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It has been too long and I am sorry about that. It's just been hard to get myself to write. Quick catch up on the past few weeks:

  • Been enjoying cooking recently. Finding it to be a satisfying, kind of cathartic experience. Especially combined with wine and either music or Netflix. Highlight dishes of the past few weeks: Thai green curry, kabocha pumpkin mash (with cinnamon and a bit of sugar), Mediterranean pasta (guess who got artichoke hearts from Costcooooo?), pumpkin stew, and kasu-jiru.

  • N1 study is going as well as it can. I am digesting it all just fine and feeling good in that regard. But it is inspiring some fits of FUTURE ANXIETY, mostly due to my own impatience. I JUST WANT TO BE PERFECT AND CONFIDENT AND, LIKE, CAREER-STARTY ALREADY.

  • Harry Potter reread is going well! I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire now and really enjoying myself. It has been a really long time since I have seen the movie and even longer since I have read the book and there are a lot of details I have forgotten.

  • I saw Star Wars for a second time on my local theater's discount ticket day a few weeks back. STILL AWESOME.

  • Last Thursday was a public holiday. A rich private student took me and some staff out to a nice sushi place. It was delicious. Natsuki (friend who took me to see my friend in Awaji Island last fall) was there, and after lunch we sat in a cafe and had a nice long nerd talk about videogames and manga. Yayyyy.

  • ...and the cafe was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! They just opened a store in Osaka, which seemed kind of random to me until Donna told me it's popular in Korea. She actually thought it was a Korean chain before I told her otherwise.

  • Last weekend we ate out a lot! Had BOMB indian food with Melissa and Keita, then Mexican with Donna. Yummmmmm.

  • Finished Sen no Kiseki. Probably the slowest paced of the Kiseki series I have played so far, but the ending got me all hyped and I can't wait to play II.

  • Today is the release day for Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, one my most hyped games of 2016. Unfortunately, word started spreading yesterday on Japanese twitter and nerd-sites that the Vita version has issues. Text is small and hard to read on the Vita screen. There are long loading times, even a few seconds between going in and out of a house in a village. There is regular slowdown in battles and menus. And there are cases of the game crashing. Boo. Really wanted to Day One this, and I've been looking forward to going out and picking it up all week, but I dunno. I can deal with the first couple of issues, but crashes and slowdowns are no fun. So I guess I'll have to wait for a Vita patch or play it whenever it is I decide to get a PS4 (cuz btw, that version plays perfectly). Either way, feeling kind of disappointed.T_T


Oct. 20th, 2015 06:42 pm
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  • I wrote an entry Monday morning about the Sakanaction concert and never posted it. Here it is in it's entirety: SAKANATRIBE!!! )

  • My parents house had an offer after only a day of it being on the market. They have accepted. The offer they put in on a condo near the waterfront was also accepted. Things are happening really fast and I am reeling, a mass of complicated feelings and nothing else. Definitely happy I went home during the summer though. Can only imagine how much more upset I'd be if I hadn't.

  • Took one of those personality tests for the first time in ages, and I'm actually going to try to not forget it within a week as I have in the past. I am INFJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. Hooray? Makes a lot of sense, though, the more I read about the type.

  • I'm having a birthday party for myself next weekend, and a handful of my favorite people can't make it for completely forgivable life reasons. It's fine, but I'm getting a bit down about it anyway. I guess part of it is that I have some friends from my hometown visiting and I kind of want to show off my friends here, but won't be able to. The other part is me being just generally down on myself recently. The mind is not always a friendly place.

  • F**king Haikyuu. I think I am starting to love you and I wish I didn't I have to make myself feel so embarrassed about it.

  • Katsushi and I had lunch at the City Bakery cafe yesterday and they had pumpkin pie! I was really excited about it and it did not disappoint (City Bakery has yet to let me down!), but I was bummed because it is an October, Halloween special only. Booooooo.
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I. AM. FINISHED. WITH. WORK. All in all it was a slow last week. Our normal kids were gone in place of a week of summer intensive classes, but I didn't have to teach many of them.

I went out last night with some coworkers from one of my schools last contract. That school had a really good year when I was there and got some money as a prize from HQ, so they took us out in celebration. It was only five of us in the end, so they decided to take us to a premium yakiniku (Korean BBQ, basically) place. Our course was 7,000 yen per person. 7,000 YEN. Never would have gotten that on my own cuz I am too cheap so hooray for going on someone else's dime. The meat, as you can imagine, was otherworldly.

