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It's been a while since I've had the chance to post about a Nintendo Direct and I am excited, because it was a pretty decent one that def exceeded my expectations (though to be fair I didn't really have any?):

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Anyway, that's all from me for now. Just have one more day at work then tomorrow is Okinawa! Yay!
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Perfect storm of events recently. I guess. The past week has been terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Had an unexpected medical thing come up all of a sudden last week and I was on medication and in relative discomfort, and stress from that incited heat rash or something similar (in Japanese it is called 汗網. Katsushi pegged it and the doctor at the clinic confirmed) ALL OVER my legs and lowerback and/or stomach and/or waist and since Sunday have been feeling like I may or may not be catching a cold. So you could say that physically I have been fucking out of it. Sorry for that f-bomb, but it's been an f-bomb sort of week.

I was pretty miserable at work last week, but my main medical thing seems about done and I'm finally out of meds, so even though I have the threat of a cold I am feeling pretty good and am celebrating with a beer, cuz I REALLY wanted a drink over the weekend but couldn't. Katsushi is conveniently having dinner with his family tonight, so along with the beer I am blasting Perfume and will probably do similar with old KPOP because I am a gay boy with needs.

Oh, but the perfect storm. The perfect storm! Despite the constant physical discomfort, life has been pretty good otherwise. Katsushi and I, along with my friend Donna, managed to get to the Yoshitaka Amano exhibition on it's last day at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe. The exhibition was amazing. AMAZING. Naturally there was a whole room dedicated to his Final Fantasy art. Got to see the original painting of the iconic cover to Final Fantasy VI, which was almost overwhelming. But his other work was so impressive. I never realized how detailed and layered his paintings are. I bought a book with every piece (plus extras!) from the exhibition that I will treasure forever. Only the final room was okay to photograph, and I posted the main piece of art displayed there (that was the central piece for the branding of the exhibition), on my twitter for those interested. The museum was surprisingly awesome, too, and in a few weeks they are opening an exhibition on manga, anime and video games, and yeah NO WAY I AM MISSING THAT.

After the museum we went out for lunch and had some delicious Japanese food and then tea and cake at a Fujiya (cake shop/restaraunt owned by the people who make Milky candy!) and talked a lot. And as a result of all our chatting Katsushi, Donna and I (and anyone else we can find) are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland early next year! YESSSSSSS! With this, my America trip under my belt, and my tentative Okinawa trip coming this fall, seems like my 30th celebrations will be lasting at least half a year. BUT WHO CARES. YOU ONLY TURN 30 ONCE AND I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Monday was a down day, cuz DAMN THAT PRE-COLD LETHARGY. But I got to relax at home and play video games and such so all is good. SPEAKING OF GAMES, Dragon Quest VIII arrived Saturday and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Not graphically up there with the PS2 version from what I've seen, but I never played it so I don't really care. It's fun, and it's been a great companion (along with FEif, which I will probably continue to plod through in the background over the next couple of months) during my rest/brain dead time.

Anyway, here we are. It's Tuesday, and I am sitting by myself sipping beer and listening to old Big Bang (THE KPOP IS HERE) and getting excited. After work I stopped in at Umeda and picked up an English language book ALL about traveling through Okinawa (NEVER THOUGHT SUCH A BOOK WOULD EXIST, BUT IT DOES!) and a Japanese book of tips to survive the Tokyo Disneyland experience. There are 66 tips, which is kinda funny, but hey, it's not a taboo number here so whatevs.
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So yeah, Nintendo was underwhelming. Kinda leaves the impression they are gearing up for NX and slowing down game production/leaving the Wii U to die. We've got a couple games to keep us for the next 8 months or year, but after that? I dunno. Zelda will probably be the last big first party game, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets the Twilight Princess treatment. :/ Oh well.

I think the big announcements are pretty much over, but I am still waiting for the PS4 game Level 5 is supposed to announce. Has that happened yet? I have not heard anything. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Ni no Kuni 2!
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Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox, and because that is something to celebrate, I guess, it is a public holiday in Japan. Sucks for most of the population, as it falls on a Saturday this year, but for me it is awesome, and thanks to it I have a three day weekend! So rad! Katsushi and I are probably going to try and get out one of the days to go see something pretty, eat something good, and perhaps do some shopping. Looking forward to it!

