Sep. 25th, 2015 12:50 pm
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I've been a bad DWer recently. Feel eternally behind on checking my list, and realized today I haven't even updated since last Friday. I've been busy, but happily so. It's been a fun and eventful week, with lots of stuff to share.

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Hey all. Katsushi and I got back to Japan last night. Kinda still processing and I'm not sure how real it feels to me yet. Katsushi and I had rice, natto, miso soup, and tofu for lunch today and it was heavenly. I didn't miss much while away, but I DID miss simple, good Japanese food.

Being in California was great, as it always is. Got to spend tons of time with family, see some friends, and even visit my old college town (which I have fallen in love with all over again). I ate good food every day (my cheeks are looking a little fuller now, haha), often paired with a good wine or beer. I reread a lot of old comics/manga on my bookshelf and the Amy Poehler book, all in the company of cats. I never got up later than 7am (7 was only one day...think I averaged at 5:30 or 6), and began every morning with a cup of coffee and writing about the previous day in my hobonichi techo.

I'm not sure how jetlagged I am right now, and I am inclined to spend the rest of my evening taking it easy, so I'll leave it here for now. Katsushi left a few hours ago to see his mom and I am enjoying my first real bit of alone time in three weeks. It feels so nice!
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It is finally here! Finished up my last day at work yesterday, and now I am free! Our flight leaves tonight, so I've got the morning and most of the afternoon to do the rest of my prep. Right now I am loading up my 5 year old iPod Nano (I remembered I still had the thing last week, so I decided to bring it back to life!), and after this I think I'm going to go buy some last-minute food treats to bring as souvenirs. Then I will start packing!

I will be in the States for about three weeks, and for those of you who have been with me for a few years, you know the drill. I rarely get the chance to access dreamwidth when I'm away, so this may be my last entry for a while. My computer never comes with me and I don't like borrowing my parents' too often. Plus, I'd rather be with people and cats and stuff, and being able to break habits and get away from your normal routines is one of the best parts of vacation anyway, right?

So anyway, in case I don't get another chance to say it: Happy Holidays to you all! Whatever you celebrate, I hope it is awesome and filled with joy and food and people that you love.

Take care, and I'll talk to you when I talk to you!

Oh dear.

Dec. 17th, 2014 12:34 pm
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Yeah so...that Christmas party did not go well for me. Had too much cheap wine and felt the repurcussions all weekend (I cannot recover as fast as I used to...def a sign I'm getting older). This led me to think many things, the most important of which is that I just cannot do school parties anymore. They are the only thing that can make me go overboard anymore, and it's never because I'm having fun, it's actually quite the opposite, and that is a terrible reason to drink. So, I think I need to just not worry about negative reaction from staff and flat out say no from now on.

But steering away from blah stuff, happy things!
  • Gave Katsushi his Christmas present Monday! It's one of those machines that let you grow leafy veggies and spices (basil etc) indoors. It looks kind of like an aquarium...for plants! He's been wanting one all year, and he was thrilled!

  • Katsushi game me my Christmas present as well, which strangely enough was ENTIRELY Danbo themed! He gave me two Danbo figures, and one of those battery backup devices for various handheld devices that had a Danbo design. Haha. Completely unexpected, but pretty cute.

  • I used to be a huge Shiina Ringo fan but completely fell out of the loop a couple years back, so I only found out about her new album last week. Picked it up over the weekend and I love it! Reminds me why I loved her so much in my early to mid twenties. It's been too long since I've felt the Ringo love. :3

  • Katsushi is a huge Utada Hikaru fan, so while picking up the Shiina Ringo album, he also got the new Utada Hikaru cover/tribute album. I'm usually not a huge fan of such albums, but I really love this one. The range of artists and styles is quite impressive. Favorites inlcude Sakura Drops, Automatic, Sanctuary, Hikari and...actually pretty much any track. They are all great! The quality of the covers well exceeded my expectations.

