is cute I guess. Bang Bang Bang visually feels like Fantastic Baby, Part 2. Ehhh. Wish I could muster the enthusiasm to get into these songs, but I just can't.

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  • Youtube is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! Nuts! Does anyone remember what they watched the first time they used the site? For me I think I followed a link to a video of the Polysics' I me me mine PV in what was probably fall 2005, feeling completely baffled by the idea of streaming. I remember thinking "Wait, so it loads on the page? And when I close it, it's...gone? And I can't download it? Why can't I download it? I thought I was going to be able to download it! D:" At first the videos were small and low resolution, yet I remember often still having to wait a bit for it to load before trying to watch. Now 720p HD video loads faster than I can watch it. It's amazing how far streaming has come.

  • I started Birth by Sleep Final Mix this week! I'm doing the least interesting guy (Terra) first because I guess that is what Nomura suggests, and I guess it is alright. The battle system is awesome. The camera is awful. The story is, uh, there? I hear this game is a fan favorite and that it is said to have one of the better storylines in the series, but I guess I'm still waiting for it to get good or something.

  • Surprise Japanese Nintendo Direct tomorrow? Did not expect this considering E3 is so close, but since it is Japan only and is said to focus on summer releases, it's probably about stuff that 1) is only coming out here in summer and 2) probably isn't stuff they are planning to make a big deal about at the conference. So, I doubt there will be any real surprises. That's cool though, I will take any Nintendo Direct I can get. I don't think I've ever watched a weekend Direct before, so I will have to prepare some beer and/or snacks to go along with. Can't wait!

  • Yes, I totally did make a Carlos Toshiki icon. Because he is a dreamboat.

  • ETA: There's a friending meme on! Everyone go have fun and make some friends: Dreamwidth Friending Meme, 2015 edition!
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  • Ugh, think I am coming down with a cold. Might have to cancel my plans for Saturday night and stay in and rest. NO FUN, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • [personal profile] nanslice is organizing a Gundam Wing Rewatch that is starting in a few weeks. So excited for this, as I never actually finished the series despite how important it was to me back in the day. Anyone else interested? You should join in on the fun!

  • An enhanced Dragon Quest VIII port was just announced for the 3DS in Japan this week! People say it is one of the best entries in the series and I've been wanting to check the game out for SO LONG, so this is pretty much perfect. It comes out the end of August, a week or two after I get back from California. It should make for the perfect game to help me fight the post-trip home blues.

  • Got a package from home today. It had some spices from Trader Joe's that Katsushi and I had requested, and also some kickstarter related goodness! Got the hardcover Mother 3 handbook that was one of the rewards I got for backing the Earthbound documentary (makes for a perfect excuse to play through the game again! Don't know when I'll have time in the near future though...). I also got my first issue of Nintendo Force, the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. I was hesitant about the mag for a while but kept hearing good things, so I decided to back them during their year three funding drive. Yay! Will read it as soon as I am done posting!

  • Been listening to this youtube video of every version of Dearly Beloved this week. Giving me some Kingdom Hearts related feels. I know I probably have a lot of time left to catch up before KHIII is out, but I'd still really love to fit in Birth by Sleep sometime this year if I can make the time for it.
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Finished up Kingdom Hearts II on Friday, then proceeded to watch the 358/2 movie thing and dear lord, Roxas. My poor baby. Series favorite found? Maybe so. Loved that 358/2 Days was basically a character development/backround piece for him. Think I'll take a little KH break first, but I'm really excited to play Birth Before Sleep now...I wanna know more about the kid that looks like Roxas but isn't or something?

What else did I want to talk about? I dunno. It's the day before the last year of my twenties starts and after I got home from work I kinda just sat around drinking wine and thinking about that and watching a lil' Ranma. And listening to this song on repeat cuz it's great:

Just found out about this girl today and I think she's pretty rad.
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  • For the past week or so there's been a little black spider in the apartment. I don't think Katsushi has noticed it (it doesn't show it's face much in the evenings when Katsushi is around), but in the mornings I spot it on various walls and ceilings and such. When it first appeared on the living room ceiling early last week, it kind of freaked me out. Didn't really feel like hunting it down, though, so I let it be. With each passing day, though, my reaction upon seeing it went from "AGH! It's still here!" to "Oh, so there you are!" Kinda feels like I have my own little eight legged buddy/roommate.