Afterwards we went to Karaoke for an hour and a half or so. I can't even remember the last time I went to Karaoke...but it was at least two years ago. It was fun! Got to sing Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo and Judy and Mary, but that's all I really sing in such situations anyway I guess.

So anyway, I am mildly hung over today. Just need a shower, some water, and a good poop and I should be set though. It's that kind. Which is good, cuz I got stuff to do! Today I need to do laundry, buy souvenirs, PACK, and do silly but important preparations like putting more music on my phone and perhaps some books on my kindle. Also promised Katsushi we could go out to lunch, cuz I dunno, I'll be gone for a while and feel like we should do something special.

And as a closing note I most def had a dream I was friends with benefits with Seungri uhhhhghghgh. I don't really care about Big Bang much anymore, but still kinda love dat boy.
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Secondly: Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, has passed away. Really sad, but it makes the events of the past few years make sense. He was obviously seriously ill, despite the fact it was never talked about directly to the public. Sad news. I really liked him. Rest in Peace, Iwata-san. (Just heard about this as I was finishing up the entry, but thought it should be mentioned. Perhaps I will write about this more later when I have the time to organize my thoughts.)

Saturday night I took some staff members at one of my schools to my local Okinawan restaurant. It was a lot of fun! The food and spirits were amazing as usual, and I got to hear a lot about what goes on behind the scenes.

Sunday Katsushi and I went to Costco with Melissa and her husband Keita. We both had Costco memberships in the past but let them expire, and recently decided to just share one (since each card allows two additional guests, it works out pretty well). Didn't get much, but all of what I did get was exciting. Split some brownie bites and Pace Picante sauce (I KNOW IT'S TRASH SALSA BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE. FRESH IS HARD TO COME BY HERE) with Melissa, then got some pretzel rolls (UNF) and...HUMMUS! HUMMUS! THEY FINALLY CARRY HUMMUS! I have been waiting so long for this. SO LONG.

The rest of Sunday was spent kinda just lazing around and eating and playing games. And talking about games, can I say what an anomaly Persona 4: Dancing All Night is? Feels like a game that shouldn't exist, but I am really glad it does. The contrast between the uber poppy, anime visuals and the legit electronic remixes (they got a bunch of well known Japanese DJs to contribute tracks) is so over the top and ridiculous but also awesome? This is a game fully aware of how campy it is, and that makes everything SO MUCH BETTER.

Cut for MUSIC! )
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So the day has passed both here and in the homeland, but better late than never. To my MERCAN friends, Happy Independence Day! Hope your day was full of fireworks and BBQ sauce and FREEDOM.

We had a pseudo-celebration at home after I got back from work on Satuday. Made awkward, fake tacos (no taco shells so we baked gyoza wrappers, no taco mix so we used tandori spice mix) and salsa and pizza and MEAT and beer. Then afterwards we watched one of my favorite movies, Addams Family Values. LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. The cast is just too perfect. UGH.

My Sunday was mostly spent out of the house. My rich private student on Tuesdays invited me, another teacher, and five staff members to her house and we were treated to A FEAST. Had super fancy bento boxes (not normal fare, but Kaiseki level stuff), somen, sukiyaki, and homemade umeshu (plum wine). For desert there was watermelon + other fruits, ice cream topped with espresso, and a variety of cakes and cookies. It was a bit awk at times and I couldn't quite fully relax (YAY BOUNDARIES BETWEEN WORK AND PRIVATE LIFE), but the food was amazing so I can't really complain, can I?

Tomorrow is my work-sponsored health check, which is why I am still up and writing a journal entry at this hour. I can't eat before and my appointment isn't until 2pm, so my goal is to stay up late so I can sleep in tomorrow and minimize hungry-time.

In a mix of excitement for my upcoming trip back home and perhaps just feelings of over saturation with Japanese pop culture/interests (this has been happening to me on occasion here. It's just so readily available and everything becomes an excuse to improve/keep up my Japanese that sometimes I find myself in too deep and in need of relief), I've been craving a bit of western pop culture. Mostly the movies of my childhood (SUDDEN NEED TO WATCH SISTER ACT) and, like, Depeche Mode.

