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Okinawa'd and Holiday'd and stuff.

It's been almost two weeks, y'all, and I am sorry about that. Very very sorry. This is probably the longest I've gone without updating (bar the times I've been out of country) since I first signed up for LJ in 2003, and that is incredible.

Okinawan beach!

Okinawa was wonderful. I've dreamed about going there for so long that I worried my expectations might be too high and I'd come home disappointed, but I am happy to report that did not happen. Conversely, the trip left me in love, and I'd love to go back next year if I can pull it, either exploring more of the main island away from the city or going to some smaller islands. Katsushi's friend there was really friendly and a wonderful guide. She was so easy to talk to, it felt like I made an immediate friend.

Since getting back, I dunno. I think I spent much of last week in Okinawa withdrawals, recalling the beautiful scenery and listening to sad Okinawan songs. And also deep in thought about life-y stuff and internet-y stuff. My mind feels kind of full at the moment, but I don't really know how to put it into words, so we won't talk about it as of now (but know that such thoughts are probably a contributing factor to my recent semi-disappearance).

Last weekend included the 23rd, a public holiday that 'MERCAN people in Japan usually use to celebrate Thanksgiving since it always falls pretty close to the actual holiday, so we went to my friend's annual party. Had a couple bites of turkey and it was pretty okay I guess, though the two people I usually talk to the most at these parties couldn't come for various reasons and it was a little lonely.

It is officially the holidays. I am hearing Christmas music, seeing decorations. My family will be here in about four weeks and, I dunno, I should be starting to feeling excited but instead I am starting to feel stressed. Ughghgngng. I'm sure it will be fine though. Having them here should be fun, and even if it isn't, the Disneyland trip is two weeks after they leave and that can function as my reward for surviving.

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