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Found a Ranma 1/2 picture on tumblr yesterday that I thought would make a perfect holiday default icon, so viola! Christmas icon'd! My excitement for the holidays has been super high recently. So looking forward to my vacation. Can't wait to get back to my parents' house, sit in front of the Christmas tree with a cat (or four) and cup of cocoa and just, I dunno, take everything in. I've been listening to so much Christmas music recently, and singing it at my kids at random. I JUST WANT TO HURRY UP AND GET ON THAT PLANE AND BE HOME ALREADY.

The Bravely Second demo is pretty fun so far! Rather than the beginning portion of the game, it's kind of like an alternate world/scenario? They let you have roam of one of the continents doing original quests and stuff, and certain things will be transferrable to the main game when it's released. It's pretty cool, and for a demo, seems like its going to keep me busy for surprising amount of time. The developers did a live stream last night, and I watched the video this morning. They were mostly just addressing fans' questions, but it was still pretty cool. GETTING HYPED!

In other things, the weekend is almost here! This is the last full weekend I have in Japan before I head back to the States, and I want to enjoy it as much as possible. Saturday after work I have to go to a school Christmas Party. Not sure how much I am actually looking forward to it, as I think they are trying to do a bit too much. We are renting out a restaurant with unlimited drinks, and that is pretty normal. We are also doing 500yen gift secret santa, which is also pretty standard. But we are also doing games. And we are also trying to do a thing where EVERYONE has to bring something for a charity auction (and we all have to present our item in front of everybody. Japanese people have to use English, foreign teachers Japanese). But is a one 1 to 1 ratio (auction items to people) a good idea? Will there be enough competition? All I can picture is a few items having proper bidding wars, with a few others where only one person bids, then the rest being completely ignored. Maybe I'd be okay with the auction if we could drop the secret santa gifts (having to bring two things is a pain, and that is on top of the 3000yen party fee. THIS IS A BIT MUCH), but I dunno. Why can't we just sit back and enjoy food and drinks and conversation and let it be that? Simple is best!

Well, however Saturday goes, I think Sunday will be alright. Katsushi and I are going to head to Umeda to do any last minute shopping and probably see a movie. Should be nice!
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Less than two weeks till my trip back to the States, and my head has been filled with thoughts of excitement and stuff to be done. It's so soon, I CAN'T WAIT! :D

Over the weekend I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, so hooray for that. It was a lot of fun, but also pretty exhausting. Sunday night, after some gift shopping with Katsushi, I started to feel like my cold was coming back, and my extra intense journey by myself on Monday (I got most of the shopping done then) left me feeling ragged. I went to be early that night, and that seemed to do the trick, so end of story, I hope?

Also, the new hide song is out!

[FULL PV] hide — 子 ギャル by narita-keiichi-it

The song itself is good ol', classic hide, and by that I mean FUN! I'm glad the last of his songs is getting a release, but I still feel a bit torn about the use of vocaloid to finish it. I have to admit it was done well, though perhaps eerily so. I'll be fine if they leave it at this, but if I see, like, a vocaloid hide concert tour coming about as a result of this technology, or, like, "original songs" done with his voice, I will be pretty pissed.

In other news, Bravely Second Demo is released today on the Japanese Nintendo eshop. I'll probably download it after I finish this and play it tonight or tomorrow. So stoked. The game has also been dated, and it seems its been pushed from winter to spring, the release being April 23rd. I don't mind having to wait a little longer, but my concern is that spring is also the target release for Xenoblade X. I'm not sure I can handle both of those games coming out at around the same time. X_X
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The rest of my weekend was really great. Feels like the best one I've had in a good while. Sunday was a bit of a down day. I did go out with Katsushi for a bit on his quest for a second hand iPhone 5c (he went all over the goddamn place and ended up buying it at the place nearest our place...after visiting it 4 times in 24 hours), and I continued on my Persona high by starting Persona Q. This is my first time playing an Atlus game in Japanese and my first Etrian Odyssey/Dungeon Crawler type game, and I am having a blast. It's so, so, so much fun!