I finished up Trails in the Sky Second Chapter tonight, and the ending was just so damn cute. I love Estelle so much. Second Chapter was overall better than First Chapter. AND DEAR LORD WAS IT LONGER. Why is almost every game I'm playing this year like 80 hours? DX Still have Third Chapter to tackle, but I need a break. I am all Trails in the Sky'd out for now.
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Down to the last two days of Golden Week and wondering what I really did? I usually have relaxed GW holidays, but I feel like this was the laziest one I ever had? I could blame it on the fact the game I'd been hyped for 2+ years about being released on the first day, but I dunno.

Yesterday Katsushi and I did get out and had lunch with Melissa and Keita. They got back from their honeymoon in Thailand last week, so we got to hear all about that. We had Mexican food then afterwards went to one of those self serve frozen yogurt places and it was all wonderful and soul-foody. My mind felt as refreshed as my stomach satisfied.

I've been doing a fair amount of reading over the holiday, which is worth mentioning I suppose. Granted I've mainly been reading manga, but since it is in Japanese it is totally the same as reading books for me okay. Got through all of Katsushi's Naruto stuff, been plucking through a reread of Yotsuba (which I have to reread at least once a year? I just love it SO MUCH), and also started two new series: Urusei Yatsura (FINALLY!) and A Bride's Story (Otoyomegatari).

In Xenoblade land, things are thinging. More pics and Miiverse wonkiness )
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  • The past week or two I've been in slumpsville, generally just not feeling very good about myself. Ugh. Seem to be beating it, though.

  • Katsushi was out of the house Saturday night, so I had the night to myself. I ate Thai curry, had some wine, and had feelings about music. It was wonderful.

  • Went to the bookstore on Sunday and got the final volumes of Full Metal Alchemist, as well as the final volume of Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari. Finished them both up over the weekend and indulged in some happy tears at their conclusions. Such good series. Both are keepers that I know I will be coming back to again and again.

  • Randomly found instant hummus mix at an import/gourmet store on the same outing. I was a bit skeptical, but curiosity won in the end, so I stopped in at my favorite bakery and got a nice baguette to go with. We've been eating it this week, and it's just...alright. Has a powdery texture, but the flavor is close enough to the real thing. Not bad considering you can't really BUY fresh hummus here. Next time I want to try and just make it myself, though.

  • I started watching Steven Universe last weekend. WHY IS IT SO CUTE? I can't stop, and have a feeling I'll be all caught up by the end of this coming weekend. It makes me so happy.

  • Monday I walked to Esaka and got some delicious cream pan (cream filled sweet bread). The bakery Katsushi and I like there has THE BEST cream pan, the cream being closer to what you find in a cream puff than the standard custard. The cream is overflowing and EPIC. UNF.

  • So I've currently blocked the game news blogs I have a tendency of over-reading (and that often post click-baity not-really-news news), but I'm still letting myself hear news through the grapevine. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised on twitter to hear that Star Ocean 5 was announced! That's something to look forward to. It's supposed to take place between 2 and 3, so maybe that'll give me the motivation I need to go back to 1 and 2 and actually finish them this time? XD

  • Survived my first day of kids yesterday mostly unscathed, though I made a sensitive girl cry over my no Japanese rule. Whoops.
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Been having a pretty decent weekend, even if I feel a bit lacking in the sleep department. Recently I seem to be sleeping better on workdays, having no trouble being in bed until (/or until slightly after) my alarm, but come the weekend and it seems like I wake up WAY BEFORE and can't get back to sleep. What is up, self? Is this the "adult" version of staying up late or something? Gotta get my extra hours of "fun" in somehow, I guess.

That aside, the weekend! Saturday after work my Japanese teacher threw a party with some students at the restaurant of a previous student of hers, a Turkish man trained in Italian cuisine. The result was a nice mix of European/Mediterranean food that was all quite good. And there was hummus. THERE WAS HUMMUS! The company was interesting, too. Melissa went with me (she started taking lessons with my teacher a few months back), and we got to chat with a couple from India, a South African who travels Japan teaching and performing traditional South African music, and a Jamaican born, MIT alumni from New Jersey. It was a good night.

Xenoblade hype, and breaking down and getting that new 3DS )


Mar. 27th, 2015 10:45 am
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  • It's the last week of the contract, which is a weird, sometimes sad time. My school today I will not be sad at ALL to leave, as it wasn't really a well run school at all, but my coworker there is moving back to England and I will miss talking to her.

    The other school I'm leaving, which I will have my last day at on Saturday, will be a bit harder. I won't exactly miss the staff (we got along well enough professionally, but we never really got to know each other, you know?), but I really loved my students there. I made a lot of good connections with the adults, and I will miss talking to them. Some I have convinced to come visit me at the schools on my new schedule, but the others I probably won't see unless I continue working for my company and come back to the school in future contracts.