  • KHII! I put a solid chunk of time into it Monday and got through the beginning bits. The game definitely suffers from a slow start. I mean, it took about 5 hours for me to get to the point where it felt the game actually ~began~. But the slow start did leave me with feeeeeeelings about Roxas. It's still too early to know how I feel about the game as a whole, but I am enjoying myself for now.

  • Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, been listening to the first piano album on youtube the past few days and it's sooooo good!

  • Casually stopped crossposting to LJ a week or two ago? I just don't see the point anymore. Most of the people I was crossposting for when I started using DW have either come here, update on only the rare occasion, or just don't update at all anymore. Somewhere over the course of this year I started to feel I didn't have anyone I interact with there anymore and, despite knowing there are still people around if you look for them, kinda can't muster the energy. I rarely even can get myself to log in to LJ anymore. Sad times. Really sad times. But the seungry account I made after retiring my first was meant to be transitionary and...purpose served, I guess.

  • Dropped the programming class today. :( Had to be done. I feel guilty, but also kind of freed.

  • I don't think I've mentioned it around here in recent years, but in the early 2000s I was a reeeally big fan of TechTV (still can't forgive Comcast for buying and destroying it). One of the major figures from the channel, Leo Laporte, went on to make This Week in Tech, a popular podcast that also seems to have spawned a slew of web shows on its site Kinda brings me back to the good ol' TechTV days. I was just browsing and found they have a Coding 101 program! Think I will give that a watch. Maybe it will prove a good learning experience, or at least help motivate me to continue studying.
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My programming class is getting frustrating. It's a continual game of catchup that gets harder every week. I think the professors are quite good, but I'm not enjoying the course. Dropping it would feel like failure on my part, a major cop out, and that's all that got me through last week. But I don't think that's a good motivator. Feeling the need to reassess learning options, or at the very least stop caring about due dates and getting a certificate of completion and just go through the class materials at my own pace.

The weekend has been quiet. Main reason is a Typhoon. Sunday was pre-Typhoon day, and it blew by our area this morning.

Sunday Katsushi and I went to a hundred yen store and a home center and got some stuff to help organize and make better use of the little shelf next to the TV. We also stopped at the little cafeteria near the home center and had lunch. So simple, but so good! Had Chicken Namba, marinated eggplant, miso soup, and rice. Unf! And that night for dinner we had Nabe for the first time since last winter, and that was awesome.

I also finished up Okami HD over the weekend. What a special game, really. Stylistically one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, and with such a great narrative and sense of atmosphere. It really felt like I was playing through an old Japanese folk tale. I wasn't really a fan of how it made you do mini game type stuff to advance the plot at various points in the game (once is fine, but was it really necessary to have to play that goddamn digging game on FOUR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS?), but other than that I felt it was just about perfect.

With Okami done, I can start picking away at the Kingdom Hearts. 2.5 HD ReMix. YES! Starting KHII pretty much makes up the entirety of my plans for this afternoon and I am totally okay with that. BRING IT!
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Sunday Katsushi and I went to Ikoma mountain with Nick to go to a tea ceremony demonstration. It was pretty fun. When all that was over and we were getting ready to leave, however, the kind of always panicked, slightly scatterbrained member invited us to her Aikido lesson.

We ended up taking her up on her offer (I really didn't want to very much, as I wasn't feeling super hot, but Nick and Katsushi seemed interested...). She drove us further up the mountain (which was a bit scary, her driving matched her personality) and we watched some cute kids practice Aikido. At various times the lady tried to get us to go out and do the exercises with the kids, one time going to far as to try and to pull our socks off. We never gave in, but boy did she try. After the kids lesson she offered to take us to see the temple at the top of the mountain, so we ran out of the building with her. And yes, we ran. She runs everywhere! We didn't know what to do when we saw her bolt for the door, so we just followed suit? After seeing the shrine Katsushi and I went back to the station, but Nick stayed to watch the adults practice.

My Monday was really relaxed as they usually are, but I was a little more purposeful about it this time because I've been feeling a bit off the past few days. I did go to Book Off, though, where I ended up getting a second hand copy of FFXIII. The game has never been a priority for me, but they had loads of them for 750 yen! I figured it was worth a shot at that price.

