Oct. 20th, 2015 06:42 pm
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  • I wrote an entry Monday morning about the Sakanaction concert and never posted it. Here it is in it's entirety: SAKANATRIBE!!! )

  • My parents house had an offer after only a day of it being on the market. They have accepted. The offer they put in on a condo near the waterfront was also accepted. Things are happening really fast and I am reeling, a mass of complicated feelings and nothing else. Definitely happy I went home during the summer though. Can only imagine how much more upset I'd be if I hadn't.

  • Took one of those personality tests for the first time in ages, and I'm actually going to try to not forget it within a week as I have in the past. I am INFJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. Hooray? Makes a lot of sense, though, the more I read about the type.

  • I'm having a birthday party for myself next weekend, and a handful of my favorite people can't make it for completely forgivable life reasons. It's fine, but I'm getting a bit down about it anyway. I guess part of it is that I have some friends from my hometown visiting and I kind of want to show off my friends here, but won't be able to. The other part is me being just generally down on myself recently. The mind is not always a friendly place.

  • F**king Haikyuu. I think I am starting to love you and I wish I didn't I have to make myself feel so embarrassed about it.

  • Katsushi and I had lunch at the City Bakery cafe yesterday and they had pumpkin pie! I was really excited about it and it did not disappoint (City Bakery has yet to let me down!), but I was bummed because it is an October, Halloween special only. Booooooo.
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Yesterday Katsushi and I headed over to Donna's place to discuss our Tokyo Disneyland trip. We've basically locked down the period we want to go, we just need to decide the exact arrival and departure dates. There's still a bit of indecision about the length of our stay, but once that is settled we should be able to make our reservations.

Also got a nice tour of where Donna lives now. She's lives in a share house, which is not a super common thing here. It's this huge, kinda old Japanese style house with a really quirky layout. It's got tons of personality and for a Japanese house is actually quite spacious. I have to admit I was a bit jealous when I saw it. I mean, I am content with my living situation now, but I wish I could have found a place like that in my earlier Japan days when I was still living on my own.

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So, talked to my mom on Skype after I wrote my last entry. It was really only her for the whole talk. My parents had just kind of got back from spending time down South with my sister and brother and law's family, so everyone was pooped I guess.

While we were talking a Fed-Ex package from my family came! It was perfect timing, and full of really awesome goodies. Some of it was stuff I had bought for myself (Ranma Blu Rays, a few games got on the cheap), but they also sent me some tasty treats! I got some pumpkin spice Kisses, pumpkin spice M&Ms, and best yet...homemade cookies! If you remember, my brother in law manages a Fed Ex store, so he can send stuff quickly and cheaply, so on their Thursday they baked cookies, sent the package Friday, and it arrived their Sunday, my Monday. Pretty rad! I've been picking at the cookies, but fear I'm eating them too fast, so I decided to freeze the majority of what was left. Hopefully that will slow me down a bit. That, or I'll just eat them cold! XD

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Another slow weekend...kind of sort of? Like, nothing really happened happened, but I did get out and get stuff done at home, so it was pretty alright.

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Still in America, but things have been thing-y and as such I haven't been able to get the proper kind of time to even consider logging into dreamwidth until today. The week down in Southern California happened and there was much eating, stressing, and even a bit of Disneyland-ing leading up to my sister's wedding. Then there was the day of the wedding itself. :0 There is A LOT to talk about, but I'm gonna save it for when more of the professional photographer's photos are ready. And for a time when I can sit down a few hours and put together something proper.

Anyway, I'm back in the Bay Area. We got back on Monday evening and we've felt pretty exhausted. As such we've just been kind of lazing. But not really, because we've been going around doing little things and I spent most of yesterday completely GUTTING my room, organizing and paring things down significantly. I was able to trash a pile of old junk, donate an even bigger pile of stuff, and even set aside a bag or two of stuff I want to try to sell off. I know everyone may not agree with me, but I have so much fun with stuff like this! And now my room will actually relax me when I come home to visit instead of stress me out because my tolerance for clutter has been nosediving in the past year and a half or so. And because my parents had put a lot of my stuff in the garage and I couldn't stand that idea. I made everything fit nicely and neatly in my room, even though 2/3 of my closet has been taken over by boxes of family photos my parents took into their care after my grandparents died. GO ME.

So the past couple of days have been lazy and slow, but my last week here should be eventful. I've got plans with friends Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday I'm off to Tahoe with my parents. We'll be there until the night before my flight! Things to do! Yay!

And man guys unrelated, but I love how my ~one remaining kpop bias~ announces his comeback while I am on vacation and away from my usual internet places. Thank goodness I follow his twitter! SO EXCITED. Be prepared for this guys, because even if it's terrible I am going to love it. Actually I will probably like it even more if it IS terrible. Because that is the sort of relationship I have with the kid.

Anyway, just like the title says, I just wanted to check in around here. Hope you all are well! I'll be back to normal as far as dw/lj is concerned in about a week, so take care until then!


Nov. 20th, 2012 12:30 pm
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Well, parents are here and after spending pretty much all of my waking hours this weekend with them running around various places I am very, very tired. Who ever would have thought I would consider the work week a time to recover and take things slowly? Haha. But yeah, Tuesday through Thursday I won't be meeting them on account of work and I am happy to have the time to myself.

Never have I realized how quiet, peaceful and relatively predictable my life in Japan has become in the last one and a half/two years until now. I am not used to DOING so much in a single weekend.

When I look back at the list of things accomplished the list does not look overwhelming (Arashiyama, Kobe, Costco, Katsushi, Donna, various food and drink), but it all involved a lot of energy and less me time than I would normally deem acceptable. And money! Last time they were here, my parents payed for mostly everything, but this time they are letting me pay my share. No complaints, as I am a big boy and I make a livable wage, but things really add up quickly. X_X

Talking about non-RL event related things )

I am dreadfully behind on my flist right now. I will catch up in the next couple of days, I hope. I'll try to do some commenting, but no promises, yeah? My presence may (or may not be) lighter around here than it normally is until my parents are gone. Hope you all are well!


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