  • I finished up Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky FC on Monday, and boy was it a great ending. The last boss was actually pretty tough, and the ending after that had a great twist and a heart wrenching cliff hanger. I can't wait to play the second one, though I may or may not hold off for a bit.

  • Xenoblade month starts next week, with the 3DS port coming next Thursday! Excited, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about a new 3DS. My hesitance makes me think maybe I should just let myself wait on the system after all. I dunno. I'll still be keeping my preorder of the game either way, because the Xenoblade fanboy in me WANTS THOSE PREORDER BONUSES. I can decide about the system whenever, I guess.

  • The lettuce in our sci-fi fish tank garden thing has been getting pretty big, and this week we even picked some and had lettuce wraps for dinner. It was SO TASTEY. Katsushi's been getting really into indoor gardening, actually, and he's been trying to grow some herbs outside the tank as well. Not sure how that's gonna go, but it's still kind of fun I guess.

  • I've been using Duolingo every day for over a month now, which is pretty awesome. It's worked its way nicely into my morning routine and I am having fun with it. Maybe this is kind of weird, but it's kind of making me think about my high school days a lot too? Guess studying the language was a more influential part of my high school experience than I remember. It's triggering lots of (mostly good) memories and a general sense of nostalgia for that period in my life.

  • I'm reading Tinder right now, a kind of creepy fairy tale for an older audience. I'm enjoying it, both for the story itself and just the fact it is the first book I've read since I got back from winter vacation, a sad and embarrassing truth. Reading is fun and oh so satisfying, and I really need to get back into the habit.
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Nearing the end of a three day weekend, which is sad. Saturday was the Vernal Equinox, which is always a public holiday here for whatever reason, so I got to take the day off work and extend my weekend. It's been a good weekend for me personally, with just the right balance of getting out, productivity, and rest.

Saturday Katsushi and I went to Osaka Castle Park and wandered around, then went out for Nepalese curry and nan. Additionally I got to stop in at Kinokuniya, which is having their annual foreign books bargain sale. Yay reading material!

The only downside of Saturday was a mixture of not having slept well Friday night, feeling dehydrated, and ALLERGIES. It wiped me out, but gave me tons of motivation on Sunday to run all my sheets and blankets through the wash and then give them a solid once over with the lint roller. We did a bunch of other cleaning yesterday, and the apartment is feeling much more livable. Oh, allergies. I hate you, but at least you are making me more thorough about household chores.

But anyway, back to Sunday. Also got out of the house in the morning to buy some new headphones, as my previous pair bit the dust last week. I've always been the sort to go for the cheapy ones, but this time I let myself spend a little more (not a crazy amount more, mind you, just an extra 20 or 30 bucks than I usually let myself spend) and the difference is HUGE. The sound is so much fuller and balanced and it's so much more satisfying to listen to music now. UNF.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Probably not much more than a bit of reading, red wine-ing, and perhaps finishing up Sora no Kiseki FC (I'm on the final dungeon!). No biggie though because that sounds fantastic.
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It's been so cold this week. The temperature in March is always so up and down, it's near impossible to adjust. It should be warming up next week though! Hopefully this will be the end of the cold and spring will officially begin, but who knows?

Haven't been mentioning it much, but I'm still chugging along with Spanish at Duolingo. On a three week streak! But it's starting to get to that point where I realize I should probably focus less on new lessons and do more review lessons every week, because some of the vocabulary just isn't sticking.

Anyway, letter meme! [personal profile] torachan gave me G. If you want a letter, just drop me a comment.

G things! )

Speaking of [personal profile] torachan, he also left a big response in my last entry with a bunch if 80s Japanese music recommendations, mp3s included! If any of you are interested, check it out! Still getting through the playlist I made of everything, but it's a lot of fun so far!
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  1. Last night I went out with my friend Melissa and the part time staff at my fav school. When Melissa still worked for my company she got along well with this staff member, but they hadn't seen each other since Melissa quit, so I thought I'd reunite them. We went to a small place they was all stylish and had some pretty tasty western food (highlights being their homemade sausage and a gorgonzola pasta). We were at the restaurant for close to four hours chatting. So much fun!