We have now entered the rounds of last classes at work. Finished with my kids yesterday, and will be finishing with my kids for today as well. The rest will come next week. This was such a fast year, I can't believe it is already over. It was overall my best year too, so I am kind of sad to see it go. The next couple of weeks will be a roller coaster of events, saying goodbye to some schools, hello to others, then rotating between easy days at schools and torturous training days at HQ until new classes begin mid April. This period over the next month or so is always weird, but it goes quickly and before I can really process it all the Golden Week holidays arrive and that is always cause for excitement.

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A couple of weeks ago [personal profile] muladhara posted a link to her Tumblr, and when I was checking it out I found she had posted one of those 31 Question gaming memes. Might start doing that here soon. :D


Aug. 28th, 2014 12:10 pm
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So, the week is going. Getting a bit more settled into my new computer. Yay for that, I guess? It's kinda cool today, which feels weird, but I am definitely happy about that. Only 24C (75F) comfortable! Thanks, rain!

Other notes :
  • I started playing FFX again this week. Not sure's just what I wanted to do? I'm playing it in English this time, though, on the PS3. The dub is not as bad as I was expecting it to be (lots of people hate it, right?). Yuna's English voice doesn't capture her character as well as the Japanese voice, I think, but other than that I think the dub is...alright?

  • Still reading that book on depression. It's a bit long and can wear me out, so I've still got about half of it to go.

  • Storybundle has another video game bundle up! More interesting nonfiction books and magazines on games, yay! The bonus includes two music albums that are pretty quality. I'm listening to the first one right now and love it.

Feel like I probably had more to say, but can't really remember what I wanted to talk about. In which case I'll just leave it here for now. Hope you are all having a good day.
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  • Been kind of experimenting with cutting back on coffee. I've only made coffee once or twice in the past week. Been finding it pretty easy, actually. It's still entirely possible for me to start my day without it, so yay! It's good to do this before summer, because it's easier for me to accidentally drink to much when it's iced, which can lead to some, um...not so fun trips to the toilet. D:

  • Played a bit more FFXIII yesterday. Still kind of confused. Admittedly I had to read some stuff on the FF wikia, 'cause like, they've been spouting names of groups and stuff since the start and I didn't really get it all. I have no problem with actually reading katakana, but when there are tons of made up terms spelled in katakana in a story they tend to all sound alike to me and I have a hard time distinguishing between them. The more a story uses these kind of terms (rather than using pre-existing Japanese), the more everything starts sounding like gibberish to me. X_X

  • Ughh, I've gotta get going on my taxes, guys. The two month automatic extension expats get makes me even lazier. It's been hanging over my head for months, but now I've only got a few weeks. Why do I always put it off? It's not like my taxes are even that HARD. *shakes head*

  • Watched an interview show that Tsumabuki Satoshi was interviewed on recently over lunch today. Such a cutie. :3

  • Anyone hear the news that a new Tenchi Muyo series is in the works? Just 5 minute episodes, so I'm sure it's nothing much, but still...not sure if I want this. I love the OVA (series 1 and 2, anyway. Still haven't gotten around to 3...) and Tenchi Universe series unconditionally (my gateway series...), but I do think that it is very much a product of it's time and should probably just stay a part of 90s anime history. Don't expect this to be good at all, but I'll probably check it out anyway, cuz at least it's actually Tenchi Muyo and not one of those awkward, vaaaguely connected spin off series.
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Sunday Katsushi and I went to Ikoma mountain with Nick to go to a tea ceremony demonstration. It was pretty fun. When all that was over and we were getting ready to leave, however, the kind of always panicked, slightly scatterbrained member invited us to her Aikido lesson.

We ended up taking her up on her offer (I really didn't want to very much, as I wasn't feeling super hot, but Nick and Katsushi seemed interested...). She drove us further up the mountain (which was a bit scary, her driving matched her personality) and we watched some cute kids practice Aikido. At various times the lady tried to get us to go out and do the exercises with the kids, one time going to far as to try and to pull our socks off. We never gave in, but boy did she try. After the kids lesson she offered to take us to see the temple at the top of the mountain, so we ran out of the building with her. And yes, we ran. She runs everywhere! We didn't know what to do when we saw her bolt for the door, so we just followed suit? After seeing the shrine Katsushi and I went back to the station, but Nick stayed to watch the adults practice.

My Monday was really relaxed as they usually are, but I was a little more purposeful about it this time because I've been feeling a bit off the past few days. I did go to Book Off, though, where I ended up getting a second hand copy of FFXIII. The game has never been a priority for me, but they had loads of them for 750 yen! I figured it was worth a shot at that price.