Monday we went to a Thanksgiving party. I got to see Donna and her roommate for the first time in ages, and we talked for hours about EVERYTHING. We're planning on having an anime/dork day at my apartment after the winter holidays, so that's something to look forward to. :D

Heard about what's going on in Ferguson at work yesterday, and I've been catching up today. My tumblr dashboard is on fire with posts, and I am reading as much of it as I can.I feel disappointed in my country and sad and upset about what happened and is happening. There's more to it than that, but I am having a difficult time finding the words to express myself.

I'm finding this song comforting right now, so give it a listen.

Last Scene

Nov. 5th, 2014 11:27 am
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So, good weekend was good! We ended up putting off the wine and cheese party till this weekend, but we still went to Costco on Sunday. Probably the most modest Costco trip I've ever taken, mostly getting stuff for the party, but still good. Costco in Japan is always NUTS, as it's so busy on weekends it kinda feels amusement park level in terms of crowds, lines and crying children, but it's also kinda fun for those reasons. Sunday we headed to the mountainous outskirts of Kobe for a small party at Sachiko's place and had lots of fun and good food as always. Little Chihiro is almost two years old now, and since the last time I saw him has become a confident walker and has started talking (just a bit) and forming more of a personality. So cute!

Now that Halloween is over, Japan has switched over to Christmas/Holiday mode. Been seeing Christmas decorations and hearing Christmas music around, and that is cool I guess. It's making me even more excited for my trip to the States. :D

While traversing Tumblr yesterday, I came across this song and, ughhhhhhhhhhh, it's so good.

Stuff like this reminds me that I need to, like, pay more attention to music. The focus of my interests has really shifted in the past few years, and while overall I am okay with that fact, in cases like this I can't help but feel I've been missing out on a lot.

On a final note for today, Nintendo has announced a world-wide Nintendo Direct tomorrow! It'll be airing in the US, Europe and Japan at the same time. While it seems like a good time for a pre-holiday season presentation, they claim they'll be talking about stuff being released through next spring as well, so hopefully they have some cool announcement up their sleeves. In Japan it will be airing at 7am (ouch!), so I'm debating whether I want to try and get up early to watch it live or just wait until my normal time and watch the youtube video over breakfast. I guess I'll have to gauge my feelings/tiredness tonight.
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Halloween is over, thank goodness, and November is here! Feeling kinda shocked 2014 is almost over already, but other than that, I am suuuper excited for the holidays this year! I'll be back in the States so soon! I really need to get myself prepared. Feel like I should eat as healthy as possible from now until vacation to make up for ALL THE EVERYTHING I will be eating on my visit. Similarly, feel like I should be as thrifty as possible to help offset what I'll probably spend on presents for the fam and the shopping I will do back home. BUT CAN I DO IT?

I felt like there was a lot to update about over the week, but I just never did? I had lots of thoughts. Thoughts of being happy where I am. Thoughts about some very specific things where I feel like the Japanese view of America...isn't quite right. Thoughts of thoughts. I dunno. Lots of things. But I just never wrote about them. Whahhh evahhh.

My lack of ability to talk about, like, significant things, does not mean I can't talk about the trivial, though! I played tons of P3P this week. I haven't checked my time in the past day or two, but I've probably tipped 20 hours since Monday. Ugh! X_X But also yay cuz Koromaru just joined my team and he's so effing cute. :3 And oh, my Link Between Worlds soundtrack came from Club Nintendo this week! So exciting! They didn't send an email out saying it had been shipped or anything, so it was a fun surprise! And since it was a few days after my b-day, we're pretending it's a present from Nintendo. Even though I used my own club points to get it.

