something something extraordinaire ([personal profile] nintendoh) wrote2016-01-13 01:34 pm
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Time to start packing!

IN 48 HOURS I WILL BE IN TOKYO DISNEYLAND. Disney excitement has been building since my family went back to the states. The first few days it was slow, then last Thursday or Friday, THE EXCITEMENT EXPLODED. I've been a mess of guidebooks and youtube videos and blogs since. Sunday Donna came over and we discussed trip details and meeting times (taking the 5:47am train Friday morning, yikes...BUT YOU DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO) over lunch and a bit of Taiyaki making (Katsushi's grandma gave us a Taiyaki maker for some reason?).

UGHH I CAN'T WAIT. To help you understand my excitement, here is a video about food at Tokyo Sea. I found these guys a couple months ago thanks to other Disney videos they did and I have kind of fallen in love them. They are a Japanese gay couple who do food related vlogging and they are super duper cute. I want Katsushi and I to be exactly like them when we get a bit older. RELATIONSHIP GOALSSS.

Just need to get through a little more work, then I will be free! So excited! I think I'm going to bring a notebook along with me and start, I dunno, collecting information and recording my own thoughts and impressions. Cuz who knows guys, as I mentioned before I think themeparks are an area of Japanese travel/pop culture that ISN'T over saturated with info on the web and heyyy, maybe if I get knowledgable enough I could, like, fill a gap. Or something.

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