Talking about FFXIII and a lil bit about Kingdom Hearts )

Yikes, I gotta get ready to go to work. Have a nice day, everyone!
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My Golden Week holidays appear to be off to a solid start. After work on Saturday I went back to Sakuraen ( sake brewery with fancy restaurant attached) with Katsushi and his mom. We had a delicious kaiseki style meal, equally delicious sake, and live music! Super nice.

Sunday I walked to Esaka by myself and got myself some treats at Kaldi Coffee, a chain import store(/coffee bean specialty shop, as the name implies). Highlights include a box of Honey Bunches of Oats, which tastes like my childhood, and Lion's Toasted Coconut Coffee, which is divine. The aroma alone is staggering, and while the coffee itself doesn't have a strong coconut flavor, the aftertaste left in your mouth after taking a sip, curiously, does. Unf.

Monday my family finally figured out how to do three way video calls on Skype, and because of that I was able to talk to my parents and my sister and brother in law all at once! This might become the norm from now on, which is pretty rad. Isn't technology wonderful?

Other than that my vacation so far can basically be summed up in three points.
  1. Manga. FMA, Mushishi and Patlabor, but soon to be joined by Sailor Moon and the latest Shingeki no Kyojin

  2. Pizzacato Five Finally found a CD at book off that had Baby Portable Rock on it! YESSS!

  3. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call. The Theatrhythm sequel came out in Japan last week. Been looking forward to it for a while and it's pretty awesome. So many songs! XD

I for some reason woke up at six this morning and couldn't really get back to sleep, hence the time of this update. Think it's time for some coconut coffee!
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  • Thursday: Survived another day at HQ, this time for a personnel and student care workshop. Kinda painful at times. Met a kid from DC who is the son of two lawyers. Nice guy, but it felt like we were from very different worlds.

  • Friday: First day at a new school. The school director is hot. Unffff. Accidently got there early, as my scheduled time had changed without me knowing. Explored the area a bit and found a gourmet super market nearby. Neat! DC kid showed up and it turns out we will be coworkers. Haha. Talked with him about how our parents had relaxed and become less conservative as we grew up. I talked about how my dad started drinking more (he never really drank at all when I was young), especially once I turned 21. He told me how he helped convince his dad to buy a beach house like he's always wanted to. Like I said, different worlds.

  • Saturday: Busy day at a new school. They just moved to a new location so everything has that new car smell. Very strange, very fancy.

  • Weekend (Sunday/Monday): Bad weather on Sunday led to no cherry blossom viewing, then Monday I just couldn't gather enough desire to go anywhere but the grocery store. Not the end of the world, as it appears the peak happened sometime during the work week last week. The cherry blossom trees were already starting to turn leafy green by the time the weekend came around.

  • Other stuff:
    1. Finished up DQIV last week, so I lugged out the PS3 and started playing Nier over the weekend! It's a neat little game and I'm having a good time. Playing it on easy though, as I really just want to enjoy the story and the music.

    2. If you are into literature on games and aren't averse to ebooks, the Story Bundle has a pretty good deal going on right now. Probably won't touch the Minecraft or Portal books, and I've already read the Sega book, but everything else looks potentially interesting. Especially excited about that Earthbound book and the retro game mag collection!

    3. Did you guys know Final Fantasy VI turned 20 last week (in Japan)? Can't believe it's that old already!
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My personal little three day weekend is over! It's back to work today, and I'd be all sad about that but to be honest the next couple of days are going to be cake, as we have no kids through Friday. Hooray!

The weekend was quiet. I'm still a bit mucus-y, but more significantly Katsushi seems to have fallen victim to my cold. He's in the nasty beginning bit so we just stayed at home and rested up. Minus going to the store a couple times, I didn't do much. Here's what the last few days boil down to:

  1. Finished FFX. short, but cut just in case )

  2. Started X-2. I'm taking the changes in stride. Nothing about it is upsetting me the way it does some people. The story isn't doing much for me yet, but keeping it light and campy is fine with me. Can't really say much yet, as I'm still just getting into it. While I don't expect to like it as much as X, I don't expect to not like it, yeah?

  3. Strangly enough, got a craving for a shonen jump-y sports story this weekend. This almost lead to a trip to the second hand comic shop, but instead ended up with me watching a handful of Kuroko no Basket episodes on the internet this morning. I don't think I've ever watched/read a sports anime/manga, so I'm not sure what this is about. The story is cheesy fun, but to be real, I'm in it for the pretty boys, and it's probably mostly going to be a stepping stone to Slam Dunk, which I suspect I would enjoy more. I just want more sparkly muscle boys right now.
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The cold has continued and gotten worse this week, and we even had snow in Osaka Friday night! This is significant because it rarely snows here. Pretty exciting. We were expecting snow Saturday as well, but unfortunately the snow had turned to rain by the morning and the snow melted very quickly, so no fun for us!