On a final note, this is one of those rare weekends where I am fully booked! Today we're going to Costco with Melissa and her fiance (cuz, oh yeah, she got engaged to her boy last month!), then having a little wine and cheese party. Then tomorrow, because it is a public holiday, we're going to Sachiko's place for another party! Should be pretty fun!
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Last weekend was kind of interesting. A little after writing my last entry, when I was washing rice in preperation for lunchtime, I noticed weird little brown bits floating to the top of the water. Upon closer look, I found they were larva and other buggy things. Our rice container had been invaded! D: We had just barely gotten into a new 5kg bag of rice, and there was no way we were going to let it all go to waste, so we spent the next hour and a half or so sifting through the rice (using pasta strainers and the like), shaking out the bugs, larva, cocoons, and everything. Haha....

Sunday continued to be interesting. A typhoon passed through. We didn't have any flooding problems in my area or anything, but we still had lots of strong wind and rain. We did not leave the house once.

Katsushi went back to work on Monday. It's Friday now, and my five days of half-day solitude are nearing their end. It has been...interesting, I guess. My mood has been up and down, as it can happen when you have a lot of time to yourself. Especially with the news being as terrible as it was been this past week. I've been making sure to get out of the house a bit every day. Monday I went to dork town and looked at second hand game shops (got Luigi's Mansion on a special Obon sale discount!), Tuesday I went to Yodobashi Camera in Umeda (I've stopped shopping there, but had over 3000 yen in store credit I needed to use before it expired, so I got the Kirby 3DS game and used it all up!), Wednesday I had my Japanese lesson and also wandered around the neighborhood, and Thursday I went to the huge Maruzen & Junkudo bookstore in Umeda.

The trip to the bookstore was the most dangerous place, honestly. I went there to pick up a new Japanese textbook, Vol 14 of Shingeki no Kyojin, and the new (translated) Murakami novel, but they also had their annual foreign books bargain sale going on, and I got more than expected. The foreign books bargain sale at this store is much smaller than the one Kinokuniya has every March, but the prices are a tad cheaper, and the quality in selection of books, particularly with non fiction, seems a bit higher. I was able to get some books on the cheap I'd had my eyes on for a while, so yay to that!

But now it is Friday, and I'm not sure what to do with myself. Like I said, I've been trying to get out a bit every day, but I'm not sure there's anywhere else to really go. I'm kind of tired of wandering shops. And while I'd been planning to go see the Kenshin movie by myself, I'm just not in a movie mood today. Maybe I'll just go to a cafe and sit there a while with a book. Or maybe I'll just let myself stay home. I dunno.
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Main points from the remainder of my holiday:
  • Taco night was a success! We had enough left over for a taco lunch as well, as well as a round or two of nachos. Yum!

  • We went to Costco with Katsushi's mom and sister and got lots of good stuff. I have a giant bag of craisins now and am super excited about it! After the trip we got Katsushi's sister's pug and went for a walk in a big park. Her pug, Eito, is so cute!

  • Went to Sachiko's new house! We had a curry party (Sachiko made Thai, Japanese, and Indian!) and talked and played with Chihiro. He's at about 16 months now and getting big!

  • Katsushi and I went to Shiisa, the Okinawan place in my neighborhood that I love. There was a period last year where we were going once every two weeks or so, but this was our first time since the move! It was really wonderful to order all my favorites, sip a little awamori, and take in the peaceful atmosphere.

Other than what's listed above, I just relaxed, ate delicious things, read more comics and plucked away at Persona 4. Actually I ended up putting more time into Persona than I thought I would, especially in the second half of the vacation. Got myself up to October! Kind of simultaneously want the game to go on forever AND want it done with as soon as possible. I'm having so much fun, but like I have said before it's so absorbing that I can feel a bit too disconnected from reality at times. I can have a really hard time putting it down.

