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This entry got no heart but hey

It has been too long and I am sorry about that. It's just been hard to get myself to write. Quick catch up on the past few weeks:

  • Been enjoying cooking recently. Finding it to be a satisfying, kind of cathartic experience. Especially combined with wine and either music or Netflix. Highlight dishes of the past few weeks: Thai green curry, kabocha pumpkin mash (with cinnamon and a bit of sugar), Mediterranean pasta (guess who got artichoke hearts from Costcooooo?), pumpkin stew, and kasu-jiru.

  • N1 study is going as well as it can. I am digesting it all just fine and feeling good in that regard. But it is inspiring some fits of FUTURE ANXIETY, mostly due to my own impatience. I JUST WANT TO BE PERFECT AND CONFIDENT AND, LIKE, CAREER-STARTY ALREADY.

  • Harry Potter reread is going well! I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire now and really enjoying myself. It has been a really long time since I have seen the movie and even longer since I have read the book and there are a lot of details I have forgotten.

  • I saw Star Wars for a second time on my local theater's discount ticket day a few weeks back. STILL AWESOME.

  • Last Thursday was a public holiday. A rich private student took me and some staff out to a nice sushi place. It was delicious. Natsuki (friend who took me to see my friend in Awaji Island last fall) was there, and after lunch we sat in a cafe and had a nice long nerd talk about videogames and manga. Yayyyy.

  • ...and the cafe was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! They just opened a store in Osaka, which seemed kind of random to me until Donna told me it's popular in Korea. She actually thought it was a Korean chain before I told her otherwise.

  • Last weekend we ate out a lot! Had BOMB indian food with Melissa and Keita, then Mexican with Donna. Yummmmmm.

  • Finished Sen no Kiseki. Probably the slowest paced of the Kiseki series I have played so far, but the ending got me all hyped and I can't wait to play II.

  • Today is the release day for Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, one my most hyped games of 2016. Unfortunately, word started spreading yesterday on Japanese twitter and nerd-sites that the Vita version has issues. Text is small and hard to read on the Vita screen. There are long loading times, even a few seconds between going in and out of a house in a village. There is regular slowdown in battles and menus. And there are cases of the game crashing. Boo. Really wanted to Day One this, and I've been looking forward to going out and picking it up all week, but I dunno. I can deal with the first couple of issues, but crashes and slowdowns are no fun. So I guess I'll have to wait for a Vita patch or play it whenever it is I decide to get a PS4 (cuz btw, that version plays perfectly). Either way, feeling kind of disappointed.T_T
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[personal profile] blindworld 2016-02-18 08:55 am (UTC)(link)
I'll come out of hiding to say that the JLPT is absolutely not necessary to find a job. i got one in IT with zero experience just because I speak English and Japanese. They didn't need any credentials other than the interview (at which I was immediately offered the contract). If you can navigate a job site, you can get a job. I wouldn't stress about the JLPT other than for a test of your knowledge.
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[personal profile] atelierlune 2016-02-20 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
I wish I could play more with kabocha.
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Yeay for cooking~ I do agree with your comments about it being "a satisfying, kind of cathartic experience", although it took me a while before having that view (probably because I learned it out of necessity). It's nice when you can do it at a relaxed pace and definitely a bonus is having other people appreciate your cooking. All those dishes you prepared seem very tasty (I Googled the photos of some of them :D)

Re: anxiety with your N1 study - I have this same feeling with practically anything that I'm learning, be that self-study or formal lessons. Like I'm learning a musical instrument and I'd be thinking how I could be good enough for those performances during office events where junior ones get (reluctantly) chosen to perform. Goodluck with your studies! I'm not sure how strict offices are wrt certifications. Over here, they usually just need proof of language proficiency, though they also consider how you did during (panel) interviews.
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[personal profile] i_llbedammned 2017-05-31 02:38 am (UTC)(link)
Your dishes sound delicious!

HP is so good! I still love it when I reread it.