  2. The Xenoblade X livestream Friday night was great! Was hoping for a little blip at the end about Xenoblade 3D like happened last time, but no such luck. With less than a month less before release, I think it there is now officially a 0% chance of a pretty Xenoblade limited edition LL model. I wasn't exactly holding my breath, but there was a small part of me still kinda crossing my fingers for a surprise announcement. There IS going to be a Monado kisekae plate, however, so I am probably gonna be getting that (if I can locate it at a shop, as preorders on amazon sold out in a second and I am not paying those ridiculously inflated prices those scalper jerks charge) plus the standard size, white new 3DS model.

  3. I finished up my rewatch of Invader Zim this week. It was a show that started out really strong, but kind of felt worn out by the end? Here's to hoping the upcoming comic takes it's cues from the earlier half of the series rather than the latter.

  4. This morning I started rewatching the Tenchi Universe TV series! This is the ultimate nostalgia bomb for me, as it was the series that really got me into anime (I loved the Tenchi series in general, but it was this incarnation in particular I adored and watched endlessly), and despite its obvious flaws cannot see it as anything but delightful. It is wedged too deep into my rose tinted past and I cannot be objective about it AT ALL. Though that's part of the fun for me now, I guess. Used to watch it fairly often when I lived in the States (JUST GOT CRAVINGS SOMETIMES), but this is my first time since moving to Japan, somehow. This rewatch will be the BEST. It is long overdue and I am way excited.

Anyway, with a social Saturday night out of the way, think I'm gonna let this Sunday be deliciously slow and lazy. Lazy Sundays are the BEST!
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So, on Monday Katsushi and I went to Namba for lunch at a little pancake cafe. It was alright? I had pancakes with nuts and caramel syrup, Katsushi Quattro Formaggi style. After decided I wanted to go to Nipponbashi/Den Den Town/Dork Land, but Katsushi said that place tires him out, so he went home. That was fine with me, because honestly I enjoy going to dorky shops on my own anyway. Mostly just wandered around looking for the PSP Lunar Silver Star remake, but unfortunately struck out. I did, however, find the Sora no Kiseki (aka Trails in the Sky) complete trilogy set for PSP for a super good deal, and being on a high from my newfound love for Legend of Heroes, couldn't pass it up.

Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the sky FC rambles )

In other, more important news, I got my draft schedule for the new academic year! Change always fills me with apprehension, but perhaps especially after this year. There were some bumps as always, but overall this was my favorite schedule I've ever had, and that said, I was honestly kind of bracing myself for disappointment. After an exceptionally good year, things can only get worse, right?

Schedule! )

Anyway, this entry has gotten waaaay too long, so I'm going to end things here. This Friday night there is another Xenoblade X stream, so super stoked about that! Be ready ( avoid?) my rambles about that next time!
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Last night I went out for dinner and drinks with Melissa and some of her old students (now just friends. They've been getting together every few months like this for years). One of them is my student this year, and we've had multiple conversations about our friendship with Melissa, so this time she invited me as well. We went to an Asian fusion restaurant in Umeda. The food was tasty and everyone was really nice. Feel like I've been kind of accepted into their group, and they've promised to invite me to all future get togethers. Awesome!

When I came back home I beat Persona 3 Portable. I know a couple entries ago I complained a bit about certain aspects of the game, but the game was still completely and utterly awesome. I think I like P4 a bit better as a game, but I think I liked P3's overarching story better. And the ending. THE ENDING. It was PERFECT. And, Aigis. My dear, sweet Aigis. Was not expecting her to be my fav by the end, but it happened and now I have so many feelings.

Really liking the new Sakanaction stuff (this is a double a side single, I think? There's another video here featuring a DANCING SPIDER). I haven't paid attention to them for a while and am now feeling like I need to remedy this. Though I do feel the need to chime in once again and say how I wish their videos weren't so focused on the vocalist. I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THE REST OF THE BAND.

Zoom zoom!

Nov. 12th, 2014 11:34 am
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So, the wine and cheese party with Melissa and her fiance over the weekend was a success! We had goat cheese, gouda, a snacky meat platter (mixture of salami, prosciutto, and some other meat), Melissa's homemade bread, and of course wine. It was really fun!

The rest of the weekend was pretty calm, so not much to report. But I do have fanny ramblings, so read on if you wish!

Japanese music stuff (hide), some nintendo-y stuff )
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So, Sunday was my birthday. One's birthday falling over the weekend is an event that doesn't happen all too often, but turning such an "ehhh" age, 29, I didn't feel like celebrating much.