Also am continuing to deal with a bit of homesickness. Really missing my family, my cats, and California right now. :/

Today work starts again. Super duper not excited about this, but I know it's for my own good. Need my routine not to become a complete sack of crap. Money to live is pretty nice too, I guess.
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As of today I've entered the second half of my break. My vacation has been really chill so far. Relaxing, casually going out shopping, eating delicious things, drinking wine in the middle of the afternoon. Feel like I've been spending a lot of time with my nose in various volumes of manga, a reflection of the fact that the bulk of my shopping time over the break has been spent in places that sell books. Pretty awesome. I've also been eating tons of curry. Think I've had it, like, four times this week? :D

Came down with a really bad headache on Wednesday, though, which I guess has been the only bad bit so far. Came from the eyes, and is totally the fault of spending that afternoon playing Persona 4 on the Vita. But even the headache had an upside! Mainly, an hour or two listening to classical music in the living room with the lights off, scented candle burning. Other than the pain, it was really peaceful and refreshing. Sometimes it's nice to just sit, think, and listen to music, right?

I spent some time running around to various markets in my neighborhood this morning, because tonight is taco night! I even got cilantro (it can be kind of an elusive herb here, but luckily a super market about a 20 minute walk from here sells it!) and UNNF SO EXCITED!

Also went to the booze shop/import shop I used to live by when I lived in the Yakuza infested building to get some stuff, and they had restocked their import beer! So happy to see Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale back (SO GOOD), and seems they have also started stocking Blue Moon since my last visit! So awesome! Got a bottle of each, plus some Negro Modelo cuz TACO NIGHT.

Also, have you guys seen the US PSN's Golden Week Sale? It's pretty awesome! Signed up for the free Playstation Plus trial just to get Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for $10. $10! And I used some leftover credit to buy it anyway, so it feels kinda free! Hooray!
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My Golden Week holidays appear to be off to a solid start. After work on Saturday I went back to Sakuraen ( sake brewery with fancy restaurant attached) with Katsushi and his mom. We had a delicious kaiseki style meal, equally delicious sake, and live music! Super nice.

Sunday I walked to Esaka by myself and got myself some treats at Kaldi Coffee, a chain import store(/coffee bean specialty shop, as the name implies). Highlights include a box of Honey Bunches of Oats, which tastes like my childhood, and Lion's Toasted Coconut Coffee, which is divine. The aroma alone is staggering, and while the coffee itself doesn't have a strong coconut flavor, the aftertaste left in your mouth after taking a sip, curiously, does. Unf.

Monday my family finally figured out how to do three way video calls on Skype, and because of that I was able to talk to my parents and my sister and brother in law all at once! This might become the norm from now on, which is pretty rad. Isn't technology wonderful?

Other than that my vacation so far can basically be summed up in three points.
  1. Manga. FMA, Mushishi and Patlabor, but soon to be joined by Sailor Moon and the latest Shingeki no Kyojin

  2. Pizzacato Five Finally found a CD at book off that had Baby Portable Rock on it! YESSS!

  3. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call. The Theatrhythm sequel came out in Japan last week. Been looking forward to it for a while and it's pretty awesome. So many songs! XD

I for some reason woke up at six this morning and couldn't really get back to sleep, hence the time of this update. Think it's time for some coconut coffee!
Been experiencing a bit of homesickness lately (def not the sole reason for my recent moodiness, but a contributing factor), but since I probably won't be going home until Christmas, I want to make use of Golden Week as a chance to remind myself what a not so bad place Kansai is. I never really travel far during Golden week, but I do like to get out and do stuff in my area.

Golden Week runs April 29th through May 6th. The 28th is always the last day at work, but since the 28th is a Monday this year and that's always my day off, my Golden Week is extra long! As soon as I finish work Saturday I'm off for 10 days straight! Awesome!

Currently on schedule for this break:
1. Dinner at the sake brewery I went with Katsushi and his family a few months ago
2. House warming party for Sachiko (her family just bought a house!)
3. Tentative plans to see Donna
4. Visit Nara! Kastsushi and I want to visit Harushika for sake tasting, but I imagine we'll also see/do something traditional because that is what you DO in Nara.

