Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:20 pm
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Yeah so I dunno. It is October now and as such my birthday month. I turn thirty in a little over three weeks. I've been thinking about this event all year, but the weight of it has steadily been increasing as the date creeps closer. Kinda want the date never to come, kinda want to just get it over with. God, how does one spend the last weeks of their twenties? I have no idea, but I can't imagine I'll be doing much other than listening to a bunch of music, thinking, and sipping alcoholic beverages (on the weekends, anyway). Because that seems to be how I process. Maybe I should get myself a bottle of awamori for the next few weekends?

In around the house events, other than my rampant moodyness, I have been enjoying Lunar 2 a lot. The sprites are so goddamn cute and colorful, the dialogue is playful, and the story never feels too heavy. It is perfect. I am also continuing to feel music intensely on youtube. In def need of a music shopping spree in the near future, I think.

Educationally, I had my first Japanese lesson in a few weeks which was nice. I'm also slooowly working on programming (as mentioned before, I think, I'm already a week ahead as is), and for HTML I just decided to make my own little playground locally on my laptop. That's really the only way to do it, yeah? I tried to read online materials and tutorials and they were a bore. Best to experiment myself, yeah? It's fun, I guess, though I am reaaally having to hold myself back from styling things. But I'm trying to be as good as possible with basic, clean HTML5 code so it doesn't mess things up when my CSS3 class starts and I go about refamiliarizing myself with that.

And finally, that awkward Seungri dream from the other day has made me think a lot about him. There was a second I thought maybe I should actually just take that dream and make a Topri fic out of it (because that is the only Big Bang pairing I kinda like?), even though I've never written fic before. Don't think that will actually happen, but you never know. In any case I have been listening to his solo stuff a lot the past few days. Still seem to prefer that to most of Big Bang's more recent releases.


Sep. 25th, 2015 12:50 pm
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I've been a bad DWer recently. Feel eternally behind on checking my list, and realized today I haven't even updated since last Friday. I've been busy, but happily so. It's been a fun and eventful week, with lots of stuff to share.

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It's been a bad week workwise. Just not having it with the kids this week. I dunno if it's them or me. I vote them but I'm probably just not sleeping enough or something.

But that aside, learning is fun when you can learn what interests you. It always is, but I seem to forget this? I've been a fan of Coursera since I first ran into it in early 2013, but I seem to only do get the gall to attempt courses there once a year.

They've completely redone the platform since I last used it, and it's been a mostly positive change. Not sure I like the layout as much (the old one was uglier, but it was simple and clear), but I do like how, at least with what I am doing now, all the course material is up from the start. Materials are still organized by weeks and there are due dates, all to help you stay on track, but if you want to work ahead a bit you can.

As for the classes...I ended up signing up for the Python course anyway, as I figure the first two classes of the series will be review of what I studied last year anyway, so should be relatively struggle free, as I (hopefully) will be able to remember core concepts. And HTML5 actually has some pretty relevant changes I didn't know about, like a mess of new tags and a weening off of the div tag (which when I last took a web design class in 2007, we used for EVERYTHING). Pretty cool!

Also um TGS things?
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Hah so yesterday's entry was written while on a very happy beer buzz, though perhaps it was obvious idk. Anyway, I was mainly just happy about music and PS4. BTW, if you haven't read up on what was announced at the Playstation conference there is a nice collection post here. Makes me excited for TGS this weekend, though all I really want is a P5 release date. Anything else would be a bonus?

I've been getting emails from Coursera the past couple weeks advertising all these new courses and/or specialties starting this week, and since my Japanese teacher and I are taking a break these next two weeks, decided to use the extra time to look into stuff. I joined an HTML5 class, the first course in a specialization in Web Design (I'm not doing the pay-for specialization certificate, just planning on following the classes for free). I've liked web design since I was a teen, but my knowledge is rusty and outdated. The last time I took a web design class was 2007 and the landscape has changed some, you know? And I do still want to set up that website, so the refresher is necessary.

Also interesting to note that the class in Python programming I took last year has been expanded into a four course series. Don't think now is the right time, but it's something to keep in mind.

Last night Katsushi and I watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black. We aren't sure how much we liked it. It gets better, right? Everyone talks so highly of it and I really want to enjoy it.
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My programming class is getting frustrating. It's a continual game of catchup that gets harder every week. I think the professors are quite good, but I'm not enjoying the course. Dropping it would feel like failure on my part, a major cop out, and that's all that got me through last week. But I don't think that's a good motivator. Feeling the need to reassess learning options, or at the very least stop caring about due dates and getting a certificate of completion and just go through the class materials at my own pace.

The weekend has been quiet. Main reason is a Typhoon. Sunday was pre-Typhoon day, and it blew by our area this morning.

Sunday Katsushi and I went to a hundred yen store and a home center and got some stuff to help organize and make better use of the little shelf next to the TV. We also stopped at the little cafeteria near the home center and had lunch. So simple, but so good! Had Chicken Namba, marinated eggplant, miso soup, and rice. Unf! And that night for dinner we had Nabe for the first time since last winter, and that was awesome.

I also finished up Okami HD over the weekend. What a special game, really. Stylistically one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, and with such a great narrative and sense of atmosphere. It really felt like I was playing through an old Japanese folk tale. I wasn't really a fan of how it made you do mini game type stuff to advance the plot at various points in the game (once is fine, but was it really necessary to have to play that goddamn digging game on FOUR DIFFERENT OCCASIONS?), but other than that I felt it was just about perfect.