Birthday weekend. With a few pictures )

So that's about it. It's back to work with me now. Today is all adults, but then Weds through Fri are Halloween lessons, and I am trying to mentally brace myself for those. They aren't exactly my favorite.
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So, talked to my mom on Skype after I wrote my last entry. It was really only her for the whole talk. My parents had just kind of got back from spending time down South with my sister and brother and law's family, so everyone was pooped I guess.

While we were talking a Fed-Ex package from my family came! It was perfect timing, and full of really awesome goodies. Some of it was stuff I had bought for myself (Ranma Blu Rays, a few games got on the cheap), but they also sent me some tasty treats! I got some pumpkin spice Kisses, pumpkin spice M&Ms, and best yet...homemade cookies! If you remember, my brother in law manages a Fed Ex store, so he can send stuff quickly and cheaply, so on their Thursday they baked cookies, sent the package Friday, and it arrived their Sunday, my Monday. Pretty rad! I've been picking at the cookies, but fear I'm eating them too fast, so I decided to freeze the majority of what was left. Hopefully that will slow me down a bit. That, or I'll just eat them cold! XD

cut for useless game rambles )
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Yesterday Katsushi and I went to Umeda, which was nice. We had dinner at a place that has a variety of asian dishes (Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc). Katsushi had Gapao rice and I had pork and pineapple fried rice. It was toootally unf worthy.

We also dropped in at Yodobashi camera. Katsushi wanted to look at phones, but I was also able to take a look at the new 3DS LL.

impressions )

On a final note, yesterday I wrote an entry on my LJ announcing I wasn't going to be cross posting anymore. My time on LJ went out with a whimper, but whatever! I am officially dreamwidth only, and that feels good! :D
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My programming class is getting frustrating. It's a continual game of catchup that gets harder every week. I think the professors are quite good, but I'm not enjoying the course. Dropping it would feel like failure on my part, a major cop out, and that's all that got me through last week. But I don't think that's a good motivator. Feeling the need to reassess learning options, or at the very least stop caring about due dates and getting a certificate of completion and just go through the class materials at my own pace.

The weekend has been quiet. Main reason is a Typhoon. Sunday was pre-Typhoon day, and it blew by our area this morning.

Sunday Katsushi and I went to a hundred yen store and a home center and got some stuff to help organize and make better use of the little shelf next to the TV. We also stopped at the little cafeteria near the home center and had lunch. So simple, but so good! Had Chicken Namba, marinated eggplant, miso soup, and rice. Unf! And that night for dinner we had Nabe for the first time since last winter, and that was awesome.

I also finished up Okami HD over the weekend. What a special game, really. Stylistically one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, and with such a great narrative and sense of atmosphere. It really felt like I was playing through an old Japanese folk tale. I wasn't really a fan of how it made you do mini game type stuff to advance the plot at various points in the game (once is fine, but was it really necessary to have to play that goddamn digging game on FOUR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS?), but other than that I felt it was just about perfect.

With Okami done, I can start picking away at the Kingdom Hearts. 2.5 HD ReMix. YES! Starting KHII pretty much makes up the entirety of my plans for this afternoon and I am totally okay with that. BRING IT!
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Well, it's October, and that means a lot of things for me, the most immediate bit being that my company's summer "Cool Biz" dress code (essentially meaning no ties) is over. October 1st is always a sad day for me in that regard.

Had a pretty decent weekend. On Sunday Katsushi and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which we both enjoyed quite a bit. We both kind of want to read the comic now, so we will investigate our options when we go to the States over the winter holidays.

After the movie we checked out City Bakery, a shop from New York that recently opened a branch in Umeda, as I'd recently been hearing about from students and coworkers. Their claim to fame is their pretzel croissant, but I think personally I was more excited by the cornbread. REAL CORNBREAD! IN JAPAN! A lot of their (awesome) muffins also used cornmeal, and they also had buttermilk biscuits and some killer cookies. Definitely a new favorite shop of mine!

I started watching Bob's Burgers this week, and I think I'm really liking it. Katsushi sat down and watched an episode with me and afterwards was like "What the hell was that?" But when I told him I watched an episode without him yesterday he was like "You should have watched it with me...." So, haha, I guess he likes it a bit too?

Also, my Kingdom Hearts shipped this morning. Should be here tomorrow. SO EXCITED! And lastly, has anyone seen the new adorable new 3DS commercial? Not really a fan of Ms. Pamyu pamyu but I have to say I love this. JUST LOOK AT GENTLEMAN LINK. AND BOWSER WITH GLASSES. :3


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