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something something extraordinaire ([personal profile] nintendoh) wrote2015-12-11 01:25 pm

Being out of the loop and hearing about comebacks late

Just heard that there is a 4th Tenchi Muyo OVA in the works. Hesitant after Ai (granted I only watched an episode or two, but from what I remember it was pretty trashy), but from the teaser images it looks like they are using the classic designs so it does have that going for it (the Ai redesigns were awful). I never actually watched the 3rd OVA, so if a 4th is released I'll guess I'll have to do get on that...

Also heard via [personal profile] illusion_is_mine that Utada Hikaru is releasing a new album next year? I guess this was announced at the time she announced the birth of her child (lol yay for not reading her announcement the whole way through, cuz I DEFINITELY remember her talking about her kid...haha). So belated reaction but YES YES YESSSS. Maybe it is just my age and not really "getting" most of what is popular with the young folks here these days, but it does feel like there has been a gaping void in mainstream jpop since she removed herself from the scene. Def looking forward to her album, but not expecting this to be her restarting her career/going back to regular activity. With her kid being a baby still, I imagine she'll just release a video, drop the album, maybe appear on a few TV shows then disappear for a while.

I imagine we won't see much activity out of her again until KHIII. Or at least I hope. I thought it was confirmed a few years back, but turns out it was a misunderstanding. Still, I think and hope it will happen. If Square Enix went with someone else, it just wouldn't feel right, you know? If they can't get her to write a new song, I'd rather them just remix one of the other two songs. DON'T WANT NOBODY ELSE.

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