Other stuff I'd like to do maybe:
1. Do a bit of clothes shopping
2. Take a trip to nerd land (Den Den Town)
3. Have a Mexican food night!
4. Make pancakes for breakfast
5. Drink in the afternoon
6. Read a book?
7. Eat out a couple of times!
8. Go out by myself on the days Katsushi has work and/or no one will accompany me
9. Spend a little more than I usually do on coffee and get a week's worth of really nice stuff to drink.

Not sure if everything on these lists will actually happen, but my goal is try and do something every day. I might allow myself one super lazy pajama day, but since the weather is nice and I had SO MANY LAZY DAYS over the winter holidays, I want to try and get out and do stuff as much as possible.


Feb. 4th, 2014 11:50 am
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The weekend was a nice, calm, and warm one. Temperatures were pretty nice for this time of year and it felt really nice! We are back to typical February temperatures as of today, but it was a nice change of pace.

Because of the nice weather on Sunday, Katsushi and I walked the 20ish minutes to Esaka, where we had Indian food, bought some coffee beans from Tully's, and payed a visit to Uniqlo. A coworker had tipped me off on Saturday that underwear was on sale, which I know is super unexciting, but I needed some and Uniqlo's underwear is my fav, so I picked up four pairs. Two are Disney themed, so now I can have Mickey touching my butt at all times. Neat!

That was the extent of my weekend adventuring, pretty much. Monday was the normal mix of around the house-ness. It was Setsubun, though, so we had sushi rolls for dinner and that was pretty awesome.

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  • Made myself a Link Between Worlds icon! This gaaaaaaame. <3

  • Shopping in Umeda yesterday was a resounding success! Found both a (hopefully) decent pair of work shoes, and a nice coat, which is something I've been wanting for like two years. And the best part is that both were on significant markdown because of New Year's sales, so yay! They still weren't exactly cheap, but I saved a good amount of cash and got myself nice things that should hopefully last me a while!

  • Katsushi and I also went to a fancy, stylish, cheapy (most items are between 105 to 525 yen) little kitchen and interior organizing supplies store and got some stuff. We got little wine racks and some other useful stuff. I am really excited about the sock organizer I got. IT'S SO COOL.

  • We had a light lunch at a good little cafe near the subway entrance in Umeda, and I got something I've always been curious about there, a sweet bread called the neko no te (cat paw). It was super good! It had a marshmallow filling and the bread around it was crispy. It tasted almost exactly like a rice crispie treat and that made me ecstatic, as that is not a taste I've experienced in years. Will definitely be going back there in the future!

Winter break is coming close to an end. Including today, I'm down to the last three days. Sad, but I'm also feeling kind of ready to go back. That's good, right?
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Yikes, didn't update for two days. I wanted to try and do it every day over my vacation since I'm basically not doing anything, but the reality is that even when I'm wide open, I don't think I can be an every day sort of person. Anyway, on to some happy bits:

December 31st )

January 1st )

January 2nd )

That's it for now. Once I get Katsushi up, we are going to head to Umeda for some shopping. Should be fun! See you all later, and I hope your 2014 is getting off to a good start!
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So, I missed updating on the actual day myself! Whomp whooomp. I spent most of the day by myself and honestly it wasn't the best. I just had this aching longing to be home and was kind of jealous at everyone who was having a good time. Updating all negative-nancy like is no fun, so I decided to put it off!

But anyway, happy bits! (Perhaps this is what I will be calling my Daily Happiness stuff?)

  • Bought a new Christmas Album! Classic christmas songs done in old video game style(/mashed up with legit game music). Fun stuff! Listen to this FFIX overworld/Come All Ye Faithful track. ALL MY FEELS.