Talking about FFXIII and a lil bit about Kingdom Hearts )

Yikes, I gotta get ready to go to work. Have a nice day, everyone!
It's hot and humid and gross. Bleeeeeeeeeehh. This kind of weather absolutely saps me of motivation and energy. Add that to my cold (which has seemed to move completely to my throat, leaving me with a wonderfully mucus-y cough), and I will say this weekend has involved a lot of listless lying around.

The only event outside the home was lunch in Umeda. Boy and I went to a Chinese style rice porridge (called okayu in Japan) place, which was actually pretty tasty. After we were supposed to go shopping for a wedding present for my sister and her fiance, but I was feeling so shitty that we just called it a day and went home after.

Other things to note:

I finished Kingdom Hearts yesterday! Yay! I had so much fun with this game and I'm kind of sad to see it end, but luckily I have, um, the entire rest of the series left! I pretty much just want to jump right to KHII, but I imagine the inevitable 2.5 HD collection won't be around until sometime next year, so I will probably be tackling the HD Re: Chain of Memories next. While I am tempted to jump into it right away, I think I'm going to give myself a little break so as to avoid KH burnout.

I started watching Attack on Titan and, well, hmm. Cut for some short, probably spoiler free thoughts )

In other less important but exciting news for me, Viz is going to start republishing Ranma 1/2, unflipped, and in 2-in-1 volumes next year! Pretty cool! I feel like this might be enough for me to sell my Japanese volumes and collect these instead. I really love the original Japanese prints. They are super cute and SUPER DUPER CHEAP SECOND HAND, but to be honest, I grew tired of reading it in Japanese ages ago and will likely never, ever finish it that way. I can't really pick the Japanese volumes up anymore. :/ I just like Ranma in English better, I guess? Blame nostalgia if you will (I used to read the English comic in the dub's voices?), or all those martial art puns that went right over my head in Japanese. Both are def a factor.

Anyway, that's it. Have a good day, everyone!
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It's hump day! It's also July 4th, so happy merry Independence day to my friends from the US! May your day be full of barbeques and fireworks and all that.

I appear to be getting sick or something. I'm going to blame the month of June on this one, because the temperature and humidity levels were up and down and up and down and I think it freaked my body out. Also I think my immune system kind of just sucks. Seems like every time something is going around I catch it. Yes, I work with kids and ride trains every day, but that considered I think I still fall victim a bit more than people in similar situations.

I think I eat and sleep well enough, also I drink a fair amount of water and take a daily multivitamin. This leads me to think it's the fact I don't really exercise (apart from walking everywhere) that's killing me. Haha...I should probably get on that? After my summer break, anyway, as trying to get into a new habit a couple weeks before a long vacation where I am 100% sure not to keep up with it seems like a recipe for failure. I've been thinking about this for a long while, but maybe I'd like to try yoga? I'd like something I can do at home and I'm attracted to the mental/spirtual side of it. I think that could potentially be a greater motivating factor than the physical part, as I don't really care about being super fit or strong. Just healthy.

On that note, aside from the obvious exercise, anyone have any immunity boosting tips or tricks?

In dorky news:

Cut for continued talk of Kingdom Hearts, second hand hunting in the States, and legal streaming )

On a closing note, I don't think I've mentioned this before, but the boy's last day at his current job is tomorrow. Him quitting has been in the works for months, and now the time is here! I'm happy for him, jealous, and having apprehensions all at the same time. The possibility of spending more time with him is cool, I just worry for my ritualistic Mondays. Yes, I need to clean and do laundry for practical purposes, but I usually find that quiet and relaxing day to be an important time to mentally recharge and get myself ready for the rest of the week. I can deal with having plans that day from time to time, but if I go more two or more weeks in a row with busy Mondays it really gets to me. So...yes!
Notes notes notes!

  • Friday saw me having a SUDDEN GEEK CONNECTION with a new student of mine. Turns out he's a big Superfamicon and retro game fan, so we had some fun talking about SNES RPGs. Also anime, because he also shares my love of older titles and personal confusion by most new stuff these days. DORKY STUDENT-BFF...I finally have one!

  • Followed this up by having a very sexy dream about Jay Park Friday night. No way real Jay Park could live up to this dream. Nope nope nope.

  • Weekend was quiet? After the excitement and LOTS OF MONEY-NESS of the day trip and PS3 purchasing last week I wanted a quiet weekend. Katsushi and I did manage to get out of the house to go to a curry restaurant with kind of over the top, supposedly classy but in reality tacky decor. It was tasty! After that we walked the 1 to 1.5 hour walk back from Umeda to my apartment. Exercise!