Anyway, Tuesday, Feb 11th is a national holiday in Japan (National Foundation Day), so looks like I've got myself a three day weekend. Pretty rad. Today we are having guests over to the apartment for the first time and that is pretty cool. My friend Melissa is coming over for a nabe (hot pot) party and it will be AWESOME. Lots of good food and good conversation, hopefully! Her boyfriend Keita was supposed to come too but I guess he's not feeling well, which is a shame.

As for the rest of my three day weekend? I dunno! Tuesday Katsushi and I might do something, but Monday I have pretty much the entire day to myself. Katsushi is still working that day and has to go to a work party that night (his new employer is moving into a new office on Monday, so they are celebrating that). This means I am ~free~ (which when I mentioned this to him his only response was "But aren't you always?")! Maybe I'll go hunting at Bookoff or just wander around, or maybe I'll just stay at home and try to finish off FFX.

On that note, FFX discussion )


Feb. 4th, 2014 11:50 am
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The weekend was a nice, calm, and warm one. Temperatures were pretty nice for this time of year and it felt really nice! We are back to typical February temperatures as of today, but it was a nice change of pace.

Because of the nice weather on Sunday, Katsushi and I walked the 20ish minutes to Esaka, where we had Indian food, bought some coffee beans from Tully's, and payed a visit to Uniqlo. A coworker had tipped me off on Saturday that underwear was on sale, which I know is super unexciting, but I needed some and Uniqlo's underwear is my fav, so I picked up four pairs. Two are Disney themed, so now I can have Mickey touching my butt at all times. Neat!

That was the extent of my weekend adventuring, pretty much. Monday was the normal mix of around the house-ness. It was Setsubun, though, so we had sushi rolls for dinner and that was pretty awesome.

ffx talk )
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Yeah, totally called the losing my voice thing. When I went to work the day of my last entry, my voice got destroyed. I took yesterday off and my voice is getting back to normal, although stilll a little hoarse. My day off was nice and lazy, mainly spent just drinking tea with honey while using the computer or playing FFX.

Speaking of FFX, I am really loving the soundtrack. Yesterday I spent some time wandering around and grinding (the skill tree is so addicting X_X) in an area where this was the track in the background and unnnnnf, this might be my favorite so far.

Another thing I've been meaning to mention is that I finally got coffee for my coffee maker last weekend! I made coffee for the first time on Tuesday, and to my surprise, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia, homesickness, and a cozy sense of home.

I never realized that I associated the sounds and smells of coffee making in the morning so closely with home, though looking back it makes sense. It simultaneously made me miss home and reinforced the reality that living with Katsushi is creating a new sense of home for me, something that I never had when living alone. It is exciting as it is scary.


Jan. 22nd, 2014 11:58 am
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Still fighting this cold. The annoyingly tickly throat part seems to be over, which is good, but my voice is a little weird, which is worrysome because it means there's a chance I'll end up losing it sometime in the next few days. This means an automatic call out, and while mentally I'd be quite happy, I don't really want the pay cut post-move and post-Vita.

FFX and vita talk )

All moved!

Dec. 5th, 2013 01:02 pm
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Aaaand we have internet! Sort of. Looks like the provider I had before is going to be a big ol' pain getting set up here, and additionally would require a significant monthly fee hike, so we are going to cancel that account. Instead, Katsushi and I are going to go for a portable WiFi device, and our two week free trial WiMax modem just came this morning. SO YAY INTERNET!

The move went about as smoothly as it could have, I guess. We've been slowly unpacking and organizing things this week and all has been good. It's been pretty fun living with someone again, but it's easy to say that when it's only been a few days.

It's exciting to ponder how the apartment will look in its ~final form~. This weekend we will be going to IKEA again, so I hope we will be able to find all the necessary bits and pieces that we need. Other than that, we will probably be ordering a kitchen appliance or two from amazon, and because a semi-double is really a bit too cramped for two people to sleep on every day, we will probably get one of those extra narrow single beds and just kind of mush the two beds together. Should make all the difference!

As with any new living space, all I want to do is just stay here and take it all in. Work feels like such a bother, and going back on Tuesday this week felt like returning to some weird, distorted reality. But it's just making me all the more excited for vacation! It's less than three weeks away!