With Okami done, I can start picking away at the Kingdom Hearts. 2.5 HD ReMix. YES! Starting KHII pretty much makes up the entirety of my plans for this afternoon and I am totally okay with that. BRING IT!


Sep. 28th, 2014 08:33 am
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Had a nice, easy week at work. Only four days thanks to the public holiday Tuesday, and no kids! It was pretty relaxing, if not a tad boring at times.

My new programming class is getting into things, and I don't really have confidence I will be able to finish it. They cover a lot at a brisk pace and are not lenient with how much time is given to complete assignments and quizzes. Anyway, I'm gonna try my best to stay on top of things for now. Not sure if I'll be able to keep it up as things get more and more complicated, though. :/

 photo HNI_0036_zps11d7837b.jpg

Continuing to enjoy Smash brothers. I finished unlocking all the characters this week, and I've been addicted to the Street Pass game. It's really simplistic, but I like it, and it's a really easy way to earn in game money, which I use largely to play Figure Rush (or I guess Trophy rush in the English version), which is a box busting game where you can earn tons of figures/trophies. I have over 200 at the moment, but it seems like I'm not even CLOSE to collecting them all.

Okami is also progressing slowly. Not for difficulty or lack of wanting to play, but more because it can be hard to get PS3 time. Prime game playing time for me (nights, in that post-dinner, before bed, too-fried-to-do-much-productive-stuff period) is also prime TV watching time for Katsushi. Hence, I've been putting more time into Smash Brothers. I have to figure out a way to get more PS3 time, though, cause I want to play this game! Also because Kindgom Hearts 2.5 Remix comes out next week and my copy is on preorder and I AM SO STOKED AND HAVE TO PLAY IT.
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This week I've been experimenting with making breakfast smoothies, hoping I can give my breakfast more of an energy kick. My base has been banana, soy milk, and oatmeal (I still have SO MUCH), and I've been mixing in stuff like cinnamon, protein powder (which is cocoa flavored), and blueberry/acai juice. It's been pretty fun. And tasty, too!

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In other news, my new programming class started this week! Because it is another beginner's class, this first week is super basic review for me, but I'm hoping to get into the fun, interactive stuff as soon as possible.
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First off, I powered through the entire final week's worth of lectures and quizzes today, and and as such I am very happy to say I have completed my Energy 101 class at coursera.org. Neat!

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In other news, I am nervous and excited over what could happen in my home country this week. Let's hope the Supreme Court rules in favor of what is right, everyone. It's not the be all end all for equality for the LGBT community (FAR FROM IT), but it could be a step in the right direction, and personally I know it could have a very real effect on the boy and I. So yes.
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Time moves quickly, doesn't it? I was talking to my mom on skype yesterday about the Central Coast and my life during college and I realized how distant it seems now. Granted, I graduated and moved out of San Luis Obispo some four and a half years ago, so a significant amount of time has passed. But of course, the way we as people change over the course of time is what is making me feel the most disconnected and far from that life. It's an amazing thing, isn't it? That we as people can change. I don't relate with the person I was in college as much as I used to and I think that's pretty awesome.

Anyway, I don't mean to go to deeply into that topic as it would mostly be repetetive etc etc, so...other stuff!:

  • My parents sent me a package of Easter sweets! Cadbury cream eggs, a big bag of Cadbury mini eggs (one of my favorite candies EVER. EVVVVVVER!), and some Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. I love easter candy! I should really ration it all out, but I can guarantee you it will all be gone by Friday.

  • Weekend fooding! Saturday night Katsushi and I went to a veggie-ful restaurant and had some delicious dishes, including brown rice risotto, grilled cheese topped tomatoes, spinach and potato gratin, and an all you can eat salad bar. Sunday we went to Kua'Aina, an amazing Hawaiin Burger place, for lunch. I love their avocado cheese burgers with a flaming passion.

  • Volume 12 of Yotsubato! was released on Saturday and I most assuredly bought it. Taking my time and savoring it though. Only one chapter a night!

  • Coming along with 二人で生きる技術. Probably about 90 pages in. I'm taking my time on this both for enjoyment and so that I don't burn out, as reading in Japanese takes longer and tires me out much quicker than reading in English. Learning some stuff about gay culture during the Showa Era as well as a bit about relationships. Neat!

  • My motivation for studying/reading/doing stuff in Japanese is sky high right now. やる気まんまん! This is the most motivated I've felt in ages and it feels really awesome, but I fear for my ability to continue coursera classes.

  • Speaking of which, coursera! I can't believe I haven't mentioned my experiences there yet! It's been going well so far. I'm in my 7th week of Energy 101, then History of the Web started last week, and this week starts Introduction to Sustainability. I know I don't have time for them all if I am to keep up my Japanese as well as stay sane (too much studying makes me a very unhappy boy!). I'm in Energy 101 for the long haul by now (only three weeks left!), but I may have to drop one or both of the others. I'm very interested in the topics, but there's only so much I can do. Introduction to Sustainabilty particularly requires a work load significantly higher than the others that I know I can't commit to right now. :/

There's more I could talk about, but to keep this entry from getting TOO incredibly long I think I will end things here. I hope everyone is doing well!
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I want to thank [personal profile] nan for introducing me to Coursera.org. I just made an account there and signed up for a bunch of courses. Hooray!

Anyway, very excited about this. I've been looking for something more productive to do with my down time and this may be it! Yay! My first courses start in January...so back to school I go! Sort of.

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I have real life stuff to talk about, but that will have to wait because I am out of time. Off to work!


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