  • KINGDOM HEARTS! I'm at the end of my first trip to Hollow Bastion and UGGGH RIKU. T_T I JUST WANT TO BEAT YOU BUT YOU ARE SUCH A BUTT. I think I need to level or something cuz boy is tough. Still loving the game in general, though. It's a lot of fun and being near the end of the game is kind of a bummer.

  • I was poking around PSN yesterday when I realized that there is a lot of TV available for purchase. Lots of anime, too! Anyone used the service for this? If so, how are the file sizes? What does the typical SD quality look like when compared to the HD? Are the available anime titles mostly dub only? I'm wondering if this would be a good way to legally watch some stuff I've been wanting to see. That said, I'm considering buying the first few episodes of Attack on Titan because I have been morbidly interested in that title for a while and it seems to be ~all the rage~ these days and/or maybe buying some Parks and Recreation because AMY POEHLER.

  • Only four weeks till I'm back in the States! So weird. Also HI JULY.
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  • DOMA was declared unconstitutional? Cool! Glad my home state is able to perform Gay marriages again. Let's hope the Supreme Court ruling will get a move on gay marriage at a federal level. It's good to know my State now allows me to marry another Citizen of the US, but I currently wouldn't be able to marry my current partner without messing up visa statuses and what not. No spousal visas in the US for international gay marriages until this becomes federal!ETA: N/M guys, turns out binational couples will be granted federal immigration rights! EFF YES!

  • Healthier habits from this week! Healthier habits! The fact that my vacation home (essentially an eat-a-thon) is only a month away is finally sinking in...and I realize I haven't quite fully recovered from the last trip. D: I also have a work-provided medical check on July 20th so I want to be as healthy as I can before that!

  • Still on that internet-lite thing. Realizing how seriously overloaded I was on Nintendo. It's cool to be a fan, but there's absolutely no reason to be checking Nintendo fan blog/news sites multipe times a day like I was. So yes, it's nice to be taking a break. My PS3 purchase was probably half a response to that. And expensive response. But my god, taking a good look into the PS3 catalogue for the first time has made me realize how much there is I actually want to play. Perhaps I should have succumbed to this system a while ago. I always really like my Playstation systems once I have them, but I tend to be resistent to them before that.

  • Also feels super nice to be away from Tumblr! Love that place, but the impulsive need to CONSTANTLY check it whenever it's open in a tab is quite something. Feel like I have a lot more free time now!

  • What have I been doing with my extra free time? Being productive? No, no. I've been dawdling through Kingdom Hearts and loving every minute of it. I've been taking my time exploring and what not as I follow the main storyline. I'm not being all anal about doing and finding everything, I'm just...wandering? Considering the time I've put in, I probably could be farther along in the storyline, but oh well. It's so much fun! All of it! Well, except the Gummi ship nonsense. I don't really care for that.

Have a good day, everyone!
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Exciting weekend! It all started with me going over to Katsushi's place Saturday night. His mom took us out to dinner at their local Fugetsu (an Osaka Okonomiyaki chain that is probably my fav). I spent the night there and Saturday night Katsushi and I headed off to Ise. We had to take a special express train about an hour and forty minutes out of Osaka to get there, passing through a lot of country side and some mountain towns as well. It was really pretty! Living in what is probably Japan's ugliest city, it's nice every once in a while to be reminded that Japan still has a lot of places that are beautiful, lush and overflowing with nature. :D

We went to Ise to visit the main Shrine there, which is the biggest in Japan. Katsushi and his family go every year. Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of the sights, really. We ate some good food!

...and here they are! )

My only souvenir was a fuurin (Japanese style wind chime/bell thing), as I've been meaning to get one for a while. I got a metal one and the chiming sound is beautiful.

I had a nice time, but man, did the trip wear me out! I crashed at 10:30 or so Sunday night and as such was up by about six today. Got all my cleaning done by 8am, talked my parents, then lost my mind, took a trip to Yodobashi Camera, and bought a PS3. Wish I was lying, but...I'm not. Whoops?

haha hello PS3 )

Looks like Katushi is on his way over. Undoubtedly because he wants to see my new toy. Looks like I need to sober up from this wine I've been sipping all afternoon...and quick! Also why does he do this after I've started making dinner (for one) I have to suddenly rethink things! D:


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