In my free time I've been kind of absorbed in FFVI Advance. Ahhh, this game! A couple nights ago I went through the famous Opera scene and last night I got Mog, and ugggh I just love him so much. I'm having so much fun with this game, really! In other exciting/silly news, the enhanced Bravely Defaily comes out today, and they just announced it's sequel, Bravely Second, yesterday. NEAT! Can't wait to play both!
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Got through packing up the Kitchen rather easily. Now it's just the last little bits I have to take care of, which I will do tomorrow night/Sunday morning before the movers come. Yay! Went and picked up a Tempura rice bowl from the grocery for lunch, since I no longer have any ability to make my own food. Yum!

I've still had some down time during the whole packing process. In my free time this past week I've been doing a couple of things.
Talking about silly stuff )

Anyway, that's it for me today. Hope my friends in the US are having a good Thanksgiving! Be aware I am very envious of your Turkey and your stuffing and your pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays growing up, and it's the one I miss most and get the most homesick over now that I live so far away.
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This week has been a weird one for me. The Japanniversary turned me into an introspective mess the past few days. Trying to escape it and return to normal! In other personal news, I have developed a single pimple in the center of my forehead this week, which is pretty awesome, and a typhoon rolled through yesterday dropping massive amounts of rain yesterday morning and bringing humidity levels up again. I'm so tired of humidity. It's October! I just want the air to be crisp and fresh and I want it to be cool enough to break out my sweaters already! T_T

In silly news:
  • I am caught up through Volume 11/Chapter 46 of Attack on Titan. Only took about a week to tear through, haha. I could probably dedicate a couple entries to fannish rambling on various thoughts and theories, but I won't! Not today, anyway. Definitely will be keeping up with this one, but probably only when new volumes are released. As such I'll always be behind, which means I'll be constantly dodging spoilers, but oh well.

  • Pokemon is so close! SO CLOSE! It looks like the game is already sold out in Japan, if you can believe it, so I'm glad I preordered! I keep checking my email in hopes Amazon Japan will ship it out a day early or something, but no such luck yet!

  • So the past week or two I've been listening to Balance and Ruin, a free but super quality compilation of FFVI remixes and covers. Two of my favorites are probably On the Run (The Returners) and The Impresario (Opera Sequence) (a very Queenish, Rock Opera version of the oh os famous Opera scene), but there are so many stand out tracks. If you are a fan of the game and/or it's music, you owe it to yourself to check it out!
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As mentioned last time, my cold got super mucus-y and overall worse this week. So much so that, after a stressing Thursday evening at work I came down with a fever and subsequently took Friday off. Katsushi happened to come over Thursday night and ended up spending the night. Since he is newly funemployed, he spent a good chunk of his Friday with me. It was pretty nice! Even though all we did was laze around.

I've had a lot of lazy time this week, so here's what I've been doing while sick:

Cut for dorky talk )

Blah blah blah. That's it I guess. See you around! Not much on the horizon for this weekend, likely just more time spent recovering and perhaps a meal out. I'll let you know if anything fun happens!
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A Typhoon is rolling through Japan this week. We're far enough away from it here to be really bothered by things, but it has been raining pretty consistently. We're on day three now! As such it's been pretty humid, but it's also been really cool! Feels like a complete 180 to what we were experiencing this time last week.

My internet light week has been going as well as it can, I guess. No super cool productive stories, but I have picked up the FFIV DS remake for the first time since 2008, which for some reason was one of the 3 or 4 DS games I brought to Japan with me when I moved, to appease my recent Square RPG craving (doesn't quite satisfy the playstation part of that craving, but it's better than nothing!) and have been working through that. FFIV talk )

In other news, guys, I think all this weather is throwing my body for a loop. Woke up with a suspicious throat this morning. If I catch a cold or something I will be very sad. I'm supposed to be going on a day trip to Ise this weekend and I don't want to have to cancel! D:
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I was supposed to do a weekend wrap up like entry like I always do but I didn't. So here it is in a nutshell: Indian Curry! Running around retro game shops in Nipponbashi/Den Den Town and getting Mario&Luigi RPG for the GBA! That's about it!

So on to more important things: E3 2013! I suppose this is to be expected considering Microsoft and Sony's new consoles along with Nintendo's desperation with the Wii U and domination with the 3DS, but this E3 has been all kinds of epic so far? XboxOne has been more epic along the lines of bad desicions and internet memes, but Sony has been nailing it and Nintendo is doing a much better job than last year.

Talk behind the cut. With trailers and junk! )

That's all I have to say about that for now. As for Japan news, I dunno? It is humid and hot and as such I slept terribly last night? I was grumpy at work yesterday and that will probably continue on to today? Summer always kicks my butt in this country.


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