  • Last day of work wasn't all that bad! I got to see an old coworker of mine, and one of the students brought in a homebaked cheesecake/chocolate mousse/fudge cake and it was DIVINE.

  • Christmas morning I skyped my family! We talked for about two hours and it was really fun! I talk to my parents every week, but I don't get to talk with my Aunt, sister, or brother in law very often, so it was nice.

  • Made the dough for some winter spice cookies, which was a recipe from the book I got. That went okay, but unfortunately the "one hour in the fridge" listed in the instructions was not enough, and I had a hell of a time trying to roll out dough and use my cookie cutters, even after flowering everything! It was still too mushy and sticky. So I made one small plate of FAIL COOKIES and stuck the dough back in the fridge and will try again today.

  • Katsushi bought Panda Darake as a Christmas gift for us? What? The pandas are really cute and it's kind of fun, but I'm not really one for novelty games. It could make a nice activity on the occasion people come over, I guess.

  • Amazon sent me the notice last night that Link Between Worlds had shipped! Checking the status this morning, it's out for delivery in my neighborhood as of about 7am. Can't wait for it to get here!

That's it for now, I think. I woke up today feeling kind of...off. I hope I don't get sick! X_X Oh well, Zelda arriving gives me a good excuse to stay in bed all day and take it easy. Hoping for the best!

Oh, yikes.

Dec. 24th, 2013 11:07 am
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Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I feel like there have been so many talking points since the last entry...how did I manage to go five/six days without an update?

  • First, we have a Christmas-like tree! Came home from work Wednesday or Thursday night last week to find Katsushi had bought a small potted tree. Guess all my whining payed off? Hah! It has no decorations because the branches are a bit too delicate, but hooray tree!

  • Christmas lessons at work this year were such a pain. The crafts were so messy and two of three of my schools hadn't properly collected the necessary materials before them and put them all in the classroom, so I had to run around the school looking for them. Very stressful.

  • One of my schools particularly annoyed me last week because they threw some model lessons at me with little/no notice (READ: this is technically against the rules), one of which was with an 8/9 year old kid who bolted for the door every chance he got, meaning the parents stayed in the room for the lesson and had to hold him down most of the time. No joking or exaggerating, it was the worst model lesson I've ever had. -_-

  • Katsushi and I went to to see the new Ghibli film, Kaguya Hime no Monogatari, this weekend and I cannot express how lovely it was. The animation, music, and story were entrancing. It was such a moving piece of art and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it whenever it reaches your area.

  • After the movie we went to the book store, and amongst other things I got a really awesome book called Cookie Heaven, which is to be my cookie making bible, perhaps. I had a lot of fun looking through it page by page and seeing all the cookies I want to try making! YAY COOKIES!

  • And now for silly stuff! FFVI, Zelda, Nintendo )

Today is my last day of work before winter vacation. I have to go a little farther than my normal school today, and my shift ends slightly later than usual, which means I probably won't be home until around 11 tonight. That's a bit balls, but what can you do? I just can't wait to get it over with so I can enjoy my time off.
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This was a pretty good weekend. Saturday after work, the school I work at had their Christmas party, and because the school director there is awesome, she booked a nice place that serves organic/natural stuff. I was in high heaven due to a combination to really tasty food and the all-you-can-drink wine and beer. It was a lot of fun! Sunday I was a bit hungover, but no regrets guys.

Sunday: IKEA and sofa shopping! )

With that, most of the moving related nonsense is taken care of. Everything we want is here or waiting to be delivered, and our place is slowly coming together. Super exciting for me because living in a (near) complete apartment is nice, and super exciting for you because it means I should stop rambling about it all soon.

So now it is Monday. I've already done the necessary things and dropped in at the old place to pick up the last bits and pieces. Katsushi is going to be gone all day thanks to school and some charity dinner/jazz show(?) that he is attending to support a friend. Basically, I've got the rest of the day to myself and nothing on the schedule. Awesome!


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