Sep. 25th, 2015 12:50 pm
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I've been a bad DWer recently. Feel eternally behind on checking my list, and realized today I haven't even updated since last Friday. I've been busy, but happily so. It's been a fun and eventful week, with lots of stuff to share.

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Perfect storm of events recently. I guess. The past week has been terrible and wonderful all at the same time. Had an unexpected medical thing come up all of a sudden last week and I was on medication and in relative discomfort, and stress from that incited heat rash or something similar (in Japanese it is called 汗網. Katsushi pegged it and the doctor at the clinic confirmed) ALL OVER my legs and lowerback and/or stomach and/or waist and since Sunday have been feeling like I may or may not be catching a cold. So you could say that physically I have been fucking out of it. Sorry for that f-bomb, but it's been an f-bomb sort of week.

I was pretty miserable at work last week, but my main medical thing seems about done and I'm finally out of meds, so even though I have the threat of a cold I am feeling pretty good and am celebrating with a beer, cuz I REALLY wanted a drink over the weekend but couldn't. Katsushi is conveniently having dinner with his family tonight, so along with the beer I am blasting Perfume and will probably do similar with old KPOP because I am a gay boy with needs.

Oh, but the perfect storm. The perfect storm! Despite the constant physical discomfort, life has been pretty good otherwise. Katsushi and I, along with my friend Donna, managed to get to the Yoshitaka Amano exhibition on it's last day at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe. The exhibition was amazing. AMAZING. Naturally there was a whole room dedicated to his Final Fantasy art. Got to see the original painting of the iconic cover to Final Fantasy VI, which was almost overwhelming. But his other work was so impressive. I never realized how detailed and layered his paintings are. I bought a book with every piece (plus extras!) from the exhibition that I will treasure forever. Only the final room was okay to photograph, and I posted the main piece of art displayed there (that was the central piece for the branding of the exhibition), on my twitter for those interested. The museum was surprisingly awesome, too, and in a few weeks they are opening an exhibition on manga, anime and video games, and yeah NO WAY I AM MISSING THAT.

After the museum we went out for lunch and had some delicious Japanese food and then tea and cake at a Fujiya (cake shop/restaraunt owned by the people who make Milky candy!) and talked a lot. And as a result of all our chatting Katsushi, Donna and I (and anyone else we can find) are planning to go to Tokyo Disneyland early next year! YESSSSSSS! With this, my America trip under my belt, and my tentative Okinawa trip coming this fall, seems like my 30th celebrations will be lasting at least half a year. BUT WHO CARES. YOU ONLY TURN 30 ONCE AND I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Monday was a down day, cuz DAMN THAT PRE-COLD LETHARGY. But I got to relax at home and play video games and such so all is good. SPEAKING OF GAMES, Dragon Quest VIII arrived Saturday and I've been enjoying it quite a lot. Not graphically up there with the PS2 version from what I've seen, but I never played it so I don't really care. It's fun, and it's been a great companion (along with FEif, which I will probably continue to plod through in the background over the next couple of months) during my rest/brain dead time.

Anyway, here we are. It's Tuesday, and I am sitting by myself sipping beer and listening to old Big Bang (THE KPOP IS HERE) and getting excited. After work I stopped in at Umeda and picked up an English language book ALL about traveling through Okinawa (NEVER THOUGHT SUCH A BOOK WOULD EXIST, BUT IT DOES!) and a Japanese book of tips to survive the Tokyo Disneyland experience. There are 66 tips, which is kinda funny, but hey, it's not a taboo number here so whatevs.
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Finally took the pictures off my phone. X_X Managed to upload a trip photo album to facebook this morning, but haven't started working on entries here yet. I will get to it! Sorry that this is taking even longer than than expected, but it's been a week. IT'S BEEN A WEEK. Have some icky stuff going on, but I really don't want to focus on that right now. So, FUN/SILLY DISTRACTION TIME (hopefully next distraction will be vacation stuff. I do honestly want to talk about it):

  • I didn't really get up to much last weekend. Just walking around the surrounding neighborhoods and such. On Sunday Katsushi showed me a cool park in Esaka that has a cute little library in it. It was so cool! Monday after my family Skype chat I wandered around. I went to Umeda by myself and later went to a big electronics shop that had a Ness amiibo(!!!). I don't know how much I like the amiibo thing, but I know I adore Ness and wanted one since the beginning, but I thought it had basically sold out in preorder. I wasn't going to give the amazon eshop resellers the satisfaction of paying more than retail price, so I had given up on the idea of having one. So happy to have found it!

  • This weekend we're going to go to a Yoshitaka Amano exhibition in Kobe! So glad I caught an article about it this week, as Sunday is the final day. SO STOKED. I love his art and can't wait to see what's on display. Also keeping my fingers crossed for a neat print of some FFVI art or something in the gift shop.

  • The Dragon Quest VIII 3DS remake came out yesterday. My preorder is in the mail and should be here tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT. I've been in DQ hype mode for a while. At first just waiting for this game, but then also getting stoked about the DQXI announcement that happened while I was on vacation. Both the 3DS and PS4 versions look really good.

  • I've been playing Fire Emblem if still. Finished Birthright over the holidays and am now going through Conquest. Just S-Ranked/gay married Zero last night. It was...alright? Playing through Birthright made me aware I'm not really into the game for the coupling and other side stuff so much (I really just like the battles), so maybe that killed some excitement for me. I dunno.
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  • Ugh, think I am coming down with a cold. Might have to cancel my plans for Saturday night and stay in and rest. NO FUN, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • [personal profile] nanslice is organizing a Gundam Wing Rewatch that is starting in a few weeks. So excited for this, as I never actually finished the series despite how important it was to me back in the day. Anyone else interested? You should join in on the fun!

  • An enhanced Dragon Quest VIII port was just announced for the 3DS in Japan this week! People say it is one of the best entries in the series and I've been wanting to check the game out for SO LONG, so this is pretty much perfect. It comes out the end of August, a week or two after I get back from California. It should make for the perfect game to help me fight the post-trip home blues.

  • Got a package from home today. It had some spices from Trader Joe's that Katsushi and I had requested, and also some kickstarter related goodness! Got the hardcover Mother 3 handbook that was one of the rewards I got for backing the Earthbound documentary (makes for a perfect excuse to play through the game again! Don't know when I'll have time in the near future though...). I also got my first issue of Nintendo Force, the spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. I was hesitant about the mag for a while but kept hearing good things, so I decided to back them during their year three funding drive. Yay! Will read it as soon as I am done posting!

  • Been listening to this youtube video of every version of Dearly Beloved this week. Giving me some Kingdom Hearts related feels. I know I probably have a lot of time left to catch up before KHIII is out, but I'd still really love to fit in Birth by Sleep sometime this year if I can make the time for it.


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