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Media round up: First of what I hope will become a regular entry-type?

GETTING THIS THING STARTED. This covers roughly the last two weeks. I don't expect most entries to be as long as this one.


The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon - Been reading this the past two or so weeks, and I'm somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way through (been mainly reading books on the train these days, which means progress is always slow). Decided to read it because 1) I read an article a while back on how Amazon is a terrible place to work 2) I use amazon a lot more than I used to before I lived abroad, so I do want to educate myself on the place, and 3) I do love me some nonfiction about the earlier days of technology/the internet, granted Amazon came about a little late for the Silicon-Valley-in-the-70s vibe that I love reading about (everyone working out of garages, everyone in tech being young free spirited hippies who smoke a lot of pot, etc.). Pretty interesting read so far, and very well written except for the one time the author used the phrase "intoxicating geek bromance" in all seriousness.

This Unofficial Guide to Tokyo Disneyland - This is the second unofficial guide I am working through. This one is much more in depth than the first (in fact, the amount of text was a bit daunting at first), but the writer has a bit of a stronger, more conversational voice that makes him easy for a non-native like me to read. Sometimes his jokes and comments are a bit off, but what can you do? Also, being a self-proclaimed non-disney nut (just someone who has a LOT of experience), he doesn't try to spin what he doesn't like, and that is nice.

Yotsubato! 13 - It had been over two years since the last volume, if I remember correctly, and it felt wonderful to finally read some new content. Yotsuba is the best. What else can be said?

Black Clover 1 - My friend who visited the other week works for Viz, so I was talking to her about Jump comics and ended up getting a few volume 1s to see if I'd like anything new. This was the first one I read, and it was basically just a mass of Jump tropes and cliches. Felt like I was reading Naruto, but with WIZARDS. Liked it at first but dunno if I'm gonna continue with it.

My Hero Academia 1 - Liked this one a fair bit more than Black Clover. Still super JUMP-y, but with so much more style. The art style is distinct and the story and characters are fun.

World Trigger 1 - This one was probably my favorite. The art is probably the least impressive of the three, but I thought it was the easiest to read. The story flowed naturally, and the setting is immediately the most intriguing of the three to me. Kuya is a great main character.

The Backstreet Brothers (路地裏ブラザーズ) 1 - Haha, is this ever a strange one. Not Jump, but my friend found it when we were at the bookstore together. The premise is this: A high school boy gains the power to transform into a cat when he sneezes after his alien wizard teacher accidentally casts a spell on him. Cat society is run by gangs, and as a teen who has always fantasized about becoming a yankee (despite going to a good school and being top in his class), he can finally live the dream. As a cat. It is as stupid and entertaining as it sounds.

Ao no Kiseki Evolution - Been playing this for a while now (a month and a half or so? Don't remember exactly). I am at 78 hours and am knee deep in the final dungeon. But because this is a Kiseki/Legend of Heroes final dungeon, I probably have 7 or 8 hours of game left (THEY. ARE. LONG). I haven't talked about it much at at all, but I really, really love this game. It might be my overall favorite Legend of Heroes game so far. It's got the craziest story and the best music, and even the best quests. It's amazing, but at the same time I am ready to be done because this series always does a number on me. I get so intensely into them and they are so long that I always start to feel a bit exhausted by the end. Hopefully I can finish it over the weekend, or at least before winter vacation.

Actually nothing, recently. I need to get back to Master of None, and Netflix Japan added some good stuff recently (Firefly, Nadia, etc) and I really want to watch some stuff and make my subscription